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broken rules, too funny, and good night

OH MY Golly Miss Molly...
and I had to break the rule of posting 2  in one day
SORRY had to do it!!!
I laughed out loud
hope you like it too!!!
good night and have a great Monday!!!

Maria, new kid, & Kim

when Maria started this linky party I just knew I had to revisit my 
"new student" lesson
Maria is from...
she is also the author of some wonderful childrens books like...


well she also brings you....

 once a month she asks how you teach a particular character trait in your class and to link up your idea on her blog....
this month the topic is empathy
EMPATHY is a super tricky hard to teach
kids have to understand the feelings of others and understand it and react accordingly... 
when I saw this topic I immediately knew I had to go back into the depths of my archives and pull out
my go to lesson.....

2nd verse same as the first... a little bit louder and a little rehearsed
(first blogged about on Nov 11th)
I drew up this new kid and hung him on my easel.

I told the kids he was a new student and told them to start talking to him.
NOW you know I LOVE LOVE my class
BUT even they eventually got into making insults...
every insult resulted in a crumple
the insults kept coming and soon our new kid was a wadded up ball
I was in shock because I didn't think my
MY class was capable of throwing out that many insults...
if this was a test they would get As
even my SWEETEST tiniest quietest little girl was
like a gangsta
throwing out lashes and laughing with every wrinkle

after our New Kid had been 
beat up by my crazy out of their minds mob
I brought up how they would feel if this was them.
Smiles turned upside down.
I redirected them to fix this problem and being the geniuses that they are
they began giving new kid compliments...
we unwadded (is that a word)
and with every nice comment tried to smooth him out....
what we discovered was no matter how nice our words were
our new kid still showed the wrinkles of our insults and harsh words
my former tiny gangsta was VERY UPSET that she had caused a wrinkle
and in the real WORLD she would NEVER do this BUT she was still  VERY UPSET 
about wrinkling our New Kid

was the lesson learned
new kid now hangs in our room to remind us about wrinkling
I have even heard them tell one another
"That Wrinkled Me"
they REALLY got it and we use this lesson A LOT in our classroom!!!
I have even been told that a comment I made might have caused a wrinkle...
I reevaluated what I said and I could see how it might have been a wrinkle...
Wrinkles are not allowed anymore...
I really have to be careful because
I know many of you might be surprised to hear this
BUT I am very sarcastic...
but I too am more aware of how I say things
I suggest ALL of you do this lesson...

thank so much to Maria for this great opportunity to share my "new kid" lesson again
and hopefully a few of you can go link up too!!!

AND I wanted to give a HUGE shout out to Kim over at...
joyin6th Homepage 

she sent me the NICEST get well gift!!!
thanks so much KIM... you are THO SWEET!!! you made my weekend!!!
THANKS and I got 14 Cows :)


bed rest, workshop, & 14 cows

I'm back (cough cough)
and boy am I glad!!!
This all started 3 weeks ago when bub got a couple of viruses
and he shared them with me!!!
2 weeks ago
I had fever and a cough
went to the dr
it is a virus let it run its course (cough cough)
use your inhaler, get some over the counter cough med, Tylenol to break fever, and use the neti pot
then 3 days later I was coughing more and more and not able to sleep (cough cough)
back to the dr still with fever
bronchitis... strict bed rest for 2 days
on antibiotics, cough syrup with codeine (knocks me out ZZZZZZ), and Tylenol for fever oh and continue to use the neti pot
I missed both days of our state testing
you know I was sick if I missed STATE TESTING
thank God for great friends and coworkers that covered for me
then feeling better I returned to school on Thursday
half day only
scratchy throat and sore tongue
figured it was because of my excessive cough drop sucking
woke up yesterday
can't talk... super sore throat
go to dr AGAIN
and I won't go into details but I have a wonderful new problem
it is a result of me not sucking my inhaler in deep enough
BUT all in all besides the new meds that make me want to gag and give me a yucky tummy I am
feeling 80% better!!!
YAY me (cough cough)
I only cough like once an hour now
haven't had fever for awhile
and today I went to a workshop!!!
I felt good!!!
plus I am now just a stomach flu away from my goal wt.
not really but I have lost like 15 pounds

the workshop I wanted to share with you
 was very informative and was a JOY
it was given by Kay Price-Hawkins

she is so sweet!!!

