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So I wanted to just blog...
and vent and share
and well.....

GURLLLLLL... (and occasional BOOY)
I am in one of those years...
yep YEP yep
you know the one...
it is said you only get one of these in your WHOLE career...
I am getting payback for having
last year...
which is also rumored to happen only once in your WHOLE CAREER *tear*
let me say this though... not all of my kiddos are on the naughty list
I do have some on the SWEET and NICE list (bless their hearts)
and there are even a few on the borderline list...
it is all dependent on if the healthy school breakfast was HEALTHY
and the moon is not full
and the weather is not a changing
and all the planets and stars are alligned...
and all vitamins were administered *wink*
you know EXACTLY what I am talking about...
so you get the point...

POINT IS 2 negatives ( behavior and my GRUMPY mood) DO NOT make a positive... it is just a bigger negative and SOOOOOOOO

I decided to look at the good and
APPRECIATE the good!!!
so I took snapshots of the little things that made me HaPPy this week
because that should be celebrated...
FOCUS ON THE JOYS in life!!!!

so here we go...
of course my BUB is NUMBER one and I realized I didn't take a pic of HUBS so HULK will be our stand in... hubs is a hulk... or maybe a hunk...anyways today the HUBS is being played by the HULK love my BOYS

what... look what one of my little girls had on... she loves me AND it is GLITTER... and one of my teacher friends... HI HOLBROOK... gave me a sock monkey tumbler... just because... LOVE IT!!!! and our elf is named GUMBO and he is a hoot and the JOY on Bub's face when he sees it is priceless

I love giving Bub dinner in a muffin tin and HE LOVES it even more... NO he doesn't eat it all... he has to try at least two bites from each... on the menu tonight... yogurt with MnM sprinkles, blueberries, bananas, cashews, spaghetti Os, cheese its, and half of a sandwich...  he ate all of his yogurt, blueberries, bananas, most of his cashews and spaghetti Os, and two bites of sandwich and cheese its... my kid is the PICKIEST eater ever so getting him to eat at all is a struggle so this is a great alternative to the NORMAL plate... and FUN!!! and yes there are 2 spoons and a fork.. that is how we roll

our family pics really capture US... LOVE them... they make me smile when I look at them... wonder if I can make wall paper out of them... can I wall paper my classroom... HMMMM????

they love me... well at least this one does!!!!

So here is my challenge to you...
yes I have a challenge...
we all have times where the paperwork, grading, balance, emails, planning, redirecting, reteaching, testing, demands, concerns, notes, documentation, blah, blah, blah , blah, yadda yadda BLAH... gets us in a grumpy face mood... it is overwhelming.. we have all been there.. or are THERE... sooooooo
whenever you are in the Grumpy Face mood... pull out your camera
and shoot things that make you smile!!!
and then BLOG about them!!!
it will make you happy
it will
what should we call this...
 (((thinking cap on and thinking)))

and when you do it...
if you do...
I hope you do!!!!

everyone will be reminded to find the JOY in their life
and then someone else will do it
and then the JOY will be passed on
and then it will spread to someone else
kinda like PAY IT FORWARD...

PLUS  we will get a little PEEP into your JOY!!!
share your JOY
make others smile...
I have a name...

(duh it's my title)
use it as your title so others know...

so if you are feeling like you might be in a Grumpy Face mood
start taking pictures of your JOY....
blog about your JOY

share your JOY
and spread the JOY!!!

I am not making this a linky because I think this needs to be spontaneous and fluid....
when the mood strikes...
and even if you are not Grumpy-licious... you can still spread some Joy!!!


Thanksgiving, Santa, & HELP with SQUIRRELS

I am sitting here needing to do my lesson plans
BUT I am not
and really I am suppose to be writing the ELA plans for the next four weeks...
not that I AM NOT gonna do it
just not right now :)
I wanted to share with you a few things...
a few things in a VERY LONG
and in Farley fashion it will come in

SQUIRREL ONE*********** Thanksgiving

I LOVE Thanksgiving
it is my favoritest...really it is!!!
I love getting together with my family like we always do
at my grandparent's house!!!
the food is DELISH
the fun is memory making
and the FAMILY is FOREVER!!!
here are a few pics to show you how we roll...
food out on the counter

