Tho Sweet, Communication, & THANKS

OK so Kristen from

and I were talking and she said
my guest post that I wrote
I think during the summer
gets so much traffic
that she felt guilty
and wanted me to post it on my blog....
I mean who does that?
SOOOOO after all of the ****** below
is the GUEST BLOG I wrote for her a LONG LONG
time ago
and THANKS SO SO SO THO much to
Kristen for being SUPER
kind hearted and wanting me to have the traffic it stirs up from pinterest
I can't believe it!!!
Little Ole me on the LADYBUG'S BLOG!!!
be still my heart!!!

breathe in

breathe out

Hey I am Farley
and I am coming to you from....

Ok so I am suppose to share my favorite printable...right?
So here it goes....

A Parent Communication Kit...

1st ~ you have 2 choices for a cover...YAY

2nd ~ I am sending these Getting To Know You papers home on the first day to find out a little more about my kiddos!!! I am interested in seeing what some of the answers might be. (copy front to back to save the trees)

3rd ~ this is a log to keep track of all the times you communicate with your parents. You will need to save trees sooooo copy it front to back!!! The trees thank you!!! You will have one of these sheets for each kid. In the HOW section put how you talked to them.... phone, note, or face to face. CYB people.... cover your booty!!! and write detailed notes and be specific on who you talk with!!!

4th ~ This is a Master List for you to have a quick reference to your kiddos contact info.

SO there you have it!!!
& I hope you like it or
love it or even better...
{puffy} heart LOVE it!!!!
and because I {puffy} heart YOU...
I will have it FREE for a limited time... so go grab yours now!!! 

*****note the time has run out and it is NO LONGER FREE... BUT
because this is the MOST PINNED post on my blog I created a FREE sampling (is that a word) of this kit... and if you are interested in downloading a FREE SAMPLING please CLICK HERE*****

be sure to look around because I have other themes too :)
this one is called the original
but I have
coffee break
chic geek
chevron :)

okie dokie artichokie
that about does it!!!
to the ONE & ONLY
Ladybug's Teacher Files
for inviting me to guest blog
I am still giddy!!!

wasn't that super nice of Kristen???

and just in case you find my Parent Communication Kit too upper level...
I saw recently that KindergartenWorks has one that is similar
but works better for littles
head over there if you would like
and tell them Farley sent you :)

also wanted to say THANKS so very much to all of you guys who join up every month for the Currently... I read every single one
but it is super time consuming to comment on all of them because of the word recognition spam thingy...
so please know that if I don't comment on yours
I randomly go through each row and pick 2 or 3 to comment on...
that is what works and I hope that is ok???
and hope you have a BLESSED EASTER!!!



  1. I loooove this printable! I found it on Pinterest a while back and already have it copied and ready to go for next year :) I am so happy to know it came from you!

    Thanks so much and have a wonderful Easter weekend! I'm off to like your store :)

    3rd Grade Thoughts

  2. I downloaded this over the summer and love it. Thanks so much!

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  3. these are great! I found some things/questions I want to add to my questionnaire for next year - thanks girl!

    ♥ Jen
    The Teacher's Cauldron

  4. I love your Currentlys. They should never stop.
    I totally remember this post. Totally. Really.
    A Teeny Tiny Teacher

  5. TAG! I tagged you in the interview game. If you find this comment in your line of a bajillion, I'd love it if you'd participate. I love your blog!

    Tales from Outside the Classroom TAG

  6. Thank you for this freebie! I've "liked" your store for a while...or should I say {puffy} hearted it...they should consider adding that feature.

    For real.


    Fun in Room 4B

  7. Wow! I followed the pinterest link thinking it was just for the worksheet to send home about info from parents and found a ton of other great stuff!! Thank you! I'm going to repost this to my blog as well. Love it!!


  8. So sad that I missed your parent communication kit. Is there anywhere that I can buy it, besides the sample one? Love your stuff!
    1st Grade teacher

  9. Sorry ...I am having issues with my TeacherPayTeacher account.It will not allow me to login to access those items. Thank you

  10. These ideas are great! Thank you!

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