not too shabby looking considering all the yuck I have been fighting
and sorry for the fuzzy pics
I got permission to share this pic and she TOLD me to share her website
GURL.... it has some great resources for writing
If you are unaware of Miss Kay Price-Hawkins
she is a DIAMOND Level Certification Presenter for New Jersey Writing...
now known as Abydos Learning
today's workshop was half a day BUT was packed full of useful info

this is what we made today
so gonna make this next year

inside you find this
oh and Merriweather wanted in on the pic

the lapbook is attached to the manilla envelope
to store all your examples... GENIUS

inside the lapbook

more looky lou inside

the name of the work-shop just in case you wanted to know

all of the worksheets needed to create this are found on her web page
along with TONS MORE
click HERE to head on over to her site
if you are interested in what ALL is in the lapbook you are going to have to wait...
I will be making this next year with my kiddos and I will BLOG BLOG BLOG about it then
so you will have to hold your horses :)

as you can tell the workshop focused on expository
I found a new book I want

it is a great literary picture book that beautifully tells the story of the 14 Cows
it is a perfect book for a paired reading with an expository excerpt about the same thing
click on the pic to go check out the book

well I think that is about it
I told hubs I wouldn't be on too long
and now I am working on being on here almost an hour
not my fault blogger takes a day and a minute to download pics

anyways I am working on an end of the year survey for your parents to fill out
but right now I need to go take more meds... imagine that


fever, 4 hours, & freebie

what what holla
I have officially been fever free for
24 hours...
first time since last Thursday...
I even went to school today
got sent home early
BUT hey I went to school
it counts right...
OK maybe not
my half day sub  showed up at 9:45 ( I LOVE Mrs. R)
and I was home by 10
I need to rest up for tomorrow
because my kiddos get to take the
STAAR test
and I get to walk around for 4 hours
and trying not to cough
and monitoring and drinking cold cold ICE cold water
because that is what I can drink without it hurting
4 hours of trying to not have a coughing fit
4 hours of walking around and not wheezing
4 hours of walking around and hoping I don't have one of those really big coughs
where OOOPs yep I did... (read between the lines...ok I tinkle on myself... alright I said it...)
4 hours of torture
BUT why
am I going to do this
because my kiddos need me there
that is why!!!
and they are going to ROCK IT!!!
 and then when I turn my tests in
around noonish
I am going to come home again
because I have to rest to do it ALL over again on Wednesday!!!
another 4 hours...
and ladies and gents there is a moral to my little story!!! (cough cough)

available FO FREE in my TpT store...

any little prayers or positive mojo you want to send my way (and my kiddos too) is very much appreciated!!!
off to rest and not blog :)

BUT, Pinterest, and do you?

I am sure you are like meor maybe you are not

I check MY Oh Boy pinterest board almost daily

I have noticed a few of my pins
have been from posts of long ago
looooooong ago
the pins were from when I put my freebies on scribd
well sometimes that Scribd can be well
persnickety and so these pinners think
that I have bad links...
bad links
and these pinners say...
"good stuff BUT BAD LINKS"
or "good blog BUT I am NOT subscribing to get a freebie"

you don't have to subscribe to me to get a freebie
I am a freebie for all kinda blog
it is Scribd being wonky
WoNkY I tell YA!!!

and to be honest
people I have enough butt on my own
I don't need more BUTs
and these pinners  think I don't read their comments
I do (dramatic wipe of a tear)
and beware
because I have been known to write back

like when someone said
"OK blog BUT (there is more BUT for ya) has tons of GREAT links for the younger grade blogs"
I am just OK?
oh my word
I wrote back and said
"glad you could find TONS of great links on my OK blog... I think since there are TONS of great ones that should upgrade me to at least a GOOD blog???  right???"

