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Currently January

It is that time again...
don't think you missed the ball dropping
or that I am going super CRAY
I am posting a day early because
well I can
and the next few days I am going to busy busy busy
so happy new year and
cheers to a grand 2013

and HOLLA...

 I have a sponsor for this MONTH...

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I asked Stephanie to send me pics of some of her favorite items and here is what she sent...

this is her newest creation and is perfect for k-2
 February is Dental Health Month so this will come in handy...
it is appropriate for k-2 and is jammed packed with 63 pages of
Dental Awareness GooDieS
check it out by clicking on the pic

the next 2 items are her top sellers...
so fun and hands-on
 This is great for math stations and is good for k and 1
it is also Common Core aligned
click on the pic to go look at this awesomeness

great for morning routines
jam packed with 100 pictures of various delish lunch choices
this pack will come in handy for those kiddos that need a visual to help decide what they want for lunch
what a great idea
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Now what do you think of THAT???
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and NOW it is time for....

I am listening to this rainy weather... we need it

I am counting all of my blessing as we move into this new year

I am thinking about the PD that I will be giving on the 7th... OH MY WORD and and and it is full... waiting list only FULL... are you kidding me... I am doing a training for the district and I feel honored and SKURD (scared) at the same time
I am also thinking about school BECAUSE I just remembered that I left my cooler there
it was full of ice, milk, ice cream, and whipped cream... I am sure now it is full of water and mold and stink or stench and I am thinking I am just going to throw it AWAY!!!!

thinking about stitches because that is what I have...
hold on and I will count how many...
I think I counted 20 maybe 21 (hope it is 21 b/c I am weird about 3s and 3x7=21)
I get them out on the 3rd :) YAY
this wrist surgery was a little more involved and intrusive than I was anticipating but...
I had a wonderful Dr and Gertrude the Ganglion Cyst is adios (goodbye) and my awesome Dr. knew how concerned I was about scarring and he used plastic surgery sutures... cool!!!

am I writing a novel or what

I need a new couch... got our current denim couch when we moved here 11 years ago,
we have 2 snuggle dogs,
and a rowdy 4 year old...

need to be more organized...
I say that every year so it is a tradition
I probably need to change my need to

and now to my ONE LITTLE WORD...
if you are unfamiliar with OLW please head over to Ali Edward's blog...
that is where I first heard about it years ago
my 2013 OLW is
I  like this word...
more like {puffy} heart LoVe this word
choose encompasses so much
I can choose my words more carefully
I can choose to let go of things that bother me
I can choose to eat right
I can choose to spend more time with my bub and hub
I can choose how to deal with stress, paperwork, and work
I can choose if I want to get up and walk or sit and blog
I can choose to make changes
see it is a great word!!!
you can have it too if you want
but I really encourage you to listen to your heart and soul and pick a word that
a word that will give you guidance to a better YOU for 2013

now it is your turn...

don't forget the RULE OF 3
where you need to go to the 2 links before yours and make a meaningful comment
and then come back and comment on the link after yours...
spread the love and joy

and just because I LOVE Y'ALL
and I wrote a novel
I am letting you know of a new freebie that you can find in my preview file
so you and your kiddos can do CURRENTLY...


bloggers get together, copy and paste, and Drew Brees for Christmas

it was so much fun to meet up with all of my central texas blogger buddies
some drove from Austin and even Eagle Pass 
and we had so much fun...
we talked and laughed and talked and ate and laughed
and talked and laughed and ate and drank
and well did you notice that picture taking was not in that list...
that is right... we all were having so much fun that pics were not really taken...
so i am stealing pics from Jennifer, Reagan, and Katie..OK everybody...
and I think I am the last one to post so I get lots of pics to steal...
BHA HAA HAA... (Ursula laugh)

the only pics I took were these...

1 me and my party lashes and big texas hair... which was limp by dinner... (((insert sad face)))
2 my salad was delish... yummy yummy it is the only semi healthy thing I have had this break (((insert sad face)))
3 the cheat sheet Reagan brought for us... she also made us name tags... (((insert happy face))) this was a BRILLIANT IDEA...thanks Reagan!!!

and now for my stealing of pics
not really stealing because you can't go and CUT out pics so I am copying pics...
ok please hold while I go and copy

the view from one end of the table

 and PASTE
and from the other end

 and PASTE

jen and reagan


katie and lindsay


everyone at the table

reagan's soup bowl compared to jen's soup cup ... see I am not the only one taking pics of their food

reagan and gladys

us outside..not liking myself in this pic... not at all.... posting and taking one for the team...