I was in charge of this... LOL and there is no recipe... HA HA it is just a lot of this (butter) and more of that (cream cheese) and cups of this (half and half and whipping cream and sugar) and dash and pinches of that (salt and peeper)  so good BUT OH SO BAD!!!!

my grandpa gets the first plate and his smile is a little naughty...not sure why... not his normal grin...LOL

my little family... in the kids' room

my cutie nephew

other end of the counter and more on the other counters too

my grandparents who are full of life, lessons, and LOVE

bub... of course

since the littles came along we go outside after the FEAST...they run around we watch

hubs took this pic and LOVES it... told me I had to share it... I am... I think I am in deep thought... how many miles do I need to walk to equal the calories I just inhaled.... my guess 1,033 miles

my MIL came to Thanksgiving with us this year... Nana to Bub

my mom with her grandbabies... Mia to bub

my Aunt and her family (she teaches Middle school MATH) BLESS HER HEART

my grandparents and their daughters... my uncle is missing... he lives in Georgia and is SUPER UBER BUSY he runs like some really important plant and I guess they need him there!!!

my parents... THO CUTE

my parents' kids... my little brother Josh (Rooney to me)

my parents' offspring and  family

my grandparents' big family minus my uncle's family :( seriously this was like take number 30 and we still are not perfect

the grandkids and great grandkids (minus 2 in Georgia)
So that is how we roll at Thanksgiving and we ALWAYS have the family pics...
mom makes us
and it always takes like 15 shots per to get a good one... LOL
thankful for family traditions
sad to see Thanksgiving come and go so quickly
I wish it were like a 3 day feast like the real Pilgrims but then I would need to run like 3,099 miles
so maybe not
and I am right it was like 3 days of feasting right?
maybe not but 3 is my fave number so I will go with that...
but I think I am right... someone tell me
and after Thanksgiving...

SQUIRREL TWO.... Christmas

We always go to Bass Pro Shop to get pics with Santa...
we are redneck like that
NOT really
their Santa display is MAGICAL
and creepy all at the same time
magical because
ONE the picture is FREE
did you see that FREE
not like $18 for some itty bitty pic
and it is magical because Santa looks real
bowl full of jelly tummy and all and a real beard
although this year ours wasn't as white as this perfectionist would have liked...
BUT that is OK...
I think that job is probably one of the most stressful jobs around...
think about it... you are pretending to be Santa
that in itself is stressing and then you have hundreds of kids sitting on your lap
and because obesity of the youth is on the rise (because of teachers RIGHT??? *WINK*)
... it could be painful at times
and they could be sick...
runny noses, coughs, and sneezes
and you have a beard that I am sure is a GERM TRAP
double YUCK
and then they tell you all the stuff they want
and if it was like my kid the list was long...
but I do have to say he included some wishes for some friends (awwwwwww)
and then you have to SMILE for the FREE PIC
HOLLA for a free pic
ok that job is hard!!! thanks goodness it is seasonal
and back to the magic...
Bass Pro Shop has all these toys in their workshop that the kiddos could play with... FOR FREE
and I know it is for the hopes that you are going to buy the $249.99 race track... ah yeah right!!!
H to the ELL NO!!!
but Bub did enjoy playing with all the games and toys...
and our Bass Pro Shop has a beautiful Merry go Round... FREE too
and just to prove this is not a paid sponsorship... let me tell you why it is creepy
if you look around the workshop...
you'll notice all of these cute little critters...
like a raccoon, a bunny, even reindeer
all hidden amongst the glittery sparkly snow
and you think oh how cute are those and then ...
it hits you
they are STUFFED
and then it just gets a little creepy...
the glitter helps
but then think...
Santa's Workshop is surrounded by dead glittery animals...
BUT that is what I get for going to the Bass Pro Shop for Santa pics
and well there is glitter...
but as you can tell the Magic out weighs the creep so bring it on...
he was so excited... OH and you are allowed to take pics too... Santa poses for the store's camera and then he will pose for yours too!!! YAY... mine is a little blurry

Bub is talking to Santa... he wouldn't look at him... he was shy for some reason

playing with the off road remote controlled trucks

think he likes it

Hubs likes it too

YAY this is fun

I made him pose for this... NOT HAPPY

Merry Go Round... trip number 1


Trip number 3

and trip number four and final time

playing with the trains

and playing with the 249.99 race track

sharing with his cousin Raeleigh
 and I realize some of you might be a little jealous
of this great place
but to squash your little tinge of green
remember the DEAD ANIMALS...
that should do it!!!
on to NUMBER 3


Yes I am throwing a sale and I am sure you have heard about it...
all over Blogland there is a quiet HUSH before the storm of Cyber Monday...
I really wish it could have started today...
HELLO I am back at school tomorrow... YUCKITY YUCK YUCK
and I would have spent all day today... shopping from my couch...
and then tomorrow I would talk to all my buddies and get a new list of things to buy and
SHOP again...
BUT I am not in charge and so my WISHLIST grows...
and I want to share with you what is on my wishlist...

