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naughties, Milwaukee, and time

Oh my gosh just a little funny I had to share for today...
We are working on time...
yuckity yuck yuck...
anyways we had some really fun activities (thanks Melissa)
for the kiddos to do and record their time
and then calculate their elapsed time....
so one was to time how long it takes to blink 5 times.....
it takes a really long time if you are silly boys and are having a contest to see who could
NOT blink!!!

I saw  a lot of this

and imagine I had one BOY
who did not blink ONCE for a whole 7 minutes...
(not my cutie patootie above... who belongs to one of my besties)
In case you didn't know
I was born yesterday!!!
and because he was being sneaky....
he made it harder on himself to figure out his elapsed times...
and I don't know why his partner didn't realize...
hey when he was pretending to look at the other BOYS
and turned around to look at them....
and WOW
I was really bad luck because I
STARED HIM DOWN until he blinked...
I must admit I got a little nervous because my eyes were
HURT-N around 20 seconds... BUT he gave in after 32

and then they had to time how long it took them to name 10 states...
REALLY 10 states...
this took them the rest of Math Class...
I was in shock...
here is what I heard...
girl 1 ~ she has named 9
me ~ oh man you need just one more!!!
girl 2 ~ I don't know any more...
me ~ really?
girl 2 ~ yeah I named: Texas, Georgia (probably b/c we have a girl from GA), Louisiana, California, some more I don't remember, and Milwaukee....
me ~ Milwaukee??? MILWAUKEE????....NO that is a city in Wisconsin... that doesn't count...
girl 1~  what do we do...
me ~ well she needs 2 more
girl 1~ (whispering so girl 2 can't hear) I don't know why she doesn't say Africa
me ~ (loud so whole class can hear) AFRICA!!!
girl 2 ~ that is a country
me (THINKING) well at least she knows it is not a state

another boy thought Tuscany was a state
and he was pretty sure Antarctica was
and last

are you scared yet?
I am!!!
I mean I consider my class to be pretty above average!!!
PLEASE tell me I am not alone in this...

OK NOW fast forward to indoor recess>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
I have convinced my kiddos that Mother Nature wants them to do educational games when we have indoor recess
not sure they think this
or they love me so much they just agree
we were playing making words using the word.....
so remember above said GEORGIA
well she wanted to know how to spell HOe
yes HOe
I had to laugh
and have I mentioned I have a future Jim Carrey... LOVE HIM
he makes me laugh daily... ok at least 3 times DAILY... not in a class clown way
just in a natural I was born to be funny and I can't help it... it just spills out way....
kinda like sarcasm falls out of my mouth... funny HA HA falls out of his....
well back to HOe...
he sits across from Georgia and he just gave me a look...
we both started laughing
and he told her I probably would not count that word
and then not even 2 minutes later she asks...
how do you spell whores... 
I know for a FACT she has no clue what that means
nor the other one...
Georgia is possible one of the sweetest little girls I have ever had
so she was completely innocent in all of her
but JIM does and he looked at me and again
we both start laughing...
he asked her to say it again and she did
I was laughing so hard
and then those naughty enough to know what that means started laughing too
it was so stinkin funny
I had to explain that HOe was bad and whores is the plural.....
it means a bunch of them... I didn't go into detail JUST it is a bad word

so funny... maybe you had to be there... maybe not...

OH well... I LOVE MY CLASS!!!
naughties and ALL!!!

hoping you had a great day too!!!


  1. Farley,

    That is too funny!! I love when my kiddos have a sense of humor! Just makes the day that much more entertaining!!! Also, totally know how you feel about elapsed time... it is so difficult for them to get! The activities you used to teach it sound like fun though! I'll have to make note of them for next year! Or maybe for a refresher on it this year... :)

    Lessons with Laughter

  2. Hilarious! :)
    Those kind of days makes time elapse quickly and wonderfully... don't they? :D
    Dragonflies in First

  3. Hahahaha! I understand. None of them know where they are in the world. It's scary.

    And today, one of my kids used all of his glue stick. He told me, "It wost."
    "You know, wasted."
    You mean you used it all?
    "Yeah. It wasted all of it."
    You used all of it. "
    Yes. It wost."

    Sigh. wost. The past tense of waste. Which means I used it.
    Buzzing with Ms. B

  4. Hahahaha! I understand. None of them know where they are in the world. It's scary.

    And today, one of my kids used all of his glue stick. He told me, "It wost."
    "You know, wasted."
    You mean you used it all?
    "Yeah. It wasted all of it."
    You used all of it. "
    Yes. It wost."

    Sigh. wost. The past tense of waste. Which means I used it.
    Buzzing with Ms. B

  5. Lol so funny!

    Indoor recess...one of my most dreaded times!

    Oh and looks like you need to practice states and continents! Lol :)
    Journey of a Substitute Teacher

  6. That's hilarious!!! I find it so hard to keep a straight face when my kids come out with these, too. And because mine are a little bit older, not much gets past them ...

    Runde's Room

  7. This totally cracked me up!!! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Ha!!!! I feel better because my first graders think Mexico, Antarctica, and Hong Kong are part of the United States, as well.
    The whole bad word thing -- that's hilarious!! I read a story yesterday about spring and the word "pussy willows" was in it. I hesitated for just a second and then just went for it. Not a peep, giggle, or look from one of them. Awwwww. I love MY class!!!! :)
    A Teeny Tiny Teacher

  9. This makes me want OLDER kids who can relate to grown ups a bit!

    Well except for the naughties...

    Once a long long time ago when I taught 2nd, I had a VERY funny student. I gave him the last 5 minutes of the day to do his stand up routine. He was HILARIOUS...He really prepared for it and we all looked forward to it.

  10. So funny! Mine have been making me laugh all week too!

    My kiddos have no sense of geography either. We're working on it though!

    Living A Wonderful Life

  11. FUNNY!
    When I graded the State Writing Tests, one of my favorite quotes was this:

    "At summer school, I learned to seven continents: Africa, Asia, France, Chicago, North America, South America, and California."

    This student should have just stopped at:
    "At summer school, I learned the seven continents."


  12. P.S. I hate teaching elapsed time, but I did it with number lines this year and it was WAY easier:


~ I {PuFFy} HeArT comments!!!! THANK YOU!!!