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Pinterest inspired

I have been pinning like crazy on Pinterest!!!
I LOVE following other teachers' boards and getting all of these great ideas!!!
ANYwho... I keep seeing this "In Our Classroom" pic and I love it.
BUT I don't {PUFFY} Heart it!!!
So I decided to
make my own...

this is just the rough draft...
My plan is to head on over to Costco and
get it made into a poster
for my classroom!!!
I am still tweaking it and wanted some
honest opinions and some critiques!!
So please if you feel like dropping me a line
 let me know what you think!!

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THANKS so much!!!

PaRtAy & GiVe ~ AwAy questions answered...

First let me say SORRY!!!
If there was any confusion

I got a couple of emails asking about the Partay and Prizes.
Let me see if I can clear things up...

1- Only linky participants can win the Vera Gift Set?
YES - only bloggers who link up to the T2T Partay will have a chance to win the Vera Gift Set and a surprise :)

2 - Do you have to enter the linky to be able to win one of the Target giftcards?
NO- if you do not want to enter the linky you can still enter the gift-card give away.
Just do one, some, or ALL to enter...
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PLEASE try to make these separate comments :)
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I love comments but if you want to be entered in the give-away

3- What do you mean by entries?
When you leave a comment I have a running spreadsheet to keep track of all my entries. So for example ~ if you put a comment for following my blog I am writing your name once on the spreadsheet and then if you also comment that you shared the Partay on your blog I then write your name down 2 more times... now you have 3 entries.  When the contest closes...I am going to cut all of the entries into strips and have my darling 2 year old to pick out the winners!!! 

4- Can you win more than once?
YES - let's say the LINKY WINNER also comments about following and sharing and following my TpT store that means they were entered 9 times into the drawing... if above said darling 2 year old picks their name out... then YES they will win another prize :)

5 - Why is the Partay so long?
Well ~ I thought we all had a ton of festive FOURTH of JULY activities ( I know I do ) so I thought I would extend it to give all my Bloggy FrIeNds some more time to get linked up!!!  Plus I LOVE a GOOD PARTAY :)

I hope this clears up some of your questions!!! If you had NO clue there was even a Partay going on ...
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T2T Partay Time!!!

So I KNOW blog world has been
waiting on PINS & NEEDLES
just waiting for me to post the
T2T linky PARTAY!!!
here it is....

Well I can't have a LINKY party without doing my own T2T...
so I gathered all of my friends...

 AND I grabbed my new thrift treasure...
a little white elephant planter.
 YEPPERS... 2.99
I looked him up on Ebay just to make sure he wasn't some rare collectible and then...

 I sprayed him a LUVERly shade of OrAnGe.
I didn't like it!!! Even though my FAVE color is ORANGE... I didn't think it was bringing out the PURTY in this elephant!!!

 So I picked up my 2nd favorite color and let him have it!!!

AND what is going to be in my classroom?
ONLY the cutest Sharpie holder EVA!!!
I am in LOVe with him!!! He is too cute and PiNk is his color!!!
 HERE is a little secret...I love this elephant even more because my
DARLING hubby helped me remove 4 layers of spray paint from him because I wanted to do polka-dots and it didn't work...BECAUSE... I didn't PRIME him and when I peeled the circle stickers that I placed on top of the orange it started  peeling!!! I boo whooed because I had all these grand plans of a PERFECTLY PINK & ORANGE polka dotted  ELEPHANT!!! It took my hubby several hours to scrape and peel and clean my elephant.  Ken had him back to his original beauty and then primed him for me.. AND And and he even sprayed it pink for me!!!

I felt like Rachel from FRIENDS when Ross was going to drink the fat!!!
Except mine is like (in my best Rachel voice) AWWWW Kenny fixed my elephant!!!

So there you have it!!! and now let the ParTAY begin!!!

200 followers NO way.... WAY

Here is an example of a little
 I did last summer...
my friend got me these lamps at an
estate sale for like
I think $5 maybe $2...
Patti if you are reading leave a comment and let us know how much they were!!! :)

 The lamp base was a fUnKy red glass and the shade was lumpy!!!
BUT with that kind of deal.... who cares
and I was shaking up my chalkboard paint!!!!
 apologizing NOW for the lame pics
Anyways I always wanted to use my chalkboard
spray paint and I had some super CUTE owl fabric!!!
Have I ever mentioned my LOVE for OWLS!!!

