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memory jar

I am pretty sure some of you might do this...
BUT just in case some of you don't and
you are like me and CANNOT scrapbook
poor Drew's First Year Scrapbook is still NOT done
(insert sad face here)
I mean I have ALL the pics and what not
I even WON the scrapbook at an auction and it is already done..
like the pages are already scraptacular...not to be confused with craptacular...
these pages are AH-mazing
they are just waiting to be filled with pics
and in the blank pic holes are these little sticky notes that tell me EXACTLY
what size pic to put there
I mean REALLY it is like a scrapbook for dummies
and did I mention it is AH_MAZING
I just canNOT decide which pics to put where... I have like a kajillion pics to choose from
BUT enough about that....

hubs and I started this memory jar thing a few years ago and
it is the bomb(dot)com
(no she didn't YES I did...(dot)com)

what is a memory jar?
well it is a large jar we keep in an easy to access place

and on Jan 1st we started filling it with things we did throughout the year....
like ticket stubs to movies, shows, games, concerts

pictures that you loved,

wedding invites (that you went to)

birthday cards
hotel keys (yes I keep mine...HELLO I have to put it in my jar)
party favors from fun parties

a piece of clothing
like Drew wore this really cute pink bow tie to a wedding this year
well insert bow tie

I am not gonna shove one of my favorite dresses in there
it is called a memory JAR not BUCKET (snicker snicker snort)

fun things I did with Drew

tags off of something you purchased...
AHHHH my girl

and even brochures from your vacay

so you get the idea
small tokens and trinkets from your adventures throughout the year go into your jar
you will find yourself searching for little things
on your outings and trips that should go into your jar....

and then on Dec 31st you open your jar and go through all of the contents
it is so much fun to look back and see all of the stuff in there!!!
This year we
I decided to talk to hubs about what were some of his favorite moments of 2011
looking through our jar helped us come up with our list...

after you have gone through your jar...
you can (like I do) put it into a NEW jar that you will seal (not forever...just with a good lid)
and I label the NEW jar with stickers of the year...
I would show you a pic but I forgot to grab a jar at Target yesterday...
and I don't have any vintage ones lying around...sooooo
here is an example of a jar "sealed" from the past

see the stickers??
and when you stuff your jar...make sure to put memorable pics on the outside to make it look all
PURTY and stuff

AND just in case you were worried about POOR DREW not having a FIRST YEAR scrapbook
DON'T because he has....
a GIANT jar

and it is FILLED with yumminess

lots and lots of YUMMIES

I know this is not a "school/teacher" blog post BUT I thought you might like this idea :)
and you could start this in your class too...
maybe not...

OK that is about all I got for right now
I have  several people ready to share their OLW tomorrow
be on the looksy lou for the CURRENTLY
and if you have no clue what OLW means look at my last post :)

and am I the only one grasping at the minutes left on my vacay...
ta ta for now and let me know if you have any questions about this memory jar thing
I {PUFFY} heart comments :)
and you guys too!!!

ONE little WORD

I don't really do resolutions...
I always seem to fail at them and then I get all upset and
then I have to eat something and follow it with a coke
and then wait 11 1/2 months to set it as my resolution again

so I don't do them...

I do however do
for a few years I have followed
stalked and stalked some more
Stephanie over at Homegrown Hospitality
she introduced me to this whole OLW thing

it is simple really
for the new year
in the past (for 2 years...yes you can keep it for more than one year)
my word was gratitude
I would look backwards at what could have been
not what it is
I couldn't enjoy
because I was too worried about
I saw a quote on pinterest
and it had an unknown author so I am thinking I am safe
by making it into a
Farley poster
but it summed up why I chose gratitude
it said

when I picked the word gratitude I was aware of this shortfall
(me with a shortfall... I know I know *wink*)
I kept this word close to my heart
I would repeat it
I would doodle it
I would think it
when something didn't quite go right I would try really hard to find gratitude
it really helped me become a better person
I kept this word for 2 years because it felt right
and now I am retiring gratitude... I have that now... I OWN it
it sits nicely on my shelf of life
like a big trophy
(glitter trophy... everything is better with glitter)
(OK maybe not grits or oatmeal but you understand)
and now I am moving on to my new OLW

as in make shine

this word is very fitting for me...
I love it actually
I didn't go searching for this word
it just came to me
I have used it a lot this year actually
the word not the meaning...
my co-workers KNOW that I use the phrase...

we need more polishing and less tarnishing

a lot this year...
well I am going to stand by my word
and make a real effort to try to polish
my focus is
work - home - self

having one little word is so easy
I hope you join me in this
and I am giving you a heads up so you can think of your ONE LITTLE WORD
if you want to go ahead and tell me in the comments
I would love to see what everyone else picks
BUT I am also going to have a section on the CURRENTLY for January where you can tell me your
you have a few days to think about it!!!

