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Thanks, a class, and lots of pics

thanks so much for all of your LOVE, support, and prayers
my family really appreciates it!!!
we are doing great and each day gets easier...thanks again for being such an amazing support group!!!

I have been gone for a little bit so
next I wanted to share a few things I have been up to lately...
when we got back to school we did a fun
NEW YEAR'S activity...


Lesson Plan Diva is where to find this fantab craftivity
my kiddos absolutely loved it
AND it was such a well thought out activity that my sub did it with the kids....
except the assembly part...
I wanted to do that with my kiddos
this type of craftivity
it is NOT just for the littles... they can't have all the fun
my bigs LOVED this and they are fantabulous!!!
we got to display them in the front office... because we are cool like that...
plus the secretary is one of my besties so well...
we always get to showcase our talents in her office...

this great craftivity is from the Lesson Plan Diva
here is the link to go grab one for yourself...

 I have also been busy making new SCHTUFF

 if you are familiar with my Thanksgiving Pile It On you will LOVE these....
they are thematic stations for math
they review concepts... kinda like a really fun spiral!!!

Math Concepts covered...
Multiplication double digit
Rounding first then solving (multiplication double digits)
Addition of larger numbers
Subtraction of larger numbers
Rounding to the tens, hundreds, and thousands
Place Value
Standard Form
Written Form
Expanded Form

my kiddos LOVE them
included is a recording sheet too...
that way you can get a grade :)
click on the pics to head to my store :)

my plan is to have one for every month...
working on a Leprechaun one right now :)

I also finished a Patricia Polacco reading and writing unit...
for Thunder Cake
a fellow blogging buddy wrote a super sweet review
and I didn't even pay her for it...
Yesterday my 4th graders took a writing CDB. As I was reading the instruction aloud and one of my reluctant writers politely raised her hand and said, "Mrs. Vasquez, I wish we could write our paper like we did Thundercake" I said, who says you can't...go for it. She smiled with joy. I thought, well at least she wants to write but I didn't expect much since she not only dislikes writing but isn't very good at it. Well, today I grade her composition.........Holy Schiznit! She scored a 3 out of 4!!!!!!!!!!!! She has only scored 1's the whole year so far. I look at her planning page, which usually consist of no more then a list of two ideas (and that is really it, I'm not exaggerating), and it had 4 "clouds" which 3 of them had 3 details each. I can't even put in words how Meghan's one activity impacted this student. I really had to guide her through the unit and while I've taught the same skills over and over again she never transferred the skills learned to her own writing. I don't know if it was the book Thundercake, Meghan's brilliance, or the ink I printed the unit in had magical dust in it..... I'm thinking its all Fabulous Farleys fault!!!!!!!!!!!! THANKS for being freaking awesome Meghan! Everyone should go buy this right now.......it works!!!!!!!
 OOOOOOOH makes me blush every time...
thanks so much Lorraine...
and PROMISE no money was exchanged
or arm twisting was given
this was just the sweetest thing ever!!!
checkout Lorraine's amazing blog here....

Fabulous 4th Grade Froggies

something else I have been up to is
playing around with my camera phone and some of my new camera phone apps
as a HAPPY gift to myself I have signed up for an online class on
taking better phone pics...
really I did
it is taught by the famous digi-craftinistas Jessica Sprague and Heidi Swapp

{puffy} heart LOVE taking pics with my phone so
this was a no brainer..
I signed up as soon as it became available...
you should join me...
and of course being the ever so
NOT PATIENT student I started playing around with some apps
and my camera phone!!! LOL
ok don't laugh...

original pic
original picture PLUS moreBeaute2 app
original pic + moreBeaute2 + MoreNoel app
I like to call this my cover photo... it is hilarious

 I know I am a dork...
but so much fun!!!
and I am so excited to start this class!!!
THO excited

and last but not least...
been hangin with my bubs

he LOVEs having muffin tin movie night
some cutie patootie got a hair cut... he told Abby he wanted short hairs like his daddy

farley's famous fiesta cookies

bub's is my official taste tester... and he keeps the secret recipe SECRET!!! ;)

 ohhhhh and hangin out with my Mama too!!!

thanks again for being amazingly special and kind hearted friends and followers...
it has helped tremendously through our loss

a lot of spunk, a little dare devil, and VERY BRAVE

I am sorry I have been MIA
and I am afraid I might be MIA a little longer...
as some of you know my Mother In Law passed away on January 6th
and my family is still trying to get over this

She was my Mother In Law for over 13 years but my other Mama for almost 20.
She was Bub's Nana and he LOVED her to the moon and back!!!
my mother in law and I never really had that lovey dovey relationship
but we did share one common thing
we LOVE the same men...
my hubs and Bubs or her only son and grand baby
don't get me wrong I loved her too and she loved me and we did share several great memories together
and she helped me become a MOM (that's another story)
but her final night I had a new found admiration for my MIL
she was the bravest woman I had ever met
Susie was taken to the hospital by ambulance on Wednesday
and was put on a breathing machine to sustain her tiny body
she was in and out of consciousness and
was writing notes to her loved ones when she was not under sedation for pain or stress
Thursday morning we got a phone call from her lung dr
(Susie had COPD from a life long smoking habit and had
had several previous hospital visits... each one a little longer than the last... 2 years ago she was in a coma for a few months and was put on life support and she swore she would never do that again)
the dr informed hubs that  his mom wanted to be taken off the breathing machine
and had a DNR which she has had for months maybe years
and that all family should come in to say their goodbyes
because her lungs could no longer support her
all family came in and several friends did too
some drove through the night and others caught the first plane they could
through the next few days
Susie was able to see most of her loved ones
it was bitter sweet... the amount of love that poured in and out of that ICU room was amazing
she was blanketed in it...
all of her sisters were there... and her brother and children and even ex-step children
best friends, high school friends, and long time friends
it was amazing

she made sure to greet all that came to visit with a little grin and if you were lucky you got a note...
don't get me wrong...
she was conscious but not like sitting up in bed, having conversations, and writing notes
when she was awake
she was soooo weak
she had to have someone hold a clipboard for her and she would hold the pen and usually with her eyes closed or half open she would write while laying in bed and tubes coming from every which direction
her writing was sometimes beautiful (like always) and other times when she was in such discomfort and relieved with pain meds it was not so understandable....

