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Tomorrow starts the first day of  the
12 Days of Christmas Give Away!!!
I get to start it off and I can't wait for you to see
bloggers that have joined me!!!
Come back tomorrow
and join in all of the fun!!!

On the 1st day of Christmas......

I am so excited...
I can hardly wait til DEC 1st....
11 blogalicious bloggers
11 generousific give aways
1 GIganTAfabUloSO give away 
and it alllllll starts....
On the 1st day of Christmas Farley brought to me a ?????
(If you did NOT sing the last line go back and sing it...come on get in the spirit!!!)
EEEEKKKK can't wait!!!
Are you excited yet?
Get excited!!! :)

PINspiration and a FREEBIE

OH EM Giraffe...
I have been giraffe necking (that means stretching to look to see what is going on over there)
or you can call it ...lurking and stalking
and not to mention I have been PINNING like CRAY CRAY
while my laundry and hair need to be washed!!!
not to mention my 3 year old needs to be washed too...
but what 3 year old BOY does NOT to be hosed down like every other hour...
As I was pinning I found this pic I had stored away in my LIKES...

it is from the FABULOUS Kimberly
over at

Funky First Grade Fun

you can read her post here
about how she lets her kiddos wear slippers during their Spelling Tests each week
to give them that extra spelling "POWER"

I LOVED this idea!!!
My district just changed our grading policy in Spelling from grades to E, S, U, & N
pick up your chin...
and many teachers are not too happy about this!!!
I think those students who study their BOOTies off should be rewarded with 100s not Es
...it is just a shame that my kiddos (IMO) get graded like this....
don't get me wrong I put number grades on their tests and in the NEW AND IMPROVED electronic grade book (yeah right more like.... this is going to take you 10 times longer and you have to do like 10 clicks for every assignment yuck yuck yuck I want the old one back grade book....but this new CHEAPER grade book probably saved a few teaching jobs so I LIKE it I WILL!!! even though I might get carpal tunnel from the EXCESSIVE # of clicks needed for each assignment I WILL LIKE IT!!!)
anywho... I put the numbers in the grade book and it changes it to the Es and Ss and Ns
NOW here is the part that gets me...
my kids that study their booties off get Es
my kiddos that study SUPER  hard  because they are ESL
and the 10 modified words I give them are still a  little struggle for them and their efforts pay off with high 80s (YAY) get Ss
BUT (here is the yucky yuck) my kids that don't study because they can get by and still pass ( and can I say are a little LAZY)
and make high 70s get Ss too!!!!
that is not right (IMO of course)
OK so needless to say... grades have been slipping
WHY spend extra time studying when you can score in the 70s and still get an S
and I am pretty sure you can only get an E if you score higher than a 94....
(insert super pouty and frowny face)

SO I needed something to motivate my kids to study and thanks to Kimberly's idea I got it!!!

When my kids score a 90 or higher on their Spelling Test... they get to wear slippers the next Friday (or Spelling Test Day)
and they get to wear them ALL DAY!!!!
except to the 3 Ps (potty, playground, & PE)
I have been doing this for a few weeks now and
YEPPERS grades are going UP UP UP...
so instead of me writing....
"You get to wear slippers next Spelling Test Day!!!"
I made these!!!!
I am going to visit VistaPrint and have them made into business cards
and then I can staple them to their tests!!!

I talked to some of my BTFF (best teacher friends forever) and they love the idea too!!!
So I think my whole hallway
(go GREEN HALLWAY (3rd & 4th grade))
might implement Super Speller Slipper Days!!!

here are the awards
I also made 3 duplicates but changed the word "award" to "ticket"

If you like what you see...head on over to myTpT or TN store and grab them FOR FREE!!!
and THANKS SO MUCH KIMBERLY for the PINspiration!!!

ok now it is lunch time for Drew and then a hose down FO SHO (pb&J is on the menu) and then fingers crossed nap time and then
I will be getting PRETTIED UP... for a girls night...called Dirty Bingo...
get your Mind Out of the GUTTER!!! it is NOT dirty dirty
it is like White Elephant steal your gifts dirty!!!
but I had you thinking for a little bit right???

Thankful for... Linky Party

Even though Christmas decorations have been up since
OHHHH before Halloween!!!
We still have not had THANKSGIVING!!!

so in the spirit of Thanksgiving
I wanted to share my THANKS to you guys!!!

