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kissing frogs, getting our geek on, and heart melting

I feel like I have just taken a little vaycay from my blog
I have no excuses
I have been UBER busy
today I had plans with little man BUT it is RAINING
remember that word in this here blog because that does NOT happen
in my part of the woods
we were fixing to head in to stage 2 drought water restrictions and
now I think we have gotten like 7 inches in two days....
and that my friends explains why my kiddos were whack a doodle yesterday!!!

FO SHO I blame weather on their behavior
with this group it is a little harder to do that because
CRAY is our everyday but yesterday was like
CRAY CRAY on CRACK and well what else do I blame

so what have we been up to....
2weeks worth or more
probably more

my sweet dad
had surgery...
he is on the mend still BUT doing much much better

don't you love how he has his phone 

 got my hair done again...
yes I change my hair with the months...
my hair diva is a close family friend and I love seeing her
this was on my bday
look I got my nails done too and
got a Texas mustache shirt and
AND AND I got to drive

 Bub has been spelling things like crazy
he loves writing his name and spelling it out with whatever he can...
I though this was CUH-UTE!!!
 had a date night with hubs downtown San Antonio...
that was fun!!!
I think I need to join an intervention for too many selflies
I take way too many self portraits...

my baby brother graduated from college...
they are sporting the UTSA ROADRUNNER sign

we found a tree frog
it was amazing...

 no worries I didn't kiss it

we got our geek on with our SUPER HERO masks
my school's field day was super hero themed...
so cool....

mom even geeked out

one of my former kiddos...love her
this was after the teachers participated in a water relay...
i got a little wet

went to the Renegade Craft Fair in Austin

 don't let that precious smile fool you...
he was a tooty toot the whole time...

 we had a little trip to BUCEES
love that place

been reading a lot of this for night time
yes I married a geek
and it is rubbing off on my bubs
that's OK I love my little geeks

Drew taught MEMOW how to play a game on the phone

one of my sweet boys
made me this
a masterpiece made from foil

we have been working on our camouflage handprints
it is a great end of the year project...
here is the 411
they trace their hands
and find a place in the room to pace it...
BUT first they have to make it camouflage
they LOVE IT

 can you even see this ZEBRA one???

 I will have more pics of this later because every class is doing it and then we get to go into the other classes and CHOMP their hands...
it proves that good camo helps in survival
the kiddos love this and it is a super easy and FUN activity

we also went to the art show
this cracks me up
because our art teachers were FIRED because of budget cuts last year
BUT the district required us to put together an art show anyway
IMO this was ridiculous...
our kinder teacher and a teacher's aide spent countless hours on our presentation
and it showed
ours was by far the BESTEST elementary display
the art show is staged in the local mall
BUT it had to be manned so those two stayed down there too
here are pics of what my kiddos did...

 and honestly we wouldn't have had time to do some of these pieces if it weren't for
some insane opossum dying in my ceiling
and creating a decomposing slime trail down my wall
and my class having to be relocated without any of our things
proud of my kids for their awesome works of art...
finges crossed art teachers are in our future because

while at the mall
we had a little family dinner

 we stayed too late... shopping and looking
and got locked out of the store we parked at
and had to take a SPOOKY backdoor exit...
 been doing some fun morning journals
 and this was the heart-warmng response that I got from
one of the sweeties!!!
melt my heart

 hubs knew my week was stressfull...
our scores came in and
there were all kinds of changes in who is teaching what grade
and let's just say I am the only one left in 4th
my buddies went to 1st and 3rd....
and add to that I am now the 4th grade head teacher....
there were changes in EVERY grade
3 teachers are retiring
one teacher might move to Dallas
soooo see stress
add to that 2 of the teachers retiring I had my heart on Bubs being in their classes...
so I want to cry
hubs and bubs took me out...

 this is their mean face

and below is their sweet face
 love my boys....

and here Bub wanted to do a kissy fish face with me....
well I mastered it...
and note... it was Spurs Day at school

so see there you have it....
busy busy busy....

hope you enjoy your weekend...
and if you are already on summer break...
keep it to yourself... no rubbing that in
PUHLEASE because this girl is way jealous of you


Looky Lou with Chip Awards by VanMeter

so it is approaching...
how come Christmas vacay or
Spring Break vacay rush by...quick
but...... the end of the year just
DRAAAGgggggggggggggggSSSSSSSSSsssssss on

and I don't know about you but my kiddos have checked out...
we still have 14 and a half days left before S.U.M.M.E.R
and they are G to the ON

BUT I trudge on....
and I am sure you are too ?

anyways... if you are like me
with the thoughts of summer dancing in your head
you probably are also thinking
about ending the year with a nice little send off gift
for your kiddos :) right???
well I have the thing for you

my looky lou sponsor has the besest thing for you...
seriously it is soooo soooo cute...

if you look over to the sidebar of this here bloggy blog
you will see the LOOKY LOU
and under it you will see this pic...
see above pic!!!