I hope you will join me...
no pressure
and if you want to see
more info about this
OLW thing here are some links
both of these places are WAY stalking worthy!!!

Homegrown Hospitality  this is Stephanie's blog... she has the most amazing talent and I gave myself a gift and bought her doodling one course... LOVE IT!!!

Ali Edwards is the brains behind this OLW and she explains it WAY better so please go check her out too
and I LOVE her WORD but I am still keeping mine :)

11 in 11

I am pretty sure I got called out by little miss teeny tiny!!!
and I have been having bloggers block
and so this is a perfect OP to blog
and so fun too
so here is my 11 in 11
let's get started....
11. Favorite movie you watched:
Bridesmaids Poster
hilarious I LOVE this movie...
usually I am a Steel Magnolias
Sweet Home Alabama kinda girl BUT this movie had me
cry laughing and knee slapping
I don't knee slap
I even bought it the day it was released
just thinking about it I am giggling

 10. Favorite TV series:
Mike & Molly
maybe there is a theme here...
I think Melissa Mc Carthey is
so funny
and she is a teacher
AND I like to see what she is wearing
Hubs thinks OK OK
I think she is a little bit like me
OK OK A LOT like me
if her character starts a blog
that will be creepy or cool
OK slightly more creepy

9. Favorite restaurant:
my all time favorite restaurant is this
it is for members only
(say that with your pinky finger in the corner of your mouth)
and this girl is not a MEMBER
but hub's stepdad is...
YAY for me
this is where I go for my birthday
but when I am keepin it real
with the common folk
I go to my fave Chinese food place
Dragon Lake

8. Favorite new thing you tried:
I tried lots of new things this year
like being nice...
so hard when you are surrounded by dumb
so hard (can you see a resolution forming here)
I tried squash
really first time
and zucchini 
same day too
BUT I think the best thing I tried was being a model for the 
giftique I work for...
Bless Your Heart Giftique
it put my PLUS SIZED booty out there 
for all to see
I was super flattered to be asked to do it and I had a blast doing it too 

7. Favorite gift you got:
we have a giving tree at our school and I always keep
bird seed on my tag
I have window bird feeders ((((SMILING)))
you should get one or two
and my favorite gifts are bags of bird seed!!!
and my fingers are crossed I might be getting a BIG gift soon
not going to jinx myself but it starts with a T and ends in an O and rhymes with

6. Favorite thing you pinned:
this is hard...
I love pinning
what do I pick?
the pressure...
thinking... leaving this to go look
(cue elevator music)

OK I am back ( i looked through all of my pins and it really took like 10 minutes)
here is my FAVORITE pin

by the way pin is from Little Baby Garvin Blog

5. Favorite blog post:
not sure
really I am not...
could I be cheese-EE and say my first post
not sure
let me go look...
please hold.... again (MUSIC)

OK I am pretty sure it is the first CURRENTLY post
I had such a great response to it
that I have done it every month since
I love seeing new blogs and
LET'S face it I love being NOSE-EEEE

4. Best accomplishment:
ok bring out the crackers...
I think starting this BLOG
(add the cheese)
I know I know
everyone has put this... I KNOW
I could have put earning $$$ from google adsense
BUT someone who will remain nameless
got a little to clicking friendly and got me kicked off
really it is too funny
she would click on her computer and her phone and dad's phone
she LOVES me
your mom would do it too
and NO I am not mad at her...
she did it out of love
at Thanksgiving dinner we were bragging
(in a nice way)
I earned this much...
and at Christmas dinner we were laughing about how I got kicked off
because of suspicious clicking from specific sources
I could also say a big accomplishment
might be I have a sponsor
who contacted ME
they contacted me
YEPPERS that is way exciting
they will be on my sidebar soon!!!

3. Favorite picture:
can't pick just one...
I am a mamarazzi so I will keep it to a few faves
first time at a beach :)

hey mom look I spelled my name...
playing with my old Speak n Spell

at the Zoo

my nephew and drew are on the same soccer team

and my last one

is that too funny or what???
we had a fun time with FAKE staches at Christmas

2. Favorite memory:
when Drew sat on Santa's lap
this was the first year he was NOT scared
and did NOT scream like Santa was Freddy Krueger
Hubs and I looked at each other while Drew was talking Santa's ear off
and we both had tears... it was so sweet!!!
tho thweet

1. Goal for 2012:


stay tuned to see what that is about...
more details with the next CURRENTLY
thanks so much to TEENY and HADAR for a great linky party!!!
THoW fun!!!

head on over there and link up!!!

LUCKY DAY 13!!! almost kinda is on day 14 sorry!!!

OK have you been waiting ALL day for this or WHAT?

