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this young man was one of my 3rd graders…

 even in 3rd grade he was taller than me
and in 3rd grade he LOVED basketball
I nick named him

He was and still is the sweetest, most well mannered, humble, 
and dedicated young man I have ever met
I am honored and BLESSED to say that I was his teacher!!!

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thanks so very much

symmetry and art come together

Strangely my kiddos were not getting symmetry…
I don't know why…
I showed videos and referred to the butterfly and all the other tricks I had up my sleeve
so with a Valentine's Day Party on the horizon
AND finishing up our last day of benchmarks… I knew I could squeeze
a little sum-thin sum-thin into our schedule…
their little brains were completely fried
trying to be the numero uno class in benchmark scores
and we were number one in writing and reading YAY
(booo hoo second in Math)
and I knew that starting a new unit
or doing something deep and rigorous was out of the question…
sooooo this is what I came up with…

not all the kiddos are done… 
some perfectionist and some have had to start over several times…
and some started over because I MADE them… your best is expected at all times…
but so far so good
they are soooo proud of this and they really get symmetry now
yee haw
all of our projects will hang in the office for all to see
I'll take a pic when I get them all hung up

okay… that about does it… 
now I have to to do lesson plans…
boo hoo hoo

Monday Made it in February

so excited to join one of my blogging BFFs 
for her fabulous linky parties
love ya TARA

I remember a few years back…
Tara and I were messaging each other 
and we were talking about a linky she should start
and look at it NOW…
good job girlie!!! I am proud to say I knew you when *wink*
I LOVE this linky… I don't always get to link up BUT
I do always…. hop on over and really really enjoy looking at all of the creative teachers 
that link up….

look I have some things I can link up this time…
and it is more than ONE…

 I also made his teacher gifts…

you only need brownie mix
a spatula
and my gift tag!!!

this is an easy peasy and cheap gift!!!
This tag is available in my store… look for this…
click on either pic to go check it out

This pack has tons of various tags… 
tags for teachers, parents, and students
and it is one of my BEST SELLERS… 
number 2 to be exact!!!

 Jeff is one of my FAVES…
he has a new book out and I think it is my fave…
I own all of his books and some I own 2 copies…
one for school and one for home…
that is seriously how much I LOVE him

here is the book…
We read it first for enjoyment… as a reader
and then we read it as a writer…
we look for things we know
similes, metaphors, thought shots, sentence structures, transitions, and lots of other things…
I am going to use the anchor charts as a group activity.
Each of my 5 groups will get their own anchor chart,
and then they will lead the class in the discussion about their mentor sentence.
We have done mentor sentences since the first day of school…
so I have high hopes this will be a huge success!!!
THEY LOVE mentor sentences… it is a very friendly way to teach grammar and other writing!!!

Some of my kiddos are just plain stubborn writers 
I love them BUT they are 
STUB to the BORN 
and they sometimes think whatever they put on paper is going to give them a high score…
during my revising and editing sessions with them I am constantly reminding them of all the 
mini lessons we have covered and if they have included some of those in their writing…
(they haven't… usually)
I am hoping this little checklist will make it easier for them to check…
and refer to
and I KNOW it will be easier for me to remind them.

ok I think that about does it…
I am super excited to link up…

head on over to Tara's to link up too
OR you can hop on over and gawk at all of these super talented creative teachers
that have linked up

THANKS TARA for always hosting a FAB PARTAY!!