there are some SUPER DUPER CUTE THINGS going on with this
check it out :)

this is such a YUMMY idea!!!
I know my kiddos are going to LOVE THIS
it will be a great addition to our end of the year activities.

if you are interested in this...
head on over to
Mrs. Van Meter's Store
Primary Possibilities and check it out!!!
here is a quick linky link just for you!!!


alrighty peeps
have a great last few days
and nobody is counting are they...
remember we are the teachers and we have to stay focussed
(14 and a HALF days of focus left)

Feedback, Faves, and a Fantastic Sale

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week

thanks to Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah Designs for the wonderful graphic
it is that time of year again...
and TpT is throwing a big sale...
I am going to stock up on back to school yummies
and clipart
and fonts
and maybe some other fun things too!!!
my wish list is full
and I wanted you to know that my shop will be in on the madness
so if you use the code TAD13
when you check out you can get 28% off my items...

click on pic to head on over to see other fab feedback

I am joining my blog buddy
BAINBRIDGE's linky party.

I am going to showcase 3 of my FAVE products but you don't have to take my word for it!!!
I am going to share some feedback from each one
to prove they are FAB.
leave a comment with your email and I will send you a FABULOUS FREEBIE!!!

Let's get this PARTAY started!!!

One of my newest FAVES is
click on pic to check it out

I combined all of my PILE IT ON math activities into one bundled set
I have promised to add at least 3 more Pile It Ons
AND have already added on a spring one...
here it is...

so you are currently getting 6 Pile It Ons for a reduced rate 
PLUS I will add the 3 promised PIO and 
all of my future PILE IT ONs 
get it NOW because as I add to it the price goes up.
Here is what one of my buyers had to say...

My next FAVE product is....
click on pic to go see

So many of you LOVE joining my CURRENTLY linky party...

and NOW your kids can too!!!

my third fave is this....

click on pic to purchase this... *wink*

It is the perfect time of year to snatch this up... 
I use this every year to find out how I can improve as a teacher...

well folks that is about it...
I am super excited to hop on over to this linky party...
 and see what else I can add to my list of THINGS I MUST HAVE!!!
thanks so much to Christina for hosting this wonderful linky!!!


MAY Currently

it is MAY
it is the bestest month in my book
or in my blog
you'll find out a lil later
and you know what a NEW month means...

and let me introduce you to this month's sponsor

I love JEN and she was super 
DUPER organized 
sending her top 3 to me

 She teaches Special Ed inclusion in an urban elementary school.  She wears many hats... providing whole group support, parallel teaching, small group interventions, and much more! 

click on her button to go check her out :)

and now for Jen's top 3 :)
 number 1

Here's a set of hands-on activities to learn and practice decoding CVCe words (Silent E). This packet has been updated and DOUBLED in size!

number 2

Here's an activity pack FULL of activities to reinforce the concept of place value!

number 3

Here's a practice packet with a summer splash theme! This packet has 10 math and 10 literacy pages featuring water play & summer fun graphics. This is 1 of the 3 summer packets she has in her store - this packet is for 1st graders that are on or above grade level. The material reviews skills learned throughout 1st grade. 

and now for the CURRENTLY

most of the above are self explanatory
BUT I am thinking of my bday...
it is coming up ... next Wednesday the 8th
I am going to be old
ok older... HA HA
it has 2 digits and both are odd.... AHHHHH
so you know I am not a teenager and hopefully you can tell by my cute mug
that I am not in my fifties
so that leaves the thirties
and I will just leave it at that!!!

I want a new house
and we are going to be working on our house to get it ready to put up for sale...
which leads to the garage sale...
I have a lot of stuff I need to PURGE
my garage is busting...
and my kid has too many toys!!!
E'nuff about that
I can't be the only one with SUMMERITIS...
can I???
so I am already making my SUMMER BUCKET LIST!!!
want to go to the beach with my family and stay in a little cute beachy cottage
we are going to Disney... can't wait HOLLA
and I have a pair of MISS ME JEANS...
and my bootay will fit in them before the DISNEY TRIP...
bootay fits right now... but BODay can't sit...
so I guess I should say I want to be comfy in my MISS ME JEANS...

alrighty your turn...

I am not gonna lie 
I know this CURRENTLY is a little bland
BUT I am having a learning curve with my new MAC
it took me forever and a day to try and get graphics on
I mean I can get the graphics on BUT 
gheesh I have to go through so many steps to get to the graphic
is that normal
is there a shortcut
is there a way to select multiple graphics at one time...
wow lots of questions 
and I am still trying to download all of my font.... 
I have many questions
I need to go to the tutorials the geeks that set up my computer told me about...
I loved those geeks so I think I shall go
OK enough about my lack of apple knowledge and geeks

 here it is
simple and sweet

don't forget the rule of 3...
visit 2 ahead of your link and at least one behind you :)

and now LINK UP