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Miss May, Hotdogs, & SHINE

I hope you guys had a great Memorial Day Weekend...
we did but don't forget... it is not about sales and BBQs
it is about LOVE
love so deep for your country that you are willing to sacrifice your life for it
GOD BLESS our heroes lost and living!!!

here is what the Farley Clan did this weekend!!!

here are a few more pics I wanted to share...

just love this pic

this is MEmow and G-Pa after we ate hotdogs


PART 2 End of Year Art Project!!!
if you missed part one... go to the previous post to check it out
OH and here is the link where I found this IDEA on pinterest... NOT my idea
NOT claiming it as my own...
all credit given to THIS PIN

my surprise is in the making and I can't wait for you to see it!!!


great day, project, & Smore

Today was a great day...
I am going to miss my kiddos tremendously
I looped with most of them and it has been a true blessing
I wanted to do something super special for our end of the year and so I bring you...

*******************************you'll have to wait til next week to see the final product ****

teaches across the hall
I know you have heard of her
anywho she made these for her parents and LUCKY me
she had extras

I am looking forward to the long weekend
but then it will be my last week with my kiddos
I am going to miss them sooooo much!!!
BUT I am excited to get our FABuLOUS art project finished...
can't wait to show you guys too!!!

have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend :)


Knock Knock, food web, & 2 trains

sorry I haven't been blogging...
I don't know about you but
the last few weeks are CRAY CRAY
it is like a whirl wind of paperwork, grades, cleaning, organizing, class lists, check off lists, and babysitting
did Farley say BABYSITTING...
yes yes I did
my grades are due this Tuesday BUT
kiddos go til next Friday... yes I have a WHOLE 3 days of
thank goodness I LOVE LOVE LOVE my class.
BUT this make NO SENSE to me... none
goose egg!!!
Does it make any sense to you?
I have a secret... SHHHHH
it has to do with Kristen at Ladybug's Teacher Files

I am almost finally over my virus...
I just got my voice back this week
KNOCK KNOCK (that was me knocking on wood)
and I am finally getting a good night's sleep withOUT waking up in a hideous coughing fit
wanted to share some random pics of what I've been up to lately...
maybe they will substitute as a good excuse for not blogging...
alright ROLL the pics...
our SEE-D windows turned out great!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE

we even grew potatoes... they were so surprised to see their roots get so big without soil

 NEXT is my food web activity... I LOVE this
hope the directions make sense... if not let me know and I will have the kids do it again...
BECAUSE they loved it too
and I will repost about it

the key to the above food web activity is to try and toss across the web.. and sometimes let it go to the same consumers... it works great when you do several food  chains... it is also a great visual to see how a food web is composed of several food chains...can you tell I LOVE this activity

keep the pics rolling... right?


we went to Landa Park or as bub likes to call it Land Before Time Park...
yes he LOVES that movie (all of them... and I love netflix for having it ready at any time)
anywho we fed the ducks

and we rode the train... soooooooo fun


well that about sums it up...
I have a TON of things coming up
some great new things...
I KNOW you are going to LOVE them!!!
give aways
and MORE


Nicole Shelby, Olympian Germs, feed the birds

Wowzers I had a cray cray busy week...
so I am going to sum it up for you guys in a bunch a few pics...
some descriptions
and a little humor...
what kind a blog post would this be without a LOL
alrighty here we go!!!

We started the week with our PLANT unit...
I got a great PLANT UNIT from Nicole Shelby...
great ideas and activities
go check it out here....
we made a plant flip book (idea from N. Shelby) after
I showed them a Brainpop video
the books came out FAB... no pics sorry :(

More plant stuff
One of the biggies is for my kids to observe the life cycle of a plant...
so I bring you our window to germination...
we used an old cd case
(no cracks)
we popped the round thingy that clicks the CD in place out
and then put our soil and seed in
then I taped them shut... really TIGHT
then they wrote their name on the tape...
reason why the kid below is covering the tape :)
and when the round thingy is out... it leaves a little gap at the top...
PERFECT for watering...
ok OK OK
not really PERFECT... because it will leak
BUT for the simple purpose of getting moisture to your seed
YES it does that!!!
can you see how the seed is growing? see it???

