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Tara, Ticonderoga, and Team

Ok so I did it.. I folded and took pics

I am linking up to Tara's FAB linky party!!!
you should too because you can win a LUNCH BAG from 31!!!!
how cool is that???

I really wanted my NEW and cute FARLEY
31 tote
Kari still has it
SOOOOOOO bring on my vintage Farley 31
which I LOVE
and here is my lunch....

salad and very big turkey sandwich
and a cutie
did you know cuties are for kids?
I stole it from my kid (((WINK)))
too much food....
so I threw the half eaten stuff away
(germ freak)
and sealed up the rest for manana (that means tomorrow)

here are my lunch buddies' lunches too!!!
Monkey (that's what I call her) had already eaten her Lean Cuisine.... YUMM!!!
and Itty Bitty (another nickname) had her lunch catered by Olive Garden...
her mama and baby girl visit once a week and her AWESOME MAMA
brought her OLIVE GARDEN

here are my lunch details...
we eat at 12:05
we pick up the kids at 12:35
ok 12:37
 we head out to recess right after lunch for about 15 minutes
I enjoy my lunch time
because it overlaps with my 3rd grade buddies  for about 10-15 minutes and then
it overlaps with my 5th grade buddies for another 10-15 minutes
Lunch is always a HOOT and a great time to unwind and share great stories!!!

I wanted to share with you what I got in the mail today!!!!
it was like getting a BIRCHBOX
but for teachers!!!
really it was that fantastic!!!
can you see why I was soooooooo excited???
what teacher would not like to get this in the mail???
and I got a 30 pack of Ticonderoga PENCILS
this is SOOOOOOOO cool...
I can't wait to show my kiddos
this really neat guide to how a pencil is made...
SOOOO neat!!!
There were some other goodies in there too like
LYRA groove slim colored pencils (picture on my FACEBOOK PAGE)... they are super neat
because they have polka dot grip zones to help grip them correctly

I just wanted to say THANKS to Brittany at Dixon Ticonderoga for sending me this AWESOME PACKAGE...and just in time for NATIONAL PENCIL DAY MANANA!!!



MARCH 30TH!!!!

go out and buy some pencils to celebrate!!!!

Ticonderoga...if you're cool like that!!!

Remember I told you a few posts ago
that I LOVE Becky from
Dots n Spots

well today I loved her all over again!!!!
we used her math wall poster set 1 and 2...
these are fabulous math vocab posters!!!!

I wanted to make a lapbook/mini office of sorts for
all of the Math Vocab we need to know for the next round of testing
so I shrank Becky's word wall posters down and
my kids have their own personal math word wall
each color represents a different section for EASY referral purposes
like the hot pink was the  Geometry section
and the purple was Algebraic Thinking
and orange was Numbers and Operations
and so on!!!
these posters (now mini posters) have great definitions and great pics....LUV THEM!!!!
I am sooooooo happy with the way it turned out
and the kids loved them too
I am going to get them laminated for durability and YAY we are going to use use use use these ALL the time!!! ALL THE TIME!!!

thanks BECKY!!!

*******************************wrap up*****************************************
referring to yesterday's things I told you I would write about....
1. disinfecting was done but infectious disease was not infectious and not so much a disease...
overreaction MAYBE... but we had a nice review of washing hands and how you DO NOT share germs.... insert poster....

I kinda get a little CRAY CRAY when my kiddos get sick!!!

ok and then I have the second thing...
yesterday I went to PE with my kiddos and played a
dodge ball like game
it involved scooter boards, a variety of balls, a bowling pin
2 teams
a basketball court
two hula hoops in the middle of the court...
OBJECT get your bowling pin 
that is balanced on your scooter board to your designated hula hoop
BUT your pin canNOT fall off or you have to go to the end of the line
all the while you are trying to scoot your board with a balanced bowling pin the other team also with scooters and pins are throwing balls to try to knock your pins off
and the catch you have to do this on your knees.....
move your scooter board, throw balls, and score
needless to say I am unable to walk normally today
BUT I did only get out once yesterday!!!!
ONCE HA HA I was the queen of DODGE BALL PIN DERBY!!!!
I mean... it was FUN!!!


