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Currently January

It is that time again...
don't think you missed the ball dropping
or that I am going super CRAY
I am posting a day early because
well I can
and the next few days I am going to busy busy busy
so happy new year and
cheers to a grand 2013

and HOLLA...

 I have a sponsor for this MONTH...

Stephanie VanMeter and her girlfriends have a super cute blog
 and Stephanie
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I asked Stephanie to send me pics of some of her favorite items and here is what she sent...

this is her newest creation and is perfect for k-2
 February is Dental Health Month so this will come in handy...
it is appropriate for k-2 and is jammed packed with 63 pages of
Dental Awareness GooDieS
check it out by clicking on the pic

the next 2 items are her top sellers...
so fun and hands-on
 This is great for math stations and is good for k and 1
it is also Common Core aligned
click on the pic to go look at this awesomeness

great for morning routines
jam packed with 100 pictures of various delish lunch choices
this pack will come in handy for those kiddos that need a visual to help decide what they want for lunch
what a great idea
again... click on pic to go right there

Now what do you think of THAT???
Thanks so much to Stephanie Van Meter and her store
for SPONSORING this month's CURRENTLY!!!
PLUS she is having a sale...it ends the 3rd
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and NOW it is time for....

I am listening to this rainy weather... we need it

I am counting all of my blessing as we move into this new year

I am thinking about the PD that I will be giving on the 7th... OH MY WORD and and and it is full... waiting list only FULL... are you kidding me... I am doing a training for the district and I feel honored and SKURD (scared) at the same time
I am also thinking about school BECAUSE I just remembered that I left my cooler there
it was full of ice, milk, ice cream, and whipped cream... I am sure now it is full of water and mold and stink or stench and I am thinking I am just going to throw it AWAY!!!!

thinking about stitches because that is what I have...
hold on and I will count how many...
I think I counted 20 maybe 21 (hope it is 21 b/c I am weird about 3s and 3x7=21)
I get them out on the 3rd :) YAY
this wrist surgery was a little more involved and intrusive than I was anticipating but...
I had a wonderful Dr and Gertrude the Ganglion Cyst is adios (goodbye) and my awesome Dr. knew how concerned I was about scarring and he used plastic surgery sutures... cool!!!

am I writing a novel or what

I need a new couch... got our current denim couch when we moved here 11 years ago,
we have 2 snuggle dogs,
and a rowdy 4 year old...

need to be more organized...
I say that every year so it is a tradition
I probably need to change my need to

and now to my ONE LITTLE WORD...
if you are unfamiliar with OLW please head over to Ali Edward's blog...
that is where I first heard about it years ago
my 2013 OLW is
I  like this word...
more like {puffy} heart LoVe this word
choose encompasses so much
I can choose my words more carefully
I can choose to let go of things that bother me
I can choose to eat right
I can choose to spend more time with my bub and hub
I can choose how to deal with stress, paperwork, and work
I can choose if I want to get up and walk or sit and blog
I can choose to make changes
see it is a great word!!!
you can have it too if you want
but I really encourage you to listen to your heart and soul and pick a word that
a word that will give you guidance to a better YOU for 2013

now it is your turn...

don't forget the RULE OF 3
where you need to go to the 2 links before yours and make a meaningful comment
and then come back and comment on the link after yours...
spread the love and joy

and just because I LOVE Y'ALL
and I wrote a novel
I am letting you know of a new freebie that you can find in my preview file
so you and your kiddos can do CURRENTLY...