As a thank you
I wanted to share my
EASY recipe
that is perfect for

 and in the SPIRIT of giving...here are the templates for you!!

and just in case you want to share a recipe too
*wink* *wink*

**** PLEASE NOTE****
What the Teacher Wants & I
started the same linky party within a few hours of each other
I joined their party TOO
so it is kinda like a
double thankful post...
feel free to link up to mine too if you would like
don't feel obligated to use my template
this is all in the spirit of
JOY and Thanks
if you want to link up... YAY
if you don't want to that is OK too
I just thought it would be fun to spread some
and share some YUMMY and easy (template isn't that big) recipes!!!
You know we are all going to need some easy recipes for these upcoming parties and potlucks!!!

and I put these templates in my TN store for free if you want to download it!!!

alrighty let's link up!!!


WHAT? Really? NO!!!!

Ok so like many of you know I moved from 3rd to 4th this year
and don't get me wrong I am loving it.
It doesn't fit like a good pair of jeans
but with a little tweaking here and there
and laying on the bed and sucking it in
It will fit nicely!!!

thank goodness I got to keep most of my class
because I have to be
OBSERVED this year
I threw up in my mouth YUCK!!!

YEAH YEAH I have been observed before BUT
in my district or Texas
who cares
one of them says that if you get
Exceeds Expectations on your FORMAL Observation you can
be wavered or passed by for a year or 2
I am not really sure of the exact rule but
you get a year or 2 off is what I am trying to say
well last year I got EXCEEDS EXPECTATIONS
(H to ECK yeah)
let me bird walk for a minute
if you are unfamiliar with the term bird walk
think of Doug from the movie UP
you know the dog
that anytime he hears SQUIRREL
he looks the other way and is then taken off track...
I am yelling
and you are DOUG
ok we are off track....
or I am bird walking...

I had lots of reasons I agreed to move
One being I LOVED my Principal
and I knew he would support me
HE supported his teachers
HE had great ideas
HE was the best!!! and so was my VP!!!
They were like ying and yang!!!
Laverne and Shirley
peanut butter and jelly
get it...
AH-SOME together
I would go without markers for the rest of my life just to get them back!!!

well they are gone...
( bottom lip quivering)
my district moved them BOTH
don't ask why
My teacher friends and I
contemplate this very question
at choir practice or in our sleep
or any time we get together
REALLY we do
I am pretty sure we have logged in a few hundred hours
thinking about this...
it will never be answered just like
where is Jimmy Hoffa
we are now ALL in counseling
for this issue
we go as a group
(not really)

ok so now
we have a NEW principal
well here is my issue
I have to be observed because I am new to 4th grade
if it were OLD principal or VP
I would not be stressed BUT it is not
(((getting choked up)))
NEW principal is going to observe me and she wants to get it done soon!!!!
SOOOOOO I get to pick 3 times that I would like for her to come!!!
I really would like for her to come to my math lessons!!!
I am going to be doing some Christmas themed word problems and I would LOVE for her to see
how my class can crack these out

I am pretty sure I canNOT pick 3 math times but I am going to try
I have the other 2 problems figured out...manipulatives and all BUT....
 here is the 3rd problem I am thinking about using...

I have to match it to a TEKS
which in Texas is a Texas Essential Knowledge & Skills
this is our Teacher Bible so to speak

here are the TEKS it covers
4.14  Underlying processes and mathematical tools. The student applies Grade 4 mathematics to solve problems connected to everyday experiences and activities in and outside of school. The student is expected to:
(A)  identify the mathematics in everyday situations;
(B)  solve problems that incorporate understanding the problem, making a plan, carrying out the plan, and evaluating the solution for reasonableness;
(C)  select or develop an appropriate problem-solving plan or strategy, including drawing a picture, looking for a pattern, systematic guessing and checking, acting it out, making a table, working a simpler problem, or working backwards to solve a problem; and
(D)  use tools such as real objects, manipulatives, and technology to solve problems.
(15)  Underlying processes and mathematical tools. The student communicates about Grade 4 mathematics using informal language. The student is expected to:
(A)  explain and record observations using objects, words, pictures, numbers, and technology; and
(B)  relate informal language to mathematical language and symbols.
(16)  Underlying processes and mathematical tools. The student uses logical reasoning. The student is expected to:
(A)  make generalizations from patterns or sets of examples and nonexamples; and
(B)  justify why an answer is reasonable and explain the solution process.

I am sure there are MORE but you don't really care about that
I want them to use manipulatives to help them solve this problem...
I was thinking stickers... maybe I can cut out different sized ornament sizes...
I am really at a loss here
can you help?
I hope so!!!