HOLLA, jeans, and lunch

state testing
ahhhhhhhhhhhhh I hear angels singing...
I can't talk about it
really I CANNOT
so don't ask
(fingers in ears singing LA LA LA LA LA LA)
 all I know is the first round is OVER and
I am a HAPPY GIRL!!!!
wait for it...
wait for it...
I get to wear JEANS tomorrow!!!
ACTUALLY I got to wear them all week!!!
double HOLLA
don't tell BUT I had FLIP FLOPS on today!!!

Just wanted to write a quick post to say YAY and HOLLA
to tell you about a LINKY Party
that I am going to join...
my friend Tara is hosting a FAB
it is FAB-U-LOUS I tell you
and I want to join it...
my friend Kari sells 31 and she needed my lunch bag for a PARTY
and I have NOT gotten it back yet
so I am using my back up bags
they are soooooooo
so not Farley-licious
well one is BUT it is OLD and
I will be linking up
but not tonight
BUT if push comes to shove show
I will post by the weekend
whatever bag I have at the time
pinky promise!!!

If you haven't  linked DO IT!!!

oh and be on the lookout for future posts about...
contagious diseases and the proper disinfecting techniques
how to lose wt by joining your class at PE...I ROCKED
my Farley-licious lunch bag and lunch!!!


bunnies, mice, and birds

I wanted to share some quick
and EASY and
ways to encourage your kiddos
on the upcoming state tests
(just the thought of a state test gives me liver pain... really it does...
I have stress induced liver pain... OUCH)
anywho I wanted my kiddos to know how much I believe in them
I came up with these goodies
and thought you guys might want to do these too

snack sized baggie and one bunny peep
gave these to them Friday before they went home
 they LUVD them
like {puffy} heart love

yep another cute paperclip
got them from Hob Lob
will give this to them on Monday...
test is Tuesday and Wednesday

little egg and a strip of encouragement
thought of putting in a REAL PEEP

no room
they will get this before they leave on Monday

so there you have it...
3 little things
so easy too
all materials were bought at TARGET
see now you have an excuse to head off to TARGET
a teacher's BFF


 just finished reading this to my class...
it took a while because it is a little high for 4th
I had to stop and explain a lot
for me I enjoyed it!!!
lots of mice and royalty
and funny point of views
I laughed while my kids gave me the what look
overall great funny book!!!

did a little review of lines and angles
they did great

sorry for the blurry pic
took pics with cell phone
you get the point...right?

this is how I left my table
stacks of papers to be graded
my fave teacher book... 10 things by Jeff Anderson
TELPAS booklet (put it in a locked closet before I left... can't risk losing that)
my to do list almost all checked off... HOLLA
ticket jar, bug house, and stamps
everyday I'm shuffling
cue dancing hamsters

and this is how I left my desk
not too bad but still
a shuffling

why in such a hurry?
to leave on a Friday?
had to grab some
me time at Chuys
with my girls!!!!

**************************************last time***********************************

just wanted to share a website with you before I leave you on  this LuVeRLy Saturday

it is BEEUUUTEEFULL here in my neck of the woods
cue Al Rocker

my kids are obsessed with this website... it is

this website has live animal cams
that are stationed all over the states and other countries too
my class enjoys watching the birds
especially the hummingbird (Phoebe), the owls, the bald eagle, and the wood duck

we are currently obsessed and watching 2 birds and their eggs hatching any day now...
the wood duck who has a clutch of 18 eggs that are due to hatch NOW
and the Decorah Bald Eagle who has 3 eggs in a 6 ft wide nest high in the sky!!!