SORRY this is posted so late
I just got back from my BYH Christmas Party
and OH MY GOSH it was FAB
for the most part...
for the worst part...
you had to bring a $20 accessory for the gift exchange
and DO NOT get me wrong I LOVE gift exchanges
BUT when I bring a $20 gift  and come home with a $5 gift
(think happy Christmas thoughts farley ... happy thoughts.... i am a try-n)
BUT to top it off
we ALL (all 29 of us) KNOW you only paid $5 for it because
WE ALL work at BYH ya fool
and to top it off we get a DISCOUNT
so you didn't even pay the $5
(breathe in breathe out)
you paid like $5 MINUS 25% so
whatever that comes out to is what you paid!!!
(thinking sugar plums... ok no thinking Friday is a half day FRIDAY IS A HALF DAY)
OK feeling better....
REALLY that was my little I had to get that off my chest moment...
thank you for joining me in that
and I feel so much better
but let this be a lesson
if the invitation says bring a $20 gift
BRING A $20 gift
DONE with that...
heart rate still pumping BUT moving on....

well it is over!!!
can you believe it?
It seems just like yesterday I was emailing all of these FAB bloggers to join me and here
we are...
me typing A LOT and you thinking come on already and tell me the winners...
first things first...
I am SO SO SO SO thankful to all of you guys that came and entered everyday!!!

but I must also say I am also VERY THANKFUL
for the fellow 12 day bloggers that joined me in this CRAZINESS!!!
your generosity and supportive nature are APPRECIATED!!!
((((HUG)))) ***KISS*** ((((HUG)))) ***KISS***

SO LET's get to it!!!

here we go...
good luck...
cross your fingers...
and legs....
let's get to it
if you see you are one of the winners
even if your email is on your post PLEASE PLEASE I AM BEING LAZY
 and it is past midnight here in the great state of TEXAS
and I will love you forever and ever if you would please contact me!!!
thanks so very much
on with the show

OK here it is and let me say i am so glad i had these templates done before because I was not expecting to be home from the partay at like 10:45 TEXAS time!!!

THANKS AGAIN to all of you guys
and I really do wish you a

on the 12th day of DeCemBer my Farley brought to me....

what a wild and crazy and not to mention
GENEROUS 11 days we have had so far!!!
OK so if you have been following along...
which I hope you have
because if you haven't...
well we won't even go there!!!

SO if you have been following you know that TODAY
and TODAY only you can enter to win
ALL OF THE PRIZES (minus the personalized sign)
ALL OF THE PRIZES (minus the personalized sign)
and and and
I have a surprise for you too!!!
I would post a pic of the surprise BUT I don't have one yet!!!
WHEN I get one I will post it on my FACEBOOK page
one of my BESTIES
sells 31 and that is ALL I am going to say!!!
SHE is bringing her DONATIONS to school today
which is really tomorrow for me because I am writing this yesterday to you
to  get it POSTED today for you
well if you got that
it means I don't have a pic yet
BUT will
and check my FB page to see!!!

SO what do you need to do to enter????
I know you are saying BLAH BLAH BLAH
so I am getting to it...

Here are the 3 ways to enter...
and remember contest ends TONIGHT at midnight TEXAS TIME!!!
1- follow my blog :)
DUH really could I leave that out...
no not really
and if you are already a follower I {puffy} heart you
and if you will be a follower I will {puffy} heart you too
as soon as you follow
really I love you already BUT to earn PUFFY heart status

OK on to #2

2 - tell me the best gift you have given for Christmas
I think the best gift I have ever given is the one I am giving this year...
I am safe because my grandparents do not read this...
I know what gives
BUT I forgive
and because they don't read this I can share RIGHT????
OK a little back story... MeMo and G-Pa (that's what Drew calls them)
go to Costco ONCE a week
for a date and
to share the $1.50 hotdog and coke special
SO today I bought 24 gift cards for
a whopping cost of $1.62 EACH ($1.50 plus the 12 cents for tax)
YEP 24 - $1.62 gift cards
which means we will
TREAT them twice a month to their
date day ~ dog and drink
I am going to put each gift card with a note from
me or Drew in its own envelope
SEAL UP the envelope
and DATE the envelopes
like week of December 11th and probably add a little doodle
I am so so so so excited about this gift
now the lady at Costco
was probably NOT so happy
to have to override 24 gift cards for $1.62
BUT I know my grandparents will LOVE this gift
PLUS what else do you give 80 year old high school sweethearts???

3 - plan an act of random kindness this week (tell me your plan)and pinky swear to follow through with it!!!