My kiddos will be using my pencil strategies which you can find here and my 4 square problem solving method... which you can read about  here!!!
They are very familiar with this method... I just need an idea for manipulatives...HMMMM
can any of you creative peeps help me out?

I sure hope so...

I hope you can tell me everything is going to be alright...
I was hoping on having a restful Thanksgiving
but instead I am going to be lurking over my computer and phone
fingers crossed
one of my BELOVED followers comes up with an
for the love of FARLEY
please help!!!

Pin Pressure

so have you heard of Pinterest?
I am so sure you haven't heard of that right?
Pinterest is only the newest online addiction...
it is ah-mazing and inspiring
and full of why didn't I think of that
and mixed in with a little bit of I wish I could cook, paint, braid, sew, and wear that...
oh and throw in a dash of....
I want that couch, pool, hair, dress, RING, back porch, wreath, pink stove,
tree house, pair of shoes, purse, dog, sink, kitchen, apron, wedding, and house....
it is magical, exhausting, and TIME CONSUMING
I am pretty sure I am not the only person who swears the time goes in fast forward while I am pinning...
it is like a black hole of crafty, envy, yumminess!!!
if you don't pin you should
I mean only the cool kids do it!!!
(that would be called Pin Pressure)

so any who... I saw this idea on Pinterest
and knew I had to do it with my kids!!!
I drew up this new kid and hung him on my easel.

I told the kids he was a new student and told them to start talking to him.
NOW you know I LOVE LOVE my class
BUT even they eventually got to making insults...
every insult resulted in a crumple
the insults kept coming and soon our new kid was a wadded up ball
I ws in shock because I didn't think my
MY class was capable of throwing out that many insults...
if this was a test they would get As
even my SWEETEST tiniest quietest little girl was
like a gangsta
throwing out lashes and Laughing with every wrinkle

after our New Kid had been 
beat up by my crazy out of their minds mob
I brought up how they would feel if this was them.
Smiles turned upside down.
I redirected them to fix this problem and being the geniuses that they are
they began giving new kid compliments...
we unwadded (is that a word)
and with every nice comment tried to smooth him out....
what we discovered was no matter how nice our words were
our new kid still showed the wrinkles of our insults and harsh words
my former tiny gangsta was VERY UPSET that she had caused a wrinkle
and in the real WORLD she would NEVER do this BUT she was still  VERY UPSET 
about wrinkling our New Kid

was the lesson learned
new kid now hangs in our room to remind us about wrinkling
I have even heard them tell one another
"That Wrinkled Me"
they REALLY got it and we use this lesson A LOT in our classroom!!!
I have even been told that a comment I made might have caused a wrinkle...
I reevaluated what I said and I could see how it might have been a wrinkle...
Wrinkles are not allowed anymore...
I really have to be careful because
I know many of you might be surprised to hear this
BUT I am very sarcastic...
but I too am more aware of how I say things
I suggest ALL of you do this lesson...
(problem from my Thanksgiving Unit in TN and TpT)

I do a lot of group problem solving...
where I give my kiddos a problem to solve independently
they have about 15 minutes to get their ideas and a strategy started
and then we share...
it is very important for EVERYONE to feel comfortable enough to share
I refer back to our New Kid when someone shares a wrong idea or answer
if we create wrinkles during our sharing time that person is NOT going to want to share again!!!
having a WRINKLE FREE environment is very important for classroom community!!!
(think I need to make a poster)
after we get some ideas shared  and recorded on our class poster
I send them back to their work...
where they can continue working on their strategy or switch over to a new strategy that was shared...
being able to switch over to a new SHARED strategy is helpful to the kiddos that are not confident in their math skills
they become more confident because this was shared and
they KNOW it is a way to get to the answer.
AFTER we solve the problem
we write about how we got our answer
this is hard (not gonna lie)
I give them about 10 minutes to get their thoughts down and
again we share...
I have a few of the kids write a sentence or two from their reflection
and we finish the class poster

each time we do this it becomes easier and easier...
but again I highly suggest you do this lesson it has proven to be a positive addition in our class

OK now go back and look at my Fab Vocab board...notice any new additions...
yeah me neither...
this is not because we haven't added new words
we ran out of colored ink
the ONLY colored copier is in the library
and we have been waiting on colored ink for oh
100 years
feels like it
ok more like 3 maybe 4 weeks
I need to add 3 more words up there

OK now some free stuff for some lucky winners.....
So I am super excited to have finished in 8th place in the
Circle of Moms Teacher Mom Blog Contest
and like promised here are the winner from my bribery contest!!!
I really want to thank each and every single one of you that voted...
so sweet!!!  