I like this blurry pic better... see my chins were not invited to this pic... my limpy hair was but not the chins LOL

 Here is a list of all that attended ... add in Rachel from Fisher Reyna Education...


so there it is

all of the pics I could go and COPY /PASTE

it was really really fun
even with limpy hair and
my arm did not smell like stinky feet...
at least I don't think it did...
ask Katie she sat next to me :)
I did get my cast off but still have my stitches...
I did get to wash it with SOAP and water twice
and I put lotion on it too
(not on the stitches)
I would post a pic because I think it is cool but some may think not so much so...

and I couldn't leave without giving you some pics of bub and hub and me me me
from our Christmas adventures
and thanks for being so nice about all of my fam pics on this here teacher blog...
they are after all my first love
and I am always nose-ee about your personal lives so I figured I would just put mine on out there...
PLUS they are so stinkin cute... who wouldn't???
we went to see the lights at Sea World... it was a great time... such a blessing to have my parents so close that they could go too

pretty sure my kid is the only kid that asked for DREW BREES for Christmas...
he wanted the real one BUT Santa brought this one... he still thinks we are going to pick up the real one on our way to Disney

this is my very talented CUZ... Andrea... she makes very pretty yumminess for your neck... I was one lucky girl because she drew my name for Christmas and look what I got... I am trying to convince her to start an ETSY store... right??? don't you think so??? Maybe I can convince her before my 2nd bloggy bday!!!

my little fam on Christmas day at my gma's house... this is a little vintage  fuzzy...what is it with me looking good in fuzzy pics LOL but the chins came UNINVITED... darn chins!!! that does say D A R N and this is on my instagram... if you want to follow me on instagram... look for farleyfarleyfarley and I added a little instagram fun on my sidebar... all of my instagram pics will show up over there------> somewhere 2x3 FUN

OK that is it my friends...
I hope you have a safe, fun, happy and memory filled remaining break!!!


Christmas Eve, sales, and smells like feet

is it really Christmas Eve?
yep it is!!!
 I am still in my pjs and Bub is too
we are being super lazy
Hub is at work BOO
and bub and I miss him
we have only had junk to eat
not because I wanted Bub to eat junk but with my one hand perdicament 
well what I could open or make is what we ate...
there is  a very large ham blocking most of his lunch food items
and the other things he wants require two hands...peanut butter lid too tight
tried to peel a banana...banana moosh mush...no thank you... i could have bub peel the banana but thought of that too late...and only had one banana
the important thing is we ate...right? 
plus we have Christmas Eve dinner tonight
at my MIL's house
so who cares if we had morning/afternoon of junk

typing this is a slight chore too
see i will type my next few lines without correcting
here we go this is going to ee super sterangeif i type this with no mistakes
see a chore
big soft cast and fingers not touching the keys right... ahhhhhh

ok my whole reason for posting today was to tell you....

and I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate you guys!!!!
i love my bloggy world and followers so....
I am throwing a sale at my TpT store... i would do 50% but they only let me do 20% so 20% it is and it only lets me do it for 4 days... so it starts today and runs for 4 days

and since i wanted to do 50% off of something I did this...
I am running a 50% off sale for advertising on my blog for the 
SMALL and MEDIUM ad space... 
you could advertise your blog or your store on my blog... 
go to the advertise page 
look up by the orange mustache 
click on the SMALL or MEDIUM ad and
use promo code: farleyfarleyfarleysmall for the small ad discount and it can be used twice
use promo code: farleyfarleyfarleymedium for the medium ad space and it can be used once
and this one will
expire Jan 3rd 2013

ok so I think that about covers it...
i am going to the one finger typing mode now...
one more thing...
there is a central texas blogger meet-up
the 27th of december at chuy's in san antonio/universal city/live oak/selma
not really sure what city it is technically in but those should cover it...
i am thinking selma and it is
across from the forum shopping center
off of 35
i think it is at 6 i'll be there at 6...hopefully earlier
i get my cast off that day at 4 so
if you do come you might not want to sit on my left side
i have a huge fear of my arm smelling like feet after this cast comes off

ok that covers it!!!
happy everything
hope your christmas is  filled with joyous memories
and remember to get in those pics!!! don't just take them
who cares if you have a double chin
or dark circles
get in the pic....memories people memories!!!