One of the RaNdOm things I like to do is to pay for the person behind me at a drive through...
now I do have some limits
SO I do giraffe neck to make sure they don't have like 500 kids
and I do ask the teenager running the register how much the car behind ordered (cost wise not itemized)
and if it is under like let's say $20
I DO IT!!!
NOW I realize $20 might be a lot BUT I have rarely paid over $15
and really
I know I make the person behind me happy
BUT I also give a good lesson to the teenager running the drive through
PLUS I SMILE all the way home!!!!
so I pinky swear to pay for the car behind me at a drive through sometime this week
OK there you have it... if you have a problem with pinky swearing I DO accept Pinky PROMISES too!!!

okie dokie that is it
and remember on DAY 13 I will post ALL 12 winners!!!

on Day 13
I will post the winners...
BUT it might be a little later than earlier
I have a Christmas Party
BUT I will post the winners some time on DAY 13!!!!

alrighty there you have it!!!!
go enter!!!

Day 11 with Rachelle and Natalie {What the Teacher Wants!}

Hi friends!  Natalie and I are super excited to be joining Oh' Boy 4th Grade in this 12 days of Christmas extravaganza.
That's me on the right! No, I'm not cross-eyed and I don't wear classes. But my hair is brown. :)  Natalie does have red hair and she is way cuter than her cartoon prototype. :)

We are really stoked to be giving away.....

ANY 2 items from Natalie's TpT store:

Any 2 items from Rachelle's TpT store:

If you did the math {I'm currently counting on my fingers}, then you know 2+2-=4! You can win 4 units all together! WOWZA!!!!

Here's what you can do to enter {2 ways to enter}:
{1 entry} Become a follower of Natalie's  TpT store {leave a comment with your email, on this post}
{1 entry} Become a follower of Rachelle's  TpT store {leave a comment with your email, on this post}

And that's it!!!! :)  Good Luck!

Day 10 With Funky First Grade Fun!

Howdy, faithful Farley followers!  It's Kimberly from Funky First Grade Fun.  I'm 31 kids of excited (and absolutely honored) to be part of the 12 Days of Christmas with so many amazing bloggers! I would love it if you would come to visit me over at Funky First Grade Fun sometime soon. I'll attempt to keep this post short and get to the good stuff (plus I'm feeling a little nervous since this 4th grader stuff seems like big girl business to little old 1st grade me).

I have a little freebie for you and of course...the giveaway!

The freebie is a Holiday Writing Pack.  You can download it by clicking on the image below.

Now for the giveaway 
and the reason I'm exactly 
31 kinds of excited...

It's a mini organizer from Thirty One Gifts!

There are 3 ways to enter to win the mini organizer.   This giveaway ends at midnight on Day 12 (and it's not too late to enter the giveaways from the previous 9 days).  Please leave 1 comment here (not on my blog)  for each of things below that you do to enter.

1.  Follow my blog Funky First Grade Fun here. (If you already do, thank you!)
2.  Follow my Tpt store here.
3.  Make my Teachers Notebook Shop one of your favorites here.

Thank you, Farley for hosting the 12 Days of Christmas (and including me in the fun)!  Thank you, faithful Farley followers for reading my guest post today!

Good luck to each of you for the giveaways and Merry Christmas wishes from Funky First Grade Fun!

Hope you'll visit soon!

Day 9 With 4th Grade Frolics!!

Merry, merry Christmas all!!!  It's Tara from 4th Grade Frolics and I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am to be part of this super. awesome, fun 12 Days of Christmas giveaway!!  Farley, what a great idea!!!   I hope everyone is enjoying their last few days before Christmas break!!  Now, here we go with the fun....I am thrilled to have not one but 2 of my fave Etsy shops helping me out with this one:D

On the 9th day of Christmas 4th Grade Frolics gave to me............

An adorable Chicka Boom bracelet from Sophie's Beads

                 2 clipart sets from the super wonderful KPM Doodles!!  1 Holiday and 1 other!!
                                                      KPM Doodles

Sooooooo, how do you enter???  Well, here ya go!  You can do one or all of the different ways, the choice is yours:)  Please leave 1 comment here for each of the entries you do!!

1)  Follow my blog HERE (if you already do...I love you! and just say so here:) )
2) Follow my new Teachers Notebook store HERE
3) Rate one of my products on Teachers Notebook HERE
4) Follow KPM Doodles HERE
5) Put Sophie's Beads as a Favorite Etsy shop HERE

There you have it!!!  5 ways to enter:)  Do as many of as few as you like!!!  Don't forget to leave comments here:))  Remember you have until midnight on Day 12 and one super duper lucky winner will win one of each of the days giveaways....WOW!

Thanks again Farley, and Sophie and Kirsten for jumping on board with me:)  Please ignore any typos....it is oh so very early in the morning....wanted to get this in before work;)

Have a Merry Christmas all and good luck on the 12 Days giveaway!!!