I love me some RUNDE... so of course I have some of her things on my wishlist!!!
Here is the one I am adding to my cart tomorrow...
click on pic to add to your wishlist

 My kiddos always need extra help in multiplication facts soooooooo
I am always on the look out for multiplication games... and this one looks like FUN plus it has 15 games

click here to head on over

 and a lot of Ashleigh's things are on my wishlist...
here are a couple...

and well that about covers it!!! I think!!!
is your wishlist full... I have like 333 items in my cart...
OK not really BUT i do have like 33 LOL
I might have to buy some today to help me get my plans in gear...

I enjoyed my time off and got some of my to do list done... one was this...

OH NO SQUIRREL FOUR.... last one promise

 I got our FAB family pics in the mail from my good friend Nicole
and she captured my family perfectly...
if you are a central Texas peep... check her out...
she does great work...
here is her facebook page

anyways... I always LOVe making our Christmas Cards and this year...
I knew what I had to have on it...
YEPPERS you guessed it...
we are stuck on which one we like most...
they are all the same in design BUT different in PICTURE choices...
so I am asking my bloggy friends to help
leave your opinion in the comments

PIC NUMBER ONE... hubs fave

PIC NUMBER TWO... Bub's fave

PIC NUMBER THREE... the doggies' fave

PIC NUMBER FOUR... my fave
I don't know I kinda like them all!!!
and maybe I'll just print all of them and randomly stuff them into envelopes
ok HELP.....

thanks so much for making through this super long post... and
I am so glad you made it through...
I am sure it is long because I don't want to work on yucky stuff... like grading papers
and well that is stinky
blogging is fun
BUT I think I am at the end of my stuff to share so...
I am tho thad that I have to now go and work on my work stuff *tear*


CYBER SALE, TOP 3, & more to look at

SOOOOO CYBER MONDAY is fast approaching...
and I am putting all of my stuff on sale!!!

thanks so much to my FRIEND Michelle over at The 3am teacher for making this cute button!!!!
I wanted to share with you some of the goodies I have in my store that you might like :)
Just a few...
since my favorite number is THREE I am going to show you my TOP 3
Three isn't  too much
plus they are my FAVES
here we go

 Number 3
 here is the link  http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Currently-for-Your-Classroom

 My Kiddos love these things and we keep them in our Poetry Folders... It is so much fun to look back at things we were wanting and needing through the months :)
This is a goodie for all grade levels... it comes in 3 different printing options...
one for ... I can print in a little bit of CoLoR and have my kiddos color the rest
one for... we have no money to print in color or I want my kiddos to decorate it
I personally let my kids decorate their own and it is SUPER UBER delicious!!!!

Number 2
 here is the link for this...    http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Writing-Leads-hooks-posters-labels-examples-activities-and-editable

I spent the majority of my summer working on this...
and I LOVE IT!!!
my kids use it a ton for referencing and they love figuring out what type of lead their library books have...
I would say this is geared towards classrooms that WRITE
3rd and up 
here are all the goodies....

  lots of goodies in this one... SEE?

Number THREE

here it is.... BRAND NEW
it is its DEBUT
on my blog...
my other HoLiDaY themed math packs get lots of love
here is a Christmas one...

 here is the link just in case.... http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Christmas-Math-Pack-for-Older-Kids

This is the biggest "Holiday Math Pack" I have made yet... my kiddos LOVE doing this type of review and practice.

Well chickadees and occasional chickadudes... it is getting late
and I still need to sugar spice the ham, cheese up the cream corn, and pack up the fire-cracker crackers...
Happy Thanksgiving to you all
remember to use the code when you go shopping and
there is MORE to look at...
more to look at
yep yep
here is a list of other lover-lees throwing a sale too...
check them out...
 is there a limit on how much you can put on your wish-list?