I keep this site on during the day and we LOVE watching it!!!
Each cam site will give you an estimated hatch day and we LOVE it!!!
NOT TO MENTION it gives you an up close and personal perspective of the different nesting, incubation, learned traits, inherited traits, and mothering / fathering duties..... it is AWESOME!!!
we learned Pheobe's eggs are the size of tic tacs
I gave each kid 2 tic tacs (she had 2 eggs)  and they were just amazed
her nest is the size of a golf ball... and built in a rose bush... so COOL!!!

this is probably my favorite thing too!!!
I love having this on throughout the day...
a BUNCH of us in my hallway have this on
and we each have our favorites

I keep the sound on... BUT it does break in with commercials... so you might have to mute it!!
when hatch day gets REALLY close you want the sound on b/c you can hear chirps when they are about to pip through...
hope you go an try it out!!!

well I think that is IT!!!
go check out my birds...  I am sure you will fall in love too!!!



So I posted a question last night on my FB page
and it asked if your state test has a cute name like mine...
My state test is the STAAR...
I love stars...
so sparkly and shiny and
super cute... BUT I do not feel the same way
about the STAAR!!!
it is STERILE, secretive, and SCARY
the cute name is so misleading....

The winning name goes to Virginia...
Chrissie told me their name was
are you ready for this...
I laughed out loud....
and hubs asked
what I was laughing at
he thought it was pretty funny too
what were they thinking
there are 2 choices here...
1- the peeps in charge of naming the test have a great sense of humor
2- the peeps in charge of naming the test are CLUELESS...
I am thinking
well I hope it is number 1
but am afraid it might be 2
thanks to the more than 40 of you guys that wrote in... it was fun to see all of the names!!!
SOL... still laughing about that one
I am in serious need of
revisiting my
(OLW post here)

my word if you don't remember is
I am easily grumbled these days...
and add in a little STAAR dust and well
have I mentioned I am allergic to STAAR DUST?
my poor little school needs some shining...

I need to shine my attitude
it is NOT good for me, my friends, my family, my school, and ME AGAIN!!!
I need an attitude adjustment FO SHO!!!

have you been living up to your OLW?


speaking of allergies...
San Antonio is ranked the
#9 worst allergy city

we are taking that STAAR next week...
could it be...
jus sayn


I am excited about tonight...
my hubs was super sweet and bought us hockey tickets
something about hockey players gets me ALL HAPPY
but I really like the FIGHTS...
I know so caveman of me
but I do
well I turned down my ticket and gave it to my
NO I don't usually call him Daddy
it just fit better than Dad
who loves hockey more than ME
my DAD!!!
so the 3 BOYS I LOVE the most are at a hockey game right now
and I am sitting at home
already in my PJs
with my girls...
Merriweather and Dori
(my dawgs)
what do I love more than hockey
a QUIET NIGHT in my PJs!!!

yep that STAAR DUST is
stirring up...
better go drink take something for that


cute elephant, wedding, and a ladybug party

I am joining Ladybug's Linky Party about anchor charts!!!
I am excited to see other upper grade anchor charts...
I am so excited to join this because a few weeks ago
I made new anchor charts for writing...
and now I get to SHOW THEM OFF...
TOOT TOOT... that was me tooting my own horn

my AAAWWUUBBISS... make it sound like a train horn...
I use this acronym for subordinating conjunctions that introduce clauses

I drew clowns on the FIRST AAAWWUBBISS chart
to remind my students of this activity...
this isn't really an anchor chart it is the poster I used in the hallway
the kiddos had to write a sentence using
If my life were a circus act,....
some of them were HILARIOUS!!! sorry no pics of that!!!
and I just noticed I missed the last S (so) I guess I was too focused on the cute elephant :)
FANBOYS... another acronym to help remember the subordinating conjunctions...
they combine two sentences together!!!

what we call our silent reading time... a mouthful YES
BUT it gets the point across and covers EVERYTHING needed!!!

I think I showed this one before.. I know I did on my FB page...
these are ways to keep your reader HOOKED when you write!!!
and I have a VERY meticulous student coloring this and see it is still NOT done
and it has been I think 2 weeks...
ignore the piece of paper sitting on it... she uses this so she doesn't smudge!!!
gotta love her... can you believe she does this during any spare minute she might have... even recess

this is how we solve our word problems
sorry it is so blurry I used my camera phone

this is my giant anchor chart for working your way through a word problem

AHHHHH it is the cute elephant again!!!