OK i didn't write that
BUT i wanted to

I know I KNOW
yes I am sensitive
yes I have feelings
yes I have a big butt
yes I need a filter
yes I still have a toddler being a snot factory with a fever...bless his heart
yes I have had lack of sleep
yes I LOVE YOU!!!
yes I needed to vent


I do like to write a lot of thanks
thanks for thinking I am awesome
thanks for such a nice compliment
thanks thanks thanks
and truth be told... there are like 98% happy sweet comments
1.5% no comment
and .5% insert frowny face comments

as I was sitting at home today
with a sick 3 year old
 I contemplated how to solve this frowny face situation
or help it sooooooo
I bring you this...
these items have been
the BUT BUTs lately
so I now have them in my TpT store FOR FREE
they are still on Scribd too
so stick to TpT
so hopefully no more BUT BUT

 these freebies were first mentioned HERE (back in July)
but because I have a lot of new followers and if you are like me you don't go way back into blogs
I have reposted them here!!!

Here you go....

You can use this to plan out your weeks... for school or home!!!
I know I need weekends on my planners because I have a life outside of
school (maybe) AND let's face it I do school work over the weekend too!!!

If you are a LONG time follower...you have seen something like this before!!!
I mixed my regular To Do List with some cute elements and paper 

The next 2 posters are signature sheets!!!
When there is a BDay in your room...
print one of these up and have the whole class
sign it for the BDay boy or girl!!!
This one is for the boy!!!
this one is for the girl!!!!

If you print this out and then fold it in half...
you have a....
little note from the teacher!!!
& it is OK to write nice and not nice I mean informative notes in here!!!

Math Poster Anyone?
Here is a list of problem solving steps
The Math Seven!!!

 Here it is again but with what to do included :)

 Last but not least....
I made this
Getting Home Poster
to help organize how my kids get home!!!
I can print this and heavy duty laminate it
write their names in sharpie
and if something changes.... I can erase it!!!
DID YOU KNOW... you can use the dry erase liquid cleaner to erase sharpie?

Not to brag BUT I am LUV-n my Getting Home Poster!!! ***WINK***

OK there you have it...your freebies (again) and to make your life easier I put them in a bundle for easy downloading in my TpT store...FREE

holla for free

click here to go right there!!!

THANKS so much for listening to my rant...
I feel much better!!!
do you check your pinterst blog board?
do you respond to the comments?
do you have a big butt?
do you have college day on Thursday and get to wear jeans? (randomness from new principal)
do you get to wear green and jeans tomorrow for Earth Day?
do you dig way back into blogs you just find?


heart attack, & spots


Since the sun is shining
I wanted to share a little story....
there once was a girl named Farley
(cute and stylish.. I might add)
well last week on a routine put off for too long visit to her
she got sliced and diced
(on her ear OUCH and back of her neck)
soooooo 4 stitches later

all week she has been
Easter morning
ER DR said NO you are not having a
no no heart attack
your having an anxiety attack
good meds prescribed
Farley can't take these during the day unless
she carried a drool rag or a pillow soooooooo
long story short
slight CRAY CRAY continued....

Derm Dr called today
and even though the results are NOT EXCELLENTE (excellent in Spanish)
they are still GOOD
all YUCKY nasty cells were sliced and diced out
and Farley doesn't have to go back for 6 months....

I am telling you this...
because I want you to CHECK YOUR SPOTS
the one on my neck was the size of a sesame seed
and those cells were the yuckiest ones
the one on my ear started off ok...
and then what what what
it turned on me...
this is not the first time I have been sliced and diced
8 years ago I had to have an incision 2-3 inches long
on my face....by my hairline
twice because they didn't get it ALL the 1st time
and then 5 years ago I had a stage 1 skin cancer removed from my back
PLEASE PEEPS listen to me... I am 35
SKIN CANCER is not a granny thing anymore
please if you have spots that match 2 of these things

think ABCDE

A- Asymmetry:

Normal moles or freckles are completely symmetrical. If you were to draw a line through a normal spot, you would have two symmetrical halves. In cases of skin cancer, spots will not look the same on both sides.

