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bunnies, mice, and birds

I wanted to share some quick
and EASY and
ways to encourage your kiddos
on the upcoming state tests
(just the thought of a state test gives me liver pain... really it does...
I have stress induced liver pain... OUCH)
anywho I wanted my kiddos to know how much I believe in them
I came up with these goodies
and thought you guys might want to do these too

snack sized baggie and one bunny peep
gave these to them Friday before they went home
 they LUVD them
like {puffy} heart love

yep another cute paperclip
got them from Hob Lob
will give this to them on Monday...
test is Tuesday and Wednesday

little egg and a strip of encouragement
thought of putting in a REAL PEEP

no room
they will get this before they leave on Monday

so there you have it...
3 little things
so easy too
all materials were bought at TARGET
see now you have an excuse to head off to TARGET
a teacher's BFF


 just finished reading this to my class...
it took a while because it is a little high for 4th
I had to stop and explain a lot
for me I enjoyed it!!!
lots of mice and royalty
and funny point of views
I laughed while my kids gave me the what look
overall great funny book!!!

did a little review of lines and angles
they did great

sorry for the blurry pic
took pics with cell phone
you get the point...right?

this is how I left my table
stacks of papers to be graded
my fave teacher book... 10 things by Jeff Anderson
TELPAS booklet (put it in a locked closet before I left... can't risk losing that)
my to do list almost all checked off... HOLLA
ticket jar, bug house, and stamps
everyday I'm shuffling
cue dancing hamsters

and this is how I left my desk
not too bad but still
a shuffling

why in such a hurry?
to leave on a Friday?
had to grab some
me time at Chuys
with my girls!!!!

**************************************last time***********************************

just wanted to share a website with you before I leave you on  this LuVeRLy Saturday

it is BEEUUUTEEFULL here in my neck of the woods
cue Al Rocker

my kids are obsessed with this website... it is

this website has live animal cams
that are stationed all over the states and other countries too
my class enjoys watching the birds
especially the hummingbird (Phoebe), the owls, the bald eagle, and the wood duck

we are currently obsessed and watching 2 birds and their eggs hatching any day now...
the wood duck who has a clutch of 18 eggs that are due to hatch NOW
and the Decorah Bald Eagle who has 3 eggs in a 6 ft wide nest high in the sky!!!

I keep this site on during the day and we LOVE watching it!!!
Each cam site will give you an estimated hatch day and we LOVE it!!!
NOT TO MENTION it gives you an up close and personal perspective of the different nesting, incubation, learned traits, inherited traits, and mothering / fathering duties..... it is AWESOME!!!
we learned Pheobe's eggs are the size of tic tacs
I gave each kid 2 tic tacs (she had 2 eggs)  and they were just amazed
her nest is the size of a golf ball... and built in a rose bush... so COOL!!!

this is probably my favorite thing too!!!
I love having this on throughout the day...
a BUNCH of us in my hallway have this on
and we each have our favorites

I keep the sound on... BUT it does break in with commercials... so you might have to mute it!!
when hatch day gets REALLY close you want the sound on b/c you can hear chirps when they are about to pip through...
hope you go an try it out!!!

well I think that is IT!!!
go check out my birds...  I am sure you will fall in love too!!!