 **************************** squirrel moment***********************************

remember I had that wedding on St. Patrick's Day?
it was amazing...
it was so wonderfully rustic
and so unique and it fit the couple PERFECTLY...
sorry I don't have any really good pics...
give me a sec and I'll go steal some off of FB

the ceremony was done in French and English

 the wedding was in Wimberley, Texas
and the weather was WONDERFUL
 ignore the BIG hand

that is my pic above...
the wedding was so nice
we got homemade jam as our gift... so SWEET
literally HA HA
and the cakes YUMMY YUMMY
so perfect and so LOVELY!!!

this is my pic... we had to go over this water road....
going into the ranch and heading out of the ranch
I was SCARED...

and just in case you wanted to know what I wore to the wedding on St. Patrick's Day
I decided against green and went with a grey retro inspired dress....
OH and my PARTY LASHES (fake lashes)

**************************** squirrel********************************************

Ok I know I went off topic...
but I wouldn't be Farley if I didn't and I knew some of my
(no names (teeny))
wanted to know what I wore...

and back to the real reason of this post...
head on over to Ladybug to link up your FAB
anchor charts...
click on this long link...
because I can't get blogger to

and for you lower grade peeps
her friend Mrs. M is having one too
just for you  little guys
so being the NICE Farley
I have that link too!!!

ok that is it


Eunice, Froggy Dollars, Green, Cray Kray

Yahoo wasn't letting me upload
it was FRIDAY...
SB is almost over
I didn't get ALL my stuff checked off my SB list
I was having my own personal PITTY PARTY
I was fixing to hang up decorations and send out invites
and it was only like 8:30 in the morning I was still in my PJs
and then my doorbell rang and rang and rang
and knock knock knock
I mean who does this... my dad...maybe
my mom.... yes but I usually get a 5 minute warning before they come over
I snuck a looky lou and it was my MAILMAN
really? bubs was sleeping in late and I really didn't want my silent morning to be over
what was he delivering?
a prize check worth a bajillion dollars
what was the urgency???
I waited and he left and then I opened the door
and saw a small package!!!
Instantly my Pitty Party was packed away
YAY my stamps were here!!!
Perfect timing too!!!
I ripped open the box to see....

I pulled them out and
here is what I got....

Green Owl - WHO did AWESOME???  YOU DID!!! Get this awesomeness signed and returned!!!
Pink Crown... you can read that one right?
Blue Plane... on the plane it says... REDO COMING THROUGH correct, sign, & return by ______
Purple Bird - BEHAVIOR NOTICE please ask me about my day, because I moved my clip

I can't even pick a favorite!!! If you see something you like...
head on over to
and tell Eunice FARLEY sent you...
they are soooooo easy to work with and the stamps are AH-MAZING...
they are bright, detailed, pre inked, and super easy to use... not like those flippy cha chunk ones!!!

*******************************different topic************************************
I have a wedding tonight
do I wear green?
not sure
wedding is not done in greens
more teals and rustic
I am debating
green no green
*******************************different topic************************************
shhhhh don't tell anyone
I am in the WORKS finally
to get a complete BLOG MAKEOVER
don't get me wrong... I LOVE this design BUT
I have been drooling over some other blogs and
well I want this blog to be more ME
and well I don't want to give too much detail

*********************************different topic***********************************
There is an upper elementary link up for
3, 4, & 5
over at

and be sure you follow the directions
because you could get kicked out (like me the first time) if you don't
that Lorraine is a stickler for the rules.
I think I am ok this time...
blog about it.... check
use frog pic.... check
use this URL... check
link back to FFGF.... click on pic.... check
send a million froggy dollars for forgiveness because I didn't read / understand / I need intervention with  the directions the first time... yep in the mail
fingers crossed this is OK now
it is a GREAT idea and I would LOVE to be on the list.... sorry I messed up the first time...
you would think I would know how to link up to a linky party...

