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bird poop and epidermis

just wanted to check in and
let you know about my day...

ok here is the 411
We are coming in from lunch
and once again my kiddos do NOT have recess
(this weather stinks and due to more dirt/mud than grass on the playground we stay in)
one of my boys comes over and tells me that a bird is stuck in our feeder
I look across the classroom and I see a small ball of fluff sticking out the bottom hole...
I ask
is it dead?
kid says... No it looked at me...
this kid is one of my brightest
SO I trusted this observation...
I had to think quick
by now ALL of the kids have rushed over to the window to
catch a glimpse of the bird in distress...
Heather (my across the hall bestie... (love ya Heather) asked what was going on
I told her
I rushed out the backdoor and Heather rushed to my window (ha ha ha)
I got to the bird feeder and
there it was a bird stuck in the feeder hole
a cute little birdy
STUCK in my bird feeder...
and then through my window
my kiddos and Heather (LOL)
staring at me in hopes that I will free the bird
and everything will be OK
so I grabbed the bird
OH so gently
it POOPED on me
a chorus of OOOOOHHHHHs and  YUCK comes through the window
I hold on to the bird and tug a little hoping it just POPS out...
imagine the pressure...
I could be a hero or a bird killer
all done in front of my kids and Heather
I tugged a little more
other side
all while trying not to POP the head off
because this little sucker is STUCK!!!!
and just when I thought all hope was lost
and there it was in my hand...
FREE and staring at me...
thoughts of a bird getting stuck in my hair or flying at my face
raced through my head
CHEERS ERUPTED in my classroom....
the bird looked at me like thanks... or
maybe he didn't have a chance to think
because I tossed
it in the air and he flew off....
I went back inside and told Heather I needed to disinfect
I didn't even go into the room
I went straight to the nurse's office with my
bird poopy hands and scrubbed the
first layer of epidermis off...

and that is how I was a hero today