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Eunice, Froggy Dollars, Green, Cray Kray

Yahoo wasn't letting me upload
it was FRIDAY...
SB is almost over
I didn't get ALL my stuff checked off my SB list
I was having my own personal PITTY PARTY
I was fixing to hang up decorations and send out invites
and it was only like 8:30 in the morning I was still in my PJs
and then my doorbell rang and rang and rang
and knock knock knock
I mean who does this... my dad...maybe
my mom.... yes but I usually get a 5 minute warning before they come over
I snuck a looky lou and it was my MAILMAN
really? bubs was sleeping in late and I really didn't want my silent morning to be over
what was he delivering?
a prize check worth a bajillion dollars
what was the urgency???
I waited and he left and then I opened the door
and saw a small package!!!
Instantly my Pitty Party was packed away
YAY my stamps were here!!!
Perfect timing too!!!
I ripped open the box to see....

I pulled them out and
here is what I got....

Green Owl - WHO did AWESOME???  YOU DID!!! Get this awesomeness signed and returned!!!
Pink Crown... you can read that one right?
Blue Plane... on the plane it says... REDO COMING THROUGH correct, sign, & return by ______
Purple Bird - BEHAVIOR NOTICE please ask me about my day, because I moved my clip

I can't even pick a favorite!!! If you see something you like...
head on over to
and tell Eunice FARLEY sent you...
they are soooooo easy to work with and the stamps are AH-MAZING...
they are bright, detailed, pre inked, and super easy to use... not like those flippy cha chunk ones!!!

*******************************different topic************************************
I have a wedding tonight
do I wear green?
not sure
wedding is not done in greens
more teals and rustic
I am debating
green no green
*******************************different topic************************************
shhhhh don't tell anyone
I am in the WORKS finally
to get a complete BLOG MAKEOVER
don't get me wrong... I LOVE this design BUT
I have been drooling over some other blogs and
well I want this blog to be more ME
and well I don't want to give too much detail

*********************************different topic***********************************
There is an upper elementary link up for
3, 4, & 5
over at

and be sure you follow the directions
because you could get kicked out (like me the first time) if you don't
that Lorraine is a stickler for the rules.
I think I am ok this time...
blog about it.... check
use frog pic.... check
use this URL... check
link back to FFGF.... click on pic.... check
send a million froggy dollars for forgiveness because I didn't read / understand / I need intervention with  the directions the first time... yep in the mail
fingers crossed this is OK now
it is a GREAT idea and I would LOVE to be on the list.... sorry I messed up the first time...
you would think I would know how to link up to a linky party...

******************************* ***different topic**********************************
my mentor and great friend...
not sure she wants her real name OUT THERE in blog land yet
has started a blog
I wanted you guys to go check it out...
she is AH-MAZING
and is our TAG teacher
SK just wrote a sweet little post about me and so you can read that too
plus she is one of the BESTEST teachers I KNOW and is a complete GENIUS 
not to be confused with Guinness on this great St. Patrick's Day
her blog is called
Krazy Town
Oh and by the way I stole the phrase Cray Cray from her...
but she might say Kray Kray
see GENIUS!!!!
go follow her... you won't be sorry
but finish reading this first... almost done
pinky promise or froggy dollars LOL
you pick
***********************************different topic**********************************
I have to go get ready...
my awesome hubs is out buying my party lashes (fake lashes)
he is awesome... he was going to CVS anyway so
why not... the cashier might look at him a little funny
here is my list for him
big party lashes a few choices just in case
whitening toothpaste
pink big girlie razors
and girlie deoderant
and his list is
well I don't remember...
gotta love my hubs

I think that is it see... not too bad
now I have to go
get all girlied up
and debate green or no green
green or no green