******************************* ***different topic**********************************
my mentor and great friend...
not sure she wants her real name OUT THERE in blog land yet
has started a blog
I wanted you guys to go check it out...
she is AH-MAZING
and is our TAG teacher
SK just wrote a sweet little post about me and so you can read that too
plus she is one of the BESTEST teachers I KNOW and is a complete GENIUS 
not to be confused with Guinness on this great St. Patrick's Day
her blog is called
Krazy Town
Oh and by the way I stole the phrase Cray Cray from her...
but she might say Kray Kray
see GENIUS!!!!
go follow her... you won't be sorry
but finish reading this first... almost done
pinky promise or froggy dollars LOL
you pick
***********************************different topic**********************************
I have to go get ready...
my awesome hubs is out buying my party lashes (fake lashes)
he is awesome... he was going to CVS anyway so
why not... the cashier might look at him a little funny
here is my list for him
big party lashes a few choices just in case
whitening toothpaste
pink big girlie razors
and girlie deoderant
and his list is
well I don't remember...
gotta love my hubs

I think that is it see... not too bad
now I have to go
get all girlied up
and debate green or no green
green or no green


recap, 99.9%, & SWAG

Ok YESTERDAY was sooooo much fun
which might mean the day before yesterday by the time I get this posted!!!

I told Reagan TODAY... which will mean yesterday to you today
are you following...


I told Reagan I was going to go home and BLOG right away after our meet-up
and I didn't I was soooooo tired...
because it was soooooo fun...

and then I went to bed
and then this morning
which will be yesterday to you
I had a plumber come over, picked paint... lots of paint for a project, picked plants for porch and bub to plant, got four new tires, had rings inspected b/c I have to for some reason the jeweler tells ME to so I do.. and I had a few loose stones so that got fixed, then we had an impromptu dinner with my parents, and then I came home and checked my blogroll... and saw the Seuss Cray Cray of 2012 and got SCARED so I panicked
 and removed things that I thought needed to be removed
if I had things that should be removed
(don't want Seuss Cops thinking I had things)
maybe I did and maybe those things are gone now
and then I contacted Pinterest
and begged for them to help me remove the evidence of what I might have had..
and then I began this blog...heart racing and ALL... OH MY WORD...  no clue what I am talking about... head on over to the 3AM Teacher

GO NOW and look BUT come back.. I have a recap to tell you about
YOU BACK? okay
and now that leads to the RECAP of the Central Texas Blog Meet up


it was AH-SOME
I am stealing Reagan’s pic from her blog because she labeled everybody and I am well
being LAY to the Z
and Reagan’s pic is THO CUTE!!!

Here is the RECAP…
these are pretty much in order BUT may not be and really if they are out of order
99.9% (I did the math really I did)
so 99.9% of you don't know if it is or not... so for the sake of
recapping purposes please pretend these ARE IN ORDER...
and here we go

  • Farley, Reagan, and Swersty talk and talk
  • humus anyone?
  • drinks
  • Barbara "Baby" shows... THO FUN
  • where we all live
  • districts we teach in
  • unions... maybe this was later
  • Kristina and Becca shows FAB HAIR
  • Reagan and Swertsy move chairs
  • Farley way jealous over Becca's hair
  • lava nails
  • otter boxes
  • dedication to hair stylist
  • still jealous of purple streak in hair... STILL
  • Jennifer shows.... THO CUTE
  • cute hat
  • SXSW (Central Texas Thang...it's OK y'all there is google for you thinking WTHeck)
  • traffic craziness
  • Saint Joseph is given to Reagan
  • Baby gives Farley a gift... LUV IT!!!
  • talk about colleges
  • Patti shows... hey I know her :)
  • menus and drinks
  • order food
  • Jessica shows... Glitzy FO SHO... adorable
  • lack of napkins and well utensils too
  • rude waitress...manners manners manners = tips tips tips... WOWZERS
  • selling houses... moving to where states have seasons
  • U of O... quack quack
  • team spirit and lack of
  • drinking
  • take group pic...thanks BYH Rachel :)
  • admin the good the bad and the ugly and maybe the really ugly that are bad too
  • room layouts
  • exit signs, fire extinguishers, bathrooms
  • Farley's cookies are really good and big
  • new schools vs old ones
  • last day of school
  • last week of babysitting
  • dress codes
  • flip flops, sweat pants, and jeans
  • BYH
  • door prizes
  • st. patty soap...smelling
  • scarf giving
  • breakfast in the classroom... WHAT? WHAT?
  • baggies of breakfast in the room... jaws open
  • start imes
  • teacher parking woes
  • Farley is usually one minute late
  • Perry
  • pay bill
  • Pinterest
  • STILL JEALOUS over hair.. GOSH
  • parents dress...
  • video games
  • field days
  • fire alarms being pulled
  • toilet fairy
  • punching as a last week tactic (hole punching cards that can be cashed in for BIG carnival prizes...will blog about it later)
  • potty training
  • getting late... start packing up and start leaving!!!  THO SAD
  • I get a couple of boxes of GOODIES from Jennifer... even some REALLY NICE sunglasses... not sure those were suppose to be in there.. let me know JEN!!! I will get them back to you :)
  • hug all good bye
  • call Reagan to make sure I will spell all the names right B/C I WAS gonna blog about it right away!!! HAHA