Filling out the interview questions was a challenge...
this girl likes to talk and I use ... and !!!  A LOT
and I was limited on characters so ... and !!! were on the down low (((sigh)))
but I think I answered the questions honestly and thoughtfully
when asked how has teaching helped me be a better parent
I talked about....
how your first challenge as a parent is to give your child the perfect name
and being a teacher helped me pick the PERFECT name
I explained that being a teacher limits your choices on baby names
(you know you have that mental list too)
and also opens your eyes to normal and not so normal names
and how spelling that perfect name is also important
making sure your baby starts off on the right foot with the right name is a HUGE responsibility
and being a teacher was a HUGE help!!!
so see i shared some deep stuff  *ok fun stuff*

OK OK on to the winners...

Super Smiley

I came in 8th place and that makes me SMILE!!
big toothy smile
like SMILE so big I think
can you see my bottom teeth are slightly crooked?

My mom is my biggest blog fan and I know she is cringing thinking of all the $$$
they spent on my teeth... RIGHT MOM?
and I kept my retainers in as directed BUT still

my top teeth are great
almost perfect
but my bottom are not so perfect
don't get me wrong I don't have a jacked up grill
they are just slightly not perfect
and it's not like I have a fake tooth
RIGHT MOM? *wink*
and nothing against any fake teeth peeps out there
my favorite sport is HOCKEY and
believe me those stud muffins
those HOTTIES are super CUTE fake teeth and all!!!
AHHHH let me sit here awhile and think about those hot guys
1 2 3 4 5 OK

HOW the HECK did I get on to that

OH yeah super smiley about my winning 8th
and YAY thanks so much for helping me get there!!!
For those fantabulous girls that took my bribery hook...
I will pick a winner or 2 or 3 this weekend... I am tired....
so my estimated time of not being tired is this weekend...
possibly Friday :)

something else I am SUPER SMILEY about is my new and I must say
Thanksgiving Math Unit!!!
I have been using it with my kiddos and they love it!!!
here is a preview for you and if you want a FREE SAMPLE
head on over to my Teachers Notebook Store :)

not sure why the numbers are FuZZy on here BUT
they are not like that on the file...
I printed it out yesterday and
they looked FAB
 my kiddos had a blast working on this problem  yesterday
I am going to admit it is pretty hard
BUT i gave them great manipulatives to work with
and they got on track
we also stopped after about 10 minutes of working and shared ideas
and strategies!!!
I like to post my word problems on the projector so they can see how pretty it is!!!
after they had plenty of time to get on the right track and most of them finished
we solved it together!!!
here is what we did
my goal for this problem was to show them that sometimes tables are not the easiest way
showing them that drawing pics was WAY easier
we used little stickers to represent acorns...
it is a little UNorganized BUT we got the answer
and that is what counts!!!
they really liked this too!!!

I can't wait to give these NEXT things to my kiddos
next week
they LOVED the candy corn ones from my Halloweeny Unit
SO  I KNOW they are going to love these too!!!
YAY and I made a blank one that I will copy to the back
ON THE BLANK ONE they can work with a partner
and use 9 sided dice...
both partners roll their dice and then they will make a 2 digit number
and write it in the pie
they do it again and write their 2nd number in the pie
then solve!!!!
is that clear... clear as MUD?
hope not!!!

and just in case you wanted to know... there are 27 pages of greatness!!!
so there you have it...
go grab your freebies if you want
it is geared for older kids...3rd-5th

any questions let me know
and as a parting shot and because I wanted to show off this anchor chart we made

we talked about what we ALREADY knew about
the 2 basic genres and HERE IT IS
pretty good huh!!!???!!!
yeah that's how Farley's Class Rolls!!!
and don't you think I should be excused from an upcoming
it is after school til 6
I should use this as evidence I know how to teach genres
*remember I looped with my kiddos*
talk to you Friday!!!
til then
Peace Out


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Currently November

Here it is...
the November Currently
Write down what you are currently
 include 2 Blogs
so here is mine...

now if you need a good TIP
on how to use my template
you should TOTALLLLLLY
go over to
A Teacher's Treasure
she gives a wonderful
TIP on how to do it..
now what are you waiting for
join the party!!! :)