B- Border:

A mole or spot with blurry and/or jagged edges.

C- Color:

A mole that is more than one color is suspicious and needs to be evaluated by a doctor. Normal spots are usually one color. This can include lightening or darkening of the mole.

D- Diameter:

If it is larger than a pencil eraser (about 1/4 inch or 6mm), it needs to be examined by a doctor. This  includes areas that do not have any other abnormalities (color, border, asymmetry).

E- Elevation:

Elevation means the mole is raised above the surface and has an uneven surface.
I stole this info OFF of my Derm Dr.'s brochure....
I don't want to put a downer on your Monday NIGHT
and I don't want tons of OOOOH YOU POOR THING!!!
(although I do love comments)
what I do want  is to  hear ya say
I will wear sunscreen and I will check my spots
AND I WILL SLATHER my kids in sunscreen too!!!
I am not NOT NOT a sun worshipper
never have been...
I went to a tanning bed once in my life ONCE
felt like my eggs fried... hated it
just take it from me
 have your spots checked....
oh and by the way NO MORE anxiety!!! YAY

Tho Sweet, Communication, & THANKS

OK so Kristen from

and I were talking and she said
my guest post that I wrote
I think during the summer
gets so much traffic
that she felt guilty
and wanted me to post it on my blog....
I mean who does that?
SOOOOO after all of the ****** below
is the GUEST BLOG I wrote for her a LONG LONG
time ago
and THANKS SO SO SO THO much to
Kristen for being SUPER
kind hearted and wanting me to have the traffic it stirs up from pinterest
I can't believe it!!!
Little Ole me on the LADYBUG'S BLOG!!!
be still my heart!!!

breathe in

breathe out

Hey I am Farley
and I am coming to you from....

Ok so I am suppose to share my favorite printable...right?
So here it goes....

A Parent Communication Kit...

1st ~ you have 2 choices for a cover...YAY

2nd ~ I am sending these Getting To Know You papers home on the first day to find out a little more about my kiddos!!! I am interested in seeing what some of the answers might be. (copy front to back to save the trees)

3rd ~ this is a log to keep track of all the times you communicate with your parents. You will need to save trees sooooo copy it front to back!!! The trees thank you!!! You will have one of these sheets for each kid. In the HOW section put how you talked to them.... phone, note, or face to face. CYB people.... cover your booty!!! and write detailed notes and be specific on who you talk with!!!

4th ~ This is a Master List for you to have a quick reference to your kiddos contact info.

SO there you have it!!!
& I hope you like it or
love it or even better...
{puffy} heart LOVE it!!!!
and because I {puffy} heart YOU...
I will have it FREE for a limited time... so go grab yours now!!! 

*****note the time has run out and it is NO LONGER FREE... BUT
because this is the MOST PINNED post on my blog I created a FREE sampling (is that a word) of this kit... and if you are interested in downloading a FREE SAMPLING please CLICK HERE*****

be sure to look around because I have other themes too :)
this one is called the original
but I have
coffee break
chic geek
chevron :)

okie dokie artichokie
that about does it!!!
to the ONE & ONLY
Ladybug's Teacher Files
for inviting me to guest blog
I am still giddy!!!

wasn't that super nice of Kristen???

and just in case you find my Parent Communication Kit too upper level...
I saw recently that KindergartenWorks has one that is similar
but works better for littles
head over there if you would like
and tell them Farley sent you :)

also wanted to say THANKS so very much to all of you guys who join up every month for the Currently... I read every single one
but it is super time consuming to comment on all of them because of the word recognition spam thingy...
so please know that if I don't comment on yours
I randomly go through each row and pick 2 or 3 to comment on...
that is what works and I hope that is ok???
and hope you have a BLESSED EASTER!!!