and there you have it
Spring Break Blogger Meet up
that was so much fun!!!
and I know we are going to do it again during the summer because some itty bitty educator will be visiting her twinkie in the big d (vague or do you get what I am sayin)
TEENY will be in TEXAS and so we are meeting up when she is HERE!!!
email me TEENY so Reagan and I can plan plan plan for a HUGE meet-up...
I think AUSTIN was mentioned... maybe maybe not.. but maybe... we could have hotel rooms blocked off!!! This could be BIG!!! I am thinking SWAG could be involved!!! RSVPs might be in order... we could get sponsors.. could be a weekend thing!!!

OK I think this is about it.. maybe...
here are some pics... I didn't steal
these are mine :)

the group... ok and pic was taken before food


Jennifer won a super cute scarf... who picked that out??? ME!!!

do you see Becca's purple?? see see I am so THO THO jealous!!! LOVE IT!!! and Kristina... when are you gonna start a blog... WHEN... I am so excited you are going to guest blog on Reagan's YAY!!!

well that is about it!!!

What is a BIRCHBOX? here it is!!!

I can count on 2 hands and half a foot
how many of y'all asked about
So I bring to you my MARCH BIRCHBOX!!!
It came in the mail SERIOUSLY like 15 minutes ago
I grabbed my phone and click, click, click, clickity click click...
I now present to you a
step by step to MY MARCH BIRCHBOX
hopefully this will answer some of those questions you have...
and if you are a BIRCHBOX girl...
this could be a SPOILER
IF you do NOT have your March Birchbox yet... so be warned!!!

it comes in the mail like this....bright pink box = HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY

I open it like this...

inside you find this
another box :)

take the lid off to see this
honestly I don't read this
OK maybe at the end
I read it because
it gives you the 411 of all your fab products

take the card off and you see this... pink tissue...heart pitter patter....

TA DAAAAA.... here is what is in the pretty pink tissue
the first time I got one of these I was completely
impressed by the presentation

first item... nice trial size
will use this FO SHO

2nd item YEPPERS I will use these
I will put these in my purse when I am done here

3rd item... sample shadow from Stila...
nice colors... I have BIG eyelids...
hope it covers
will try this maybe for the meet up

the little wrapped gift is always my favorite..
look at my wrinkly thumb
can you tell I have been cleaning all day
my fingers are pruney

HOLLA.... look what we have here

this smells like fresh lemons... DELISH

detox tea....hmmm...not a detox kinda girl
BUT I am sure I might have some friends that need this

blurry...but BRIGHT... already have ONE thumb
painted and I LOVE LUV LOVE it
called Lava Lamp

so there you have it...
I hope this answers your questions about what a BIRCHBOX is
and maybe it will show you if you would like it...
you fill out a question thingy majiggy so they know what you
like and don't like and SOOOOO
you might get something different than me
I have 2 friends who also get BIRCHBOXes
and we never get the same things...
we might double on one or two but it is FUN to see what the other gets!!!
If you think this is something you might like then head on over to BIRCHBOX
just click on the last pic to take you there!!!
OK I am off to paint some lava lamp on my nails :)
************added after teeny asked HOW MUCH?**************