I sprayed the base and while it was drying I tore my fabric into about
1 inch strips.  I hot glued the strips to the shade and made sure the strips overlapped
for complete coverage.

It needed something extra!!!
More is better RIGHT?
So I added some ball fringe to the top and bottom!!!
 and now this BEE U TEE
sits next to my desk!!!
Do you see it... look under the tree!!!

OK so that is what I am looking for!!!
Not to toot my own horn or anything BUT
I took that lamp from drab to FAB!!!!
I hope you will be able to join me!!!
I will start the LiNkY Par-TAY
very soon!!!

blog stalking and my new NO DOZ

so I do lose sleep at night
and right now I am a little
A BAJILLION times obsessed with


which really isn't a blog BUT
it helps keep your ideas and thoughts
organized while

if you haven't heard of it
and it is late at night
go straight to bed
come back after your beauty sleep
and then click on it
because it is

if you want
to see more
FaNtAbULoUs blogs
head on over to

Clutter-Free Classroom

New Kid on the Blog & a freebie

I found a CUTE new blog
Miss. Third Grade

and wanted to share it with you...
It is a BRAND NEW blog but I already
collected some inspiration!!!
She started designing her binder covers and well
that gave me some ideas....

I am getting a little carried away
with this whole
VINTAGE cArNiVaL theme
{PUFFY} heart it
A LOT!!!

I love it so much I made you a freebie...
need a substitute binder cover???
(2 different backgrounds just in case)

scrapbook elements by G. Miller

Sub Folder1

head on over to Courtney's Blog
and tell her HOWDY!!!

Oh and by the way...
I can't wait til I reach 200 followers because
I am going to have a give away!!!
and it might rhyme with
Bera Vradley
jus say-n **WINK**

summer planning

SO are you like me???
I am on summer break and
I can't stop thinking about next year!!!
I might be nervous about
my new grade level BUT
I am still thinking
I am meeting with my NEW team
next week and I wanted us to
have some CUTE (at least I think so)
papers to take notes on....
now enter my FREEBIES for you....

Planning Ahead

I hope you like them...
I have them by subject, month, and a blank!!!
I can't wait to use them next week and I hope you can use them too!!!
Please leave me a comment about what you think about them....
and NOTE to YOU...sometimes SCRIBD will show up
WONKY on here
BUT will be fine when you click on over :)

New grade deserves a NEW look right????

I just wanted to give a BIG
to my make-over artist!!!!
Sweetie Baby's
Custom Blog Design

She was quick and easy!!!
I on the other hand was
high maintenance and bossy!!!
She was so so so SWEET about it all
and did a FANTABULOUS job!!!

OH and be sure to grab my NEW button!!!
YAY I am LUV-n this new look!!!

Deck the walls with quolls and wallabies

EVERY year I look forward to our habitat unit because we decorate the front hallway of the school.
EVERY year we study an unfamiliar habitat... in other words we don't study the rain forest.
We really explore our habitat ...
This year we chose Australia.
We studied the geography, people, art, and ANIMALS!!!!
The students are given ONE last project.
They are to pick an animal from Australia and create a life size representation. 
Their animal is then placed on our Australia Wall.
Here are a few examples of the FABULOUS animals that we got this year!!!

The 3rd grade teachers and some REALLY TRUSTED
3rd graders recreated the various habitats found in Australia!!!
Desert, Grasslands, and Tasmania
 here are the Grasslands
 Different angle same grassland :)
desert again

Here are some of my FAVORITE critters
 That is a bone the dingo is munching on!!!
This wall is right outside our school office and
we caught a few several parents taking  phone pics of this one...
so you might have seen it on FB!!!
gotta LOVe kid made stuff


I know this is a BIG bulletin board idea BUT I had to share our
Australian CuTeNeSS!!!
if you want to see more bulletin board ideas go here