I am so over the BEANSTALK
about these...
it is WAY better than the baggie!!!
my kids think it is the neatest thing too...
they love being able to see
we watched a WONDERFUL Discovery video on germination
and they made HUGE connections between their seed growing and the video seed

well when we were not studying plants ....
we were doing our
so FUN and I canNOT take any credit...
NONE, nada, goose egg. NOTHING...
all the credit goes to this gal...
see how awesome she is
she got this from one of her kiddos for Teacher Appreciation Week
yes it is OK to be jealous I was OK... I AM!!!

anywho... she organized this WHOLE
MATH OLYMPIC thing and it was SOOO MUCH FUN!!!
we combined with 3rd and each class had to break into 3 groups
each group was assigned a country...
the countries in my room were
China, Finland, and Honduras
each team had to research their country and make a flag which they presented at our
Olympic Game Opening Ceremonies... each team marched down the hall with their flag and teammates...
HIGH FIVES were given
except my kids... I warned them... think how many germs are being passed with all of these high fives... so my trained germaphobes did not high five
AND I was the last parade participant and handed out a good blob of hand sanitizer to
EVERY SINGLE Olympian... EVERY ONE OF THEM... germs are NASTY!!!

anyways here are some pics of our Olympics...
backstroke relay

water squeeze
OK so these are the only pics that would load...
AHHHH why does blogger play with me like that...
am I the only one that wishes pics loaded a little faster???
or load at all... I seriously tries like 503 times b/c I love you guys and wanted the pics to show you
Ok so the 2 pics that did load are from the water events
we had 3 days... and ALL were a BLAST!!!
and guess what Melissa (my teaching buddy) is working on getting this Olympic Activity ready
for TpT... it will be her first product on TpT and it is going to be FAB... I will give you the
when it is ready!!! :)

OK back to PLANTS...
I had a busy Friday afternoon...
do you see all the cut up fruit, roots, nuts, and leaves?

 we had an edible plant party
(again ideas from N. Shelby...I combined 2 activities into 1 because of time)
all of the kiddos brought in an edible fruit, leaf, stem, nut, seed, or root.
They had a ton of fun... me not so much!!!
Cutting all of the food was work!!!
and the knife never left my sight... NEVER!!!
we practice all types of classroom safety!!!
Some of the edible plants were....
watermelon, lemon, lettuce, bell pepper, cucumber, egg plant, edemame (is that spelled right?), coconut, cantaloupe, avocado, blueberries, plums, corn, mango, some kind of herb, broccoli, banana, and more I can't remember :)
they had to separate their tastings into groups... leaves, roots, stem, seed, nut, flower, and fruit.
and as they ate... (idea from Nicole Shelby)
did I mention I loved her Unit... LOVE
they filled out an observation sheet asking them about favorite, least favorite, biggest seed, smallest seed, something they learned, a surprise, and a few other fun questions.
They really loved it and it really made them think about how
PLANTS are IMPORTANT in our lives
it also led to great conversations

Last pic...

We have A TON of stuff going on in this pic...
* 2 rows of plantings... potatoes in the back row and Mother's Day Plant in the front row....
SPOILER ALERT FOR MOMS IN MY CLASS...that means you Kari, Shawna, Katina, Amy and Faith's Mom :)...DO NOT KEEP READING IF YOU HAVE A KID IN MY CLASS...head down to the **********
if you do not have a kid in my class keep reading :)

Our Mom's Day Gifts did NOT sprout yet... might be because we just planted them this week...
I know I know... but this week was our plant week... BUT we made up for it in our cards we wrote

I planted something in a cup,
but it has not sprouted up.
So I am leaving it at school,
until it looks really cool.

They worked together to come up with this poem and I think it is AWESOME!!!
They made beautiful cards...
using scrapbook paper and giant circle punches to make a flower on the front of the card and the poem inside... BEE U TEE FULL

OK back to the pic...

* 2 rows of plantings... potatoes in the back row and Mother's Day Plant in the front row
* middle window pane... Germination Windows sitting up in the sun
* 2 bird feeders stuck on the outside (of course)
* 1 bird food finch sack hanging outside our window
* great view of grass FINALLLLLLLLLLY growing outside... still some bald patches but much better
* ONE GREAT gardener...making sure everything is watered for the weekend!!! love that kid

and if you are wondering if we get birds....YES YES WE DO
ask any of those moms mentioned above and they will tell you I LOVE getting bird seed because our birdie friends go through a big bag of bird seed every 2 weeks
but we LOVE THEM!!!
If you have a window that could have a bird feeder... I would highly recommend putting a feeder on it... my class LOVES it!!!

well that about wraps it up...
wish ALL of my pics had loaded... bummer blogger

but I think you get the idea!!!
hope you have a great weekend...

May Currently

I {puffy} heart MAY
for one it is my birthday month
and two is it bad that I get excited for SUMMER

I am going to keep this one short and sweet!!!
You know what to do

alrighty here ya go

the random question is....
pageant title
in it state what your pageant title would be and state your platform
don't we all have a little pageant diva in us
if not just pretend :)

here is yours....

okie dokie artichokie
there it is and now to link up :)
I do want to say....
thanks for linking up and remember I might not comment on all of your links
BUT I do look at ALL of them!!!
I get an email notification every time some luverly peep links up
and I look at them all!!!
so please know that I am grateful that you link up
but it would take me forever and a day to comment on all of the links :)
plus those silly SPAM verification words are whackity whack FO SHO
thanks again... and let's get this PARTAY started