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I know I promised to post about how cray cray my week was
I delayed that post because of this.....

This linky party makes me sooooo happy!!!

Reagan and I wanted a place where everyone can come together to say....

and we asked a few friends to join us in the hosting duties... THANKS H, H, & A
the response is AH-MAZING and it makes my heart sing!!!
If you haven't linked up...click on the poster above to head on over!!!


I will start my story on
* don't feel good
* get to wear jeans (yes this is worth telling...big thing BIG THING)
* was given a RAK by a dear friend... OPI Rainbow Connection Nail polish HOLLA
* practice writing test for 4 hours... FOUR HOURS...narrative writing

* I gave each kid one bug... if they came to a question that BUGGED them (they had editting and revising questions too) they could come and BUG me and I would help them with that question... they had to turn their bug in after bugging me :)
* lunch is changed due to LOVELY test (sarcasm) to 30 minutes later than normal
* kids write their little hearts out... well most do
* find out I took the wrong training module for my TELPAS... that wasted an hour of my life from
* BLOG  :)
* don't feel good
* wear jeans again (if you are testing that day you get to wear jeans)
* wearing my new Old Gringo Boots...because Miranda Lambert was my inspiration that day
* PEOPLE ARE HATING on us jean wearing teachers... move to a STATE testing grade...haters will HATE
* practice writing test for 4 hours... FOUR HOURS expository writing this time
* take the training module I need online while my poor kiddos are writing til their fingers bleed... not really...but they did work hard...most of them 
* lunch is changed due to LOVELY test (sarcasm) to 30 minutes later than normal (((GROWLING))))
* kids write their little hearts out... well SOME do
* LONG RECESS... more for me
* give all my GURLS the 411 on pick up time for RODEO
* before going home I run by CVS to get my party lashes (aka FAKE LASHES)
can you see the lashes???
* adhere lashes and touch up face paint
* head off to RODEO
* cheer for the animals and try not to breathe in all of the dust.... LOTS of dust
* SEE MIRANDA looking CUTE with all my girls and my wonderful HUBS drove us... he was
BIG PIMP-N drivin 5 girls around... mighty fine and purty girls too (don't have written permission to post fine and purty girls... some are blog shy :)
hubs and me before the RODEO don't need his permission to post pic
hubs and I after concert... YES we had FUN

* wake up with hurt-n ears... scratchy throat... headache... and can't catch my breath
* go to school
* wear jeans (no HATERS today... EVERYONE was testing today... well maybe not Pre K)
* practice science test for 4 hours... FOUR HOURS...some CRAZY QUESTIONS (no more on that)
* test was on like a college reading level so I read it to them... I am sure this broke a rule.... positive... but my goal is to have them reading at a 5th grade or better... had NO CLUE I needed them at a college level in February... wow!!!
* lunch is changed due to LOVELY test (sarcasm) to 30 minutes later than normal
* really feeling yucky
* forgot phone and lunch at home... MILD CRISIS
* parent conference after school
* frustrated and feeling yucky ... played ask Farley on my Oh Boy FB page... that was fun!!!
* uploaded this to TpT and TN
shameless plug... YES
* ear pain is unbearable... going numb under eye
* good trooper OFF to school I go
* wearing jeans :)
* practice math test for 4 hours... FOUR HOURS...I thought this was a fair test
* lunch is changed due to LOVELY test (sarcasm) to 30 minutes later than normal
* really feeling yucky
* recess...LONG AGAIN... then 3rd grade music show assembly,,,,didn't see show... read on
* call dr get an appointment for 2:30... we get out at 2:30 so did some quick scrambling and coverage...thanks Heather !!!
* Dr.... 2:30
* leave Dr.....4:45
* drop off drug request head home with my diagnosis of horrible ear infection... sinus blockage because of BLAH BLAH BLAH.... and BLAH BLAH BLAH...lay on your left side to help with numbness due to sinus blockage under eye...nose spray.... steroids... Blah Blah Blah...pain pills
* SO tired THO TIRED...
* feeling REALLY guilty about not blogging... make a freebie
available for FREE in my TN store