One handed, one finger, & joys

 so I am still in a soft cast
and working with one arm/hand has been wellllllllllllllllllllll
i am typing this with one finger... go me
well i wanted to share some pics with you about the past week...
a lot has happened in ONE week!!!!

before I share
let me thank you for joining me in a moment of silence for Sand Hook
it was overwhelming
continued prayers

 that bump was cray cray
it ended up being something else but
my mom wasn't listening b/c she heard the dr. say the incision was different
and then she kinda lost track...
we have all done that so no matter
go back on the 27th for cast removal
 my neighborhood school had Yellow Santa
we took Bub down to donate some cans of beans and jars of peanut butter
mi mi the lovey had to join us
 so i am pretty sure my hubby ranks in the top 10 of bestest hubs eva
he has been my extra personal assistant
hair, dressing,delivering,and much more
love him
 best party idea eva goes to covington
at covington's corner look her up with one hand linking is impossible
this was so much fun
we had to bring a food from pinterest, a gift from pinterest, and we made a craft off of pinterest
we ALL loved it so much we are doing it again for valentine's day
 went out of town quickly to visit hub's dad and stepmom
for Christmas
had a great time... i fell in love with her tree
it is flocked in GLITTER
they hate it
crossing my fingers I get it!!!!
 THIS WAS the best BEST BEST partay EVA
Kenoyer from Krazy Town...look it up
gave me the idea
the kids loved it... we did NO FOOD
except what i brought them...
icey hot chocolate and whoopie pies
at first they were like....ahhhhhhhhhh SAD FACE
at the idea of no junk food party
BUT at the party they were like YAY
this was the best
 you are the best
they all got lots and lots of things because a lot of kids brought in 2 or 3 things
i had extra bags of candy for those that didn't bring anything
it was a hit...
i know each kiddo got at least 5 pencils

yesterday I got to help with this (look up)
so much fun!!!!


here is the craft we made at the Pinterest Party
we made cookie sheet message boards...
I turned mine into a blurt board
EACH domino represents minutes they can earn for extra recess (one for the ones, 2 for the twos NOT 4)
every time someone blurts
they will go move a domino down to the bottom
they had one blurt  when i took this pic...
it was double zero kinda a warning no minutes lost
AND yes i realize this adds up to a possible 21 EXTRA minutes for Friday recess BUT
i have a few... a lot of chronic blurters so chances are slim
far from none
and i will win a bazillion dollars first
if they ever get all 21 minutes
PLUS it lasts ALL week so I am thinking...
well you know!!!

well that wraps it up

Happy Everything

Silence for Sandy Hook Elementary

This is Farley's mom...
She (Farley) is dictating this post to me via cell phone because of her hand surgery this morning.

What a tragedy...
All teachers around the world are saddened by today's events.
Our hearts are heavy and broken for all of those affected.
I feel helpless...
As a teacher blogger,
I feel that all of us should unite.

Please join me in a day of silence for teacher bloggers on
Sunday, December 16, 2012,
by only posting the picture below on your blog
and titling your post as "Silence for Sandy Hook Elementary" .

Let's show our fellow teachers and the families at Sandy Hook Elementary
our love and support from across the nation and the world during this most difficult time.

"Do your little bit of good where you are;
it's those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world."
                                                                                              - Desmond Tutu


Thank you to Michelle @ 3amteacher for designing the heart for this post.

winners, Gertrude, and desk notes

I have winners...

congrats to my winners...
I have sent the winners notification emails
PLEASE send me your address
I need them

a Rafflecopter giveaway a Rafflecopter giveaway

thanks so much to all of you that entered!!!

what was that... ...... SQUIRREL>>>>>>>>

I have a SUB for tomorrow...
not for a mental holiday
not for a get my Christmas shopping done day
not for anything fun day
it is for Gertrude
Gertrude is my ganglion cyst
just the word is YUCKY YUCK YUCK
and so we now refer to her as Gertrude... much cuter
well she is getting evicted
she has been with me for most of my life...
at least as long as I remember!!!
she has been acting up and is no longer wrapped in a nice cushion of FAT
so she is not only causing pain but some tingling falling asleep
my fingers won't wake up PROBLEMS...
out she comes...
not to mention because I have had her for so long....
she grew fingers... tentacles... branches....
whatever you call them they are now intertwined
and mingling with my wrist bones... FUN!!! *sarcasm*
so that party needs to be broken up!!!
and then we need to mention that Gertrude is bossy...
she has caused a major artery to
UM well how do I put this...
well she has shoved it over and it is not flowing like it should
and do I need to mention the nerve she is now resting on because there is no longer a layer of fat between them...
pressing on a nerve is NOT NICE
at all!!!
Gertrude is a pest now...
I don't like to be pestered...
she is a pain in my wrist!!!

 so she is now an unwelcomed guest and at 7 in the morning will be REMOVED for good
so long Gertrude....SO LONG!!!!