some got to do lists like change your tires
some got fond memories remembered
and some got words of encouragement
I got a half note because she fell asleep while writing it
BUT before that she mouthed the words
and although she had a mouth full of tubes
I could clearly see that she also mouthed

I promised her I would take care of her boys and that I loved her too
and with her eyes closed and her strength diminishing
she smiled at me

when the time was getting close to remove the machines...
she was getting weaker and the notes were getting few and far between
but she did make sure
she wrote a note to reassure all of us...
and reminded us she was going to be with Jesus
and for us to be strong and happy
how amazing is that...
she knew what was going to happen
and in her final moments she was comforting us

 she was taken off life support at 10pm on the 5th
a peace came over her and her body was relaxed
we too were unimaginably peaceful at this time
Susie passed  VERY peacefully in the early morning at 1am  of the 6th
she was surrounded by family and friends.

it is hard to imagine that someone that was writing you notes hours before
passed away so quickly
but it just goes to show you how strong and brave she was
and that Heaven was ready for a new member

I truly believe that she made the decision she did because she didn't want
my hubs to have to make it later

the last weeks have honestly been a whirlwind of days blurring together

bubs knows his Nana is in Heaven and he is now in charge of her dog...
(that was on a note :) lol)
hubs is doing pretty good under the circumstances and I couldn't be more proud of how he has handled all of the funeral planning, estate settling, and will probating.  He has been an amazing rock through all of this even though I know he is hurting tremendously inside.
I am doing OK too... I keep thinking about how she mouthed those words to me and I hang on to that...

my grandmother once told me  while I was crying
at my grandfather's funeral to not be selfish
he was in a better place
and I didn't really get it
i kinda got mad at her...
ok I did get mad at her
my grandma is always full of BLUNT but meaningful advice

BUT those words ran through my head
over and over again and still do...

I am sad but my sadness is for me... I am sad for MY husband, I am sad for MY son, I am sad  for reasons that are close to me...
that is selfish
when I think of my grandma's advice
I am reminded...
I should be happy
which I am
I am happy that Susie is in heaven
she can breathe again and  I am happy that she no longer has to suffer to catch a breath
and she no longer has to fear her next breathing attack or her next hospital visit or her next hospital bill
I am happy she no longer needs to sleep with oxygen tubes in her nose or be worried about making it into work on humid days when breathing was hardest...
I am so happy she is no longer in pain... so so happy

thanks for letting me share with you
and thanks for those that have prayed for our family
we appreciate each and every one of them and you
and please
if you smoke
look around at your blessings and stop...
your family will thank you for it

I can't just leave you like that... I need to share this too...
I also hang on to great memories... like the first time I met her
she had her baton
and was twirling in the backyard
hubs and I were just friends and were in high school
I asked what kind of baton it was and she told me a flaming baton
she lit it
and began twirling it...
it was amazing
she would toss it and catch it
and with each twirl, swirl, and catch I was further impressed with her talent
 her grand finale was a high toss that landed on the
ROOF of  the house
she and I were both in shock and were screaming for the boys...
hubs and his dad rushed outside
and grabbed hoses to extinguish the grand finale
that is how I met her and this is how I will remember her...
a lot of spunk, and little dare devil, and VERY BRAVE!!!


Looky Lou with The 3am Teacher

I can't wait to showcase one of my long time bloggy friends in this month's Looky Lou...
  ============> see it over there???

Michelle has been there with me from the beginning...
she contacted me when she found out my air conditioner went out...
she told me how to not get whamboozled by over priced parts
(her family owns an air conditioning company)
we have talked weee hours into the night about all sorts of things...
she is not called 3am fo nada
we have talked shopping
and she even helped me when I needed her most
for the Day of Silence image
needless to say I {puffy} heart her
so when she bought an ad spot...
I wanted to bonk her on the head... really I did
here is a virtual
just for you Michelle

If you don't know who Michelle is
she is the brains, brawn, and BEAUTY behind
The 3AM Teacher
and now let's get this post officially started :)
I asked Michelle to tell me what her TOP 3 items are
and here is what she said...

click on picture to take a look
I have this clip art set and I absolutley LOVE it...
super quirky, BRIGHT, and BOLD!!!
LOVE this one... no wonder it is her NUMBER ONE seller

the silly link tool isn't working so I left the link for you to click on
and hop on over...

this pack is MEGA...
and 5 sets bundled into one
OVER 400 images... HOLLA

and now for my fave
I love this next one....

once again the linky tool is not cooperating...
this pack is amazing
beyond that... is has 190 images...
are you kidding me???
I am not kidding
I cannot make this stuff up...
see why it is my fave???

thanks so much
MICHELLE for sponsoring the Looky Lou this month...
so now please head on over to Michelle's store, blog, or even FB page and tell her Farley sent you!!!
Face Book Page
and TpT Store

and if you would like to sponsor the CURRENTLY, Looky Lou, or have an ad space on my blog...head all the way to the top of my blog and look for the tab called...ADVERTISE