* head and ear feel better... now I have a YUCKY tummy!!!
* wear jeans (have you caught on that I had 5 YES FIVE days of district testing)...nuff said... I want to keep my job
* think of getting sub to come in ... tummy is that bad
* change mind when my buddy can't get one to come in for her
* practice reading test for 4 hours... FOUR HOURS...7 passages...SEVEN
* feeling YUCKY .. I send a text to my mom... who lives about 5 minutes away and watches bub... if there was any way she could bring me crackers... dad did..:) LOVE MY PARENTS
* lunch is changed due to LOVELY test (sarcasm) to 30 minutes later than normal
* ordered out for lunch.. local sandwich shop... feeling better...MUCH BETTER
* had retail therapy at my FAVE shop... Bless Your Heart Giftique... found gift for Sprinkle (keep reading)
* more retail therapy... TARGET... saw THE SCARF.... got some fun stuff

Dori Dawg in THE SCARF

* woke up slightly early... for a Saturday
*got ready for a friend's baby Sprinkle... this is NOT a full blown shower... 2nd baby and a little girl again... so it is a SPRINKLE...
* Mom text me and asked what I was up to and how close I was to being ready... I sent her this...
lashes...check... hair... not quite.... mom...laughed
well she sent back this
which means LAUGHED
got picked up about 30 minutes later
* Sprinkle was lovely... for soon to be baby Lila... food was delish
* Mom and I went to my favorite store... BYH (2nd location) b/c it was right around the corner...
I bought this top...

been wanting this white top
already have the RHW of SA :)

*had family night at my Grandparent's house... my cousin was in town for a conference... so we all met up and had some BBQ... I LOVE FAMILY NIGHTS 
* came home and had movie night (Hubs, bubs, and I always have movie night Sat. night ALWAYS)
this night was hubs pick...it was soooo good I don't remember what it was LOL
* I blogged about posting this post (that's how good the movie was)
* then bub and I fell asleep on the couch... we woke up and then we started to head to bed....then
Bub picked a fight with the coffee table and well HE LOST!!!

the night it happen
that leads us to SUNDAY (new week HOLLA)
* woke up and checked on this little guy....
the next morning...my poor baby

* he did NOT sleep... toss and turning... very tender
* did laundry and more laundry while little bub and hubs slept...
* and in between a few bloggers sign up for this....

I have it set up to email me everytime there is a link up
WOWZERS my phone was dinging like crazy!!!
so glad so many of you linked up

* laundry and more laundry
* forgot to do my lesson plans oooops
* got a GREAT Water/ Weather Unit

click on it to go right to dots-n-spots store

THANKS to Becky for this Unit... I LOVE IT!!!
made my last minute plans WAY EASY!!!
and you should go check out her store because she has a
UBER cool game for practicing multiplication!!!
that is FREE
I couldn't find a blog for Becky but if someone knows let me know so I can give her lots
******* thanks Molly for the address to Becky's Blog

go check her out... it is FAB!!!!
*checked on bub again

Sunday night OUCH!!!

that leads me to today
BUT  this is a new week
and today was GREAT!!!
Weather Scavenger Hunt... success
Multiplication Game.... a hit
Grades in and verified...YEPPERS
looking forward to the TpT sale... double YEP YEP
put all of Becky's stuff in my basket... fix-n to
and one last pic for ya...
looks worse but he is feeling better
 was that not the longest post eva???
now that you know WAY more about me than you probably wanted to...
and I have spent about 2 hours wiritng this
I ....
better end this SOON...

***** note to you**** i tried like 503 times to spell check this thing... and no luck... so if you see something wrong... THO THORRY... see even that didn't get highlighted!!! and with my own Farley Dictionary I think I am good... well what evs... SORRY if there are tons of spelling probs.... besides the on purpose ones*****
TOODLES again!!!