FB ?, Currently April, & a nautical yummy

It is that time again... wow can you believe
it is already APRIL???
Where does the time go?
and before I get to the
I wanted to share this with you...
my shopping buddy at Target

I had posted this on my OB4G FB page
VIA phone and didn't get any comments
I was a little perplexed because of the obvious
and  I thought for sure this would get a few comments...
anyways when I got home I posted a question on OB4G  FB
VIA computer and within minutes had like 8 comments and within an hour over 20
WEIRD huh?
so I looked further into this and found out
when I upload stuff from my phone for OB4G FB I only reach about 10 people (probably my family)
BUT when I upload from my computer I reach well over 500 people!!!
this is NOT true when I upload to my personal FB page....STRANGE!!!
any of you smarty pants know why???
I would love to know
does this happen to you guys too???
have you noticed?
just curious about it

OK now on to the.....

ok so I know you are all thinking...
LOVING April Fools on a Sunday...
she should have said Texas Wild Flowers...
YEP I should but I just remembered RIGHT now
and I am NOT going back in to change it...
so please NOTE...
Farley is LOVING the Texas Wild Flowers and will have pics of Bub in his cute get up with
LOVED wild flowers soon... ok?

OR maybe some of you want to know about my super power...
well I NEVER thought I would write the word Diarrhea on one of my Currently Templates
but I did...
hubs and I had this conversation many years ago
while driving a long drive somewhere...
our long drives are either to Mississippi or New Mexico
either of which take 4 EVA to get out of Texas
so good conversations are a MUST
we had this conversation and I told him I had to think about it....
just then an 18 wheeler carrying ostriches totally cut us off causing us to
go off the road
feathers were everywhere
and then we swerved into the oncoming traffic and
hubs swerved back into the correct lane only to sideswipe a Lamborghini...
imagine our insurance bill
this caused a huge

we did get cut off by a jerk in a sport scar
and he gave us the bird
and then it came to me
I told hubs immediately and with my hand
like I am holding a Jeopardy buzz in button...
I pushed my button and caused that above said jerk to have
instant YUCKY diarrhea...
it would be awesome...
think of the possibilities
if you use it for good of course!!!
* rude lady in front of me at the check out...
being really mean to the cashier
because there is a hole in the package and she wants a discount
but the store can't sell it with a hole in it...
(((push button)))
*Macy's calling my cell phone for the 5,000,303rd time....
(((push button)))
*girl that gave me a once over at TJ Maxx...
and smirked
because I was shopping in the TINY HINEY section
I was looking for a birthday present for my friend...
go eat a sandwich...
but after I ...
((((push button)))
I mean just think of the possibilities at work....
manners would increase
tardies would decrease
INSTANT Poo can be helpful... who would have thought... ME (((SMILING)))
the jerk in his sport scar would have a NICE mess to clean up
hubs was quite impressed...
remember my lovely hubby is a complete dork
he loves all things nerdy
and collects Star Wars stuff
comic things... he even listens to some comic book show radio thingy on the way to work
don't get me wrong I LOVE my dork
BUT for him to LIKE my Super Power was a HUGE compliment
to this day he can't think of a better one... not a one
and to this day we use our imaginary button
but we have added a sound to it
well because we like to act 12
and I am so sorry peeps but only hubs and I can have this super power...
really only I have this power but because I don't want hubs to be totally crushed that he can't think of a better one I share it with him...
so you must get your own... I know I know
you are THO THAD
but maybe I can invent one and sell it on TpT and make millions
who knows!!!

ok now it is your turn...

ok and I have a LUVERLY
give away to add to this month's Currently
the amazing Katie donated this....

It is called Chains Ahoy it has a nautical theme to it.
It is a small thermal tote. It has a zipper closure, exterior pocket, and silver thermal lining.

I am going to try to use Rafflecopter
for this give away and see how it works
fingers crossed or I might have to get out my button... HAHAHA
all the ways to enter are put in the Rafflecopter
below the RC you will see where to link up...

a Rafflecopter giveaway

YAY you found where to link up!!!
thanks so much for always making the Currently Linky Party a Huge HUGe HUGE success!!!
I am truly blessed to have all of you as followers and supporters and I promise to never use my button on any of you guys!!! well most of you anyways (((wink)))
and and and if you are unsure how to link up my good friend Jen at The Teacher's Cauldron has a great how to!!!

direct link to how to is HERE

ok let's get this party started...