Farley needs a filter...

I found a
FaBuLouS LiNkY PaRtY

and I couldn't wait to join...
I am known to say some CraZy FuNNy things!!!
the kids think it is a riot and thank goodness
4 out of 5 dentists recommend me
or I would be in trouble!!!

I have been working on some posters
of MY
"FAMOUS" sayings
and this Linky kicked
my keester into gear to finish them...
(i was about to say made me get off my
butt to finsh them...but I don't stand while on the computer)

So here are my finished posters with some explaining :)

1. I HATE dislike when a student hits another student
 or scratches or pushes or you fill in the blank...
and when asked why they say...
(if you did not say the above bold print in
an annoying kid voice please go back and repeat...
and so I tell them this...

2. If they do not get the above statement
I then ask them...
Well if he kissed you would you KISS him back?
that is usually followed by a YUCK!!! or some other
~ I just found a bug in my lunch~ face
AND to tell you the HONEST truth
most don't get it...
some do
It might just be my sarcastic DIVA-licious
personality spewing out!!!
BUT WHATEVER...here's your sign (HA HA HA)
 3. During Writer's Workshop
some of my sweet babies
just cannot stay QUIET...
so to gently remind them
and to save my SHHHHH for later use...
I say in my sweetest teacher voice...
 4. After I check for understanding
and know for sure they are ready to be let loose on independent work I say...
 5. I am all about ReALiTy TV but just not in my classroom...

 6. If they ask silly questions or I want them to think a little harder...
 7.  I LOVE this quote and
have NEVER used it in my class BUT
with a poster this CUTE
I will be saying this a lot next year!!!
 8.  I tease my kids that if they leave early
they have to bring me back a Sonic drink...
some do & I act like the Prize Patrol
walked into my class with a BaJiLLioN $$$
when they do.
My former FaVe was an apple JUICE slush
BUT I am saddened to say
that due to Sonic wanting to fill up our landfills with apple juice
juice boxes they NO LONGER
have apple juice on TAP *tear*
so my new fave is
9. I am all about sharing
BUT the PiGGy fLu put me over the edge so
I bring you this...
10.  I am NOT claiming this as my own...
I am simply sharing this FICTIONAL NEVER happened in my
classroom saying...
After the fabulous, fantastic, fantasy teacher finished telling
her NOT REAL class that they need glue and scissors for the
next activity and she SWEETLY and KINDLY explained
how cutting NEATLY and gluing straight will be crucial in
completing the task perfectly...a made up student asked...
do I need my scissors and glue???
and so the prim and proper probably made up teacher 
lost her teacher filter and  replied.....(see below)
and lived the rest of the school year in a class where fictional kids
purposely asked if they had to use scissors or glue so some-one could reply...

 11. and my last one
I have VERY expensive pencil sharpeners
and I explain that pencils smaller than your pinky
should NOT go into the sharpener...
If I break I cry...If you break you BUY!!!
(not really but it works)

i have more...
but I had to stop to cook dinner...
PRETTY sure hubs and bubs would like dinner tonight :)

I had so much fun reading through the other entries..
my favorite was...
did they have scissors or a knife...
then they didn't cut you...
even in the older grades I get that

oh and if these posters are something you might want
let me know in the comments section.  
I have been debating over possibly putting them up for sale and sharing some others for FREE...

hope you have a beaver licking good Friday

I mean a finger licking good weekend :) *wInK*

update as of June 2013...
this is probably one of my most pinned posts and tons of you have contacted me to see if I sell these...
I do BUT they are slightly altered because some of the graphics I used in the above posters were not for commercial use....
here is a preview of what I have 
it is in my teacher's notebook store and 
sadly the file was lost when my computer ate it... so it will only be on TN!!!
here is the link...
if you are interested :) 
and I will run a summer sale until Sept 1st 2013 on these :)
thanks for all the pins...


  1. What a FUN way to participate in my linky party! I love how creative you were and all your great sayings!


  2. These are fabulous! I would love to have these as posters!!
    Smiling Teacher

  3. I am so glad I found your blog a while back- so hilarious! so my style! Lots of love!!!

  4. I love your posters! You always make me laugh. Thanks for letting me know that I won that giveaway!

  5. OH.MY.GOODNESS. Hilarious! Thanks for giving me a laugh ... and I have to commit "gnaw on it like a beaver and lick it" to memory - I'm sure there will be a few opportunities to use it this year. ;)

  6. LoVe your sayings...I would appreciate you making them available for us to use...

  7. I love the posters, especially the Pencil should be talking one!

  8. HAHAHAH! this was the best thing I've read in a long time! Thanks so much for sharing!! It took me a second to figure out the gnaw like a beaver but I couldn't stop laughing once I did! It reminds me of the whole spelling test questions "does spelling count??!" OOOH smarty-pants...gotta love 'em!


  9. You are hysterical... but you knew that, right?!

    My students have to tell me what my frequent sayings are... They usually start saying them right along with me, and then I say, "Do I say that a lot?" "YES!" "Oh."

  10. You are cracking me up:) Anything you share would be awesome!!

  11. I caught myself laughing out loud at a few of those! Too cute!

  12. I'm pretty sure we are sisters split at birth...I cried, yes cried, while I read and re-read your beaver quote. LOVE!

  13. I love these posters! I too say to save the Drama for your Mama, it made me laugh to see it on a poster!

  14. Oh my...I was laughing so hard at the beaver one! These are hilarious! So glad I found your blog.

  15. I love these posters. Are they available? I could really use a couple.

  16. LOVE the "cutting" saying I am still laughing! They are all super cute!


  17. These posters are hilarious, and I want them all!! Especially the "She did it first..." and "Use your brain". My "Peace, Love" would be followed by Chick-fil-a!

  18. I do hope you share these posters with everyone. I was laughing so hard. I love the glue one.Thanks, Diedra

  19. Oh girl we need to hand out sometime!!!!!!! You crack me up!!!!!!

  20. This is a good common sense Blog. Very helpful to one who is just finding the resources about this part. It will certainly help educate me.Voice Instructor san matio

  21. I would love to have access to your posters. Please make them available!!

  22. I loved the pinky pencil one!!! I am forever tossing mini-pencils into the garbage... Also, I adore the "gnaw on it like a beaver and lick it" one!!! I will definitely be using that saying this year :-)

  23. I LOVE your posters! Where can I get them???? Lauralee (smallmob.7@gmail.com)

  24. Love them all - especially the pencil poster - would love to have that one --- cari


  25. Yay!! So glad to have found your blog. I've been wishing/hunting for an awesome blog by a 4th grade teacher and here you are! And funny/creative=bonus!

  26. Hahaha! Just laughed like a crazy person. Did you post them for sale? Love them! Especially the probably fictional beaver one.

  27. Love the one they need to learn and the pencil one! Please let me know if they become available!

  28. Cute! My famous question back to insignificant matters is: "Is this really going to change your life?" They always answer no and get over the issue quick!

  29. This comment has been removed by the author.

  30. I really love the Germs poster and the "Use your brain" poster. Did you ever decide of you were going to sell/offer them?

  31. Love it....my favorite is, "They are cute but no pinky pencils please."

  32. Where can I get these? I love them!!! My email is kwalters@usd493.com

  33. I ask students to raise their hands to ask questions rather than chase me around the room. I have been known to say, "I am not a car and you are not a dog, so please don't chase me!" However, that offended a girl one day and the principal asked me to quit saying it....smh~

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