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Teachers Taking Care of Teachers

 Please head on over to Crystal's blog...

Kreative in Kinder

to see what you can do to help those teachers devastated by the recent tornadoes.  I am going to donate all of my items from my store and my team-mates and I are going to send a package too.

 I also thought what else I can do to help???? I stalked other blogs to see what they were doing and came across Tara's post about how this reminds her of The Lorax, and how we are responsible for ourselves.  If we don't take action then nothing gets better!!! I totally agree and had the same conversation with my students.  You don't sit around waiting for someone to take the lead you lead and hope others follow!!! 

if you look at the very top of my sidebar... I have a DONATE button too!!! Just in case you just want to donate...

I am going to keep the DONATE button up until St. Patrick's Day so I guess you could say this is a limited time offer...

Crystal has taken on an enormous task and she needs our support however you can give it!!!
What a huge heart Crystal has!!!
THANKS and I hope you join in...if you do PLEASE leave me a comment!!!
and be sure to link up to Kreative Kinder too!!!