So with my minor wrist surgery and Gertrude removal comes a need for a sub...
don't you hate getting ready for a sub... I loathe it...
absolutely hate getting a sub!!!
but I can't give the  kids a day off
so a sub it is....

I wanted to share something I do before I leave for the day
knowing I have a sub coming the next day...
I leave them notes on their desks.... not all of them but some of them!!!

I make sure they know to show their mamas thank you cards....

I have a personal assistant... don't be jealous... well I wanted to remind this week's assistant to be extra helpful!!!

and even if they don't get a personal note...they do get some love!!!

the kids LOVE this
I try to change it up
it is important to leave these notes on the desks of the kiddos that need a friendly reminder
BUT it is equally important to leave them on the kids that don't need reminders too!!!
AND I know some of you are like
OH MY she wrote on their desks
it will wipe right off ...
dry erase markers and a baby wipe :)

alrighty that about does it!!!
wish me luck I am a little nervous about this procedure!!!
but I know I am in good hands with my bad hand...


2 days in a row, RACK reminder, and another give away

I have two days in a row post posting going on over here...
yep yep
check my temp... am I ok???
yeppers I am ... I have to get all of my reviews in because
I am having a little procedure
next Friday and well
I won't be able to blog
(insert sad face)
for a few days...
will tell you more about that later
I have got some fun things to tell you about
before Bub wakes up... here ya go...
if you didn't see my post yesterday...
please go check it out.. you will NOT be disappointed and
you just might WIN something :)

 ok back to business before Bub gets up...
RACK is officially underway and going strong... If you want to get your hands on these tags... You can they are FREE in my TpT store... FREE I TELL YA...

look for this pic or go to this link.... http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/RACK-Random-Acts-of-Christmas-Kindness

 OK NOW I know if you read my blog you have seen this pic...
 and this one.....

 and then there was this one....
 and this one....
If you didn't see these pics before I will recap for you...
a wonderful company... BARKER CREEK PUBLISHING
contacted me and wanted me to review their DRAW*WRITE*NOW books
and of course I said YES thank you...
(if you want more details... go here and then here)

 WELL we are done with our poems...
they took forever and a day to get done ....BUT that is OK because they
turned our WONDERFULLY
and with the help of Barker Creek and their
DRAW*WRITE*NOW books they are even more FABULOUS...
check these out...
 remember she found this pic
by using the index that shows all of the choices...

I would say she did GREAT...
and her poem is cute too...

 the top poem is by one of my ESL students...
her drawing is adorbs and the poem is cute (ignore the wrong their)
anywho she did AWESOME!!!
and the polar bear one... adorable
remember they had to research their animals first
then make a poem then draw
check out some more...

 turkey and jerky nation and creation... LOL
my girls LOVED drawing different animals and it took them several drafts to be happy with their final art...
I loved how they would choose to draw and write during inside recess or in their free choice time...
it was nice to see they chose art and poetry :)

now my boys on the other hand... tried to out do one another....
and so they would practice drawing and then
would change the perspective and use their knowlede of the lesson to create
something new
or zoomed in

 my FAVE by far is this one...(below)
he is a little boy that LOVES drawing so these books were like precious jewels to him...
he decided to draw a picture that was just an accent in the book...
and since one of the other little boys copied his cardinal (above)... he decided to research a female cardinal because her coloring was different...
the outcome was bee-u-TEE-full

 yeppers my fourthie did this... isn't it magnificent???
I love it :)
his poem is wonky
but it fits his personality and it is just PERFECT in my eyes

 so not only did Barker Creek Publishing send me a copy BUT
they are going to send a set to one of my readers too
YAY for one of you!!!
and all you have to do is....
 Head on over to their website...
and look around.... they've created a wide-variety of wonderful products including books and manipulatives that help children learn essential skills. They also offer posters, punch-out letters,and bulletin board trimmers. 

and then enter here....

a Rafflecopter giveaway

and if you don't win....they have created a special blogger discount code!  With the code “BARKER12,” anyone can receive 20% off the total cost of an order.  This discount can be combined with any other discounts..  That means the Draw Write Now Boxed Set, already a great deal for all eight Draw Write Now books, can be purchased for only $80! Well worth it!!! discount only good through the 31st of Dec.

thanks so much to Barker Creek Publishing
for picking my blog to showcase their DRAW*WRITE* NOW boxed set
my kiddos loved it and still do
and thanks too
for also providing a boxed set for a give away!!!