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recap, 99.9%, & SWAG

Ok YESTERDAY was sooooo much fun
which might mean the day before yesterday by the time I get this posted!!!

I told Reagan TODAY... which will mean yesterday to you today
are you following...


I told Reagan I was going to go home and BLOG right away after our meet-up
and I didn't I was soooooo tired...
because it was soooooo fun...

and then I went to bed
and then this morning
which will be yesterday to you
I had a plumber come over, picked paint... lots of paint for a project, picked plants for porch and bub to plant, got four new tires, had rings inspected b/c I have to for some reason the jeweler tells ME to so I do.. and I had a few loose stones so that got fixed, then we had an impromptu dinner with my parents, and then I came home and checked my blogroll... and saw the Seuss Cray Cray of 2012 and got SCARED so I panicked
 and removed things that I thought needed to be removed
if I had things that should be removed
(don't want Seuss Cops thinking I had things)
maybe I did and maybe those things are gone now
and then I contacted Pinterest
and begged for them to help me remove the evidence of what I might have had..
and then I began this blog...heart racing and ALL... OH MY WORD...  no clue what I am talking about... head on over to the 3AM Teacher

GO NOW and look BUT come back.. I have a recap to tell you about
YOU BACK? okay
and now that leads to the RECAP of the Central Texas Blog Meet up


it was AH-SOME
I am stealing Reagan’s pic from her blog because she labeled everybody and I am well
being LAY to the Z
and Reagan’s pic is THO CUTE!!!

Here is the RECAP…
these are pretty much in order BUT may not be and really if they are out of order
99.9% (I did the math really I did)
so 99.9% of you don't know if it is or not... so for the sake of
recapping purposes please pretend these ARE IN ORDER...
and here we go

  • Farley, Reagan, and Swersty talk and talk
  • humus anyone?
  • drinks
  • Barbara "Baby" shows... THO FUN
  • where we all live
  • districts we teach in
  • unions... maybe this was later
  • Kristina and Becca shows FAB HAIR
  • Reagan and Swertsy move chairs
  • Farley way jealous over Becca's hair
  • lava nails
  • otter boxes
  • dedication to hair stylist
  • still jealous of purple streak in hair... STILL
  • Jennifer shows.... THO CUTE
  • cute hat
  • SXSW (Central Texas Thang...it's OK y'all there is google for you thinking WTHeck)
  • traffic craziness
  • Saint Joseph is given to Reagan
  • Baby gives Farley a gift... LUV IT!!!
  • talk about colleges
  • Patti shows... hey I know her :)
  • menus and drinks
  • order food
  • Jessica shows... Glitzy FO SHO... adorable
  • lack of napkins and well utensils too
  • rude waitress...manners manners manners = tips tips tips... WOWZERS
  • selling houses... moving to where states have seasons
  • U of O... quack quack
  • team spirit and lack of
  • drinking
  • take group pic...thanks BYH Rachel :)
  • admin the good the bad and the ugly and maybe the really ugly that are bad too
  • room layouts
  • exit signs, fire extinguishers, bathrooms
  • Farley's cookies are really good and big
  • new schools vs old ones
  • last day of school
  • last week of babysitting
  • dress codes
  • flip flops, sweat pants, and jeans
  • BYH
  • door prizes
  • st. patty soap...smelling
  • scarf giving
  • breakfast in the classroom... WHAT? WHAT?
  • baggies of breakfast in the room... jaws open
  • start imes
  • teacher parking woes
  • Farley is usually one minute late
  • Perry
  • pay bill
  • Pinterest
  • STILL JEALOUS over hair.. GOSH
  • parents dress...
  • video games
  • field days
  • fire alarms being pulled
  • toilet fairy
  • punching as a last week tactic (hole punching cards that can be cashed in for BIG carnival prizes...will blog about it later)
  • potty training
  • getting late... start packing up and start leaving!!!  THO SAD
  • I get a couple of boxes of GOODIES from Jennifer... even some REALLY NICE sunglasses... not sure those were suppose to be in there.. let me know JEN!!! I will get them back to you :)
  • hug all good bye
  • call Reagan to make sure I will spell all the names right B/C I WAS gonna blog about it right away!!! HAHA

and there you have it
Spring Break Blogger Meet up
that was so much fun!!!
and I know we are going to do it again during the summer because some itty bitty educator will be visiting her twinkie in the big d (vague or do you get what I am sayin)
TEENY will be in TEXAS and so we are meeting up when she is HERE!!!
email me TEENY so Reagan and I can plan plan plan for a HUGE meet-up...
I think AUSTIN was mentioned... maybe maybe not.. but maybe... we could have hotel rooms blocked off!!! This could be BIG!!! I am thinking SWAG could be involved!!! RSVPs might be in order... we could get sponsors.. could be a weekend thing!!!

OK I think this is about it.. maybe...
here are some pics... I didn't steal
these are mine :)

the group... ok and pic was taken before food


Jennifer won a super cute scarf... who picked that out??? ME!!!

do you see Becca's purple?? see see I am so THO THO jealous!!! LOVE IT!!! and Kristina... when are you gonna start a blog... WHEN... I am so excited you are going to guest blog on Reagan's YAY!!!

well that is about it!!!