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It's that time again...

Before the CURRENTLY...
let's talk about RAK
RAK stands for
RANDOM Act of Kindness
it means it is RANDOM
you just thought of it...
NOT something you do every year
so when you fill out the RAK space
think of something NEW to do...
it is RANDOM
NOT something you have done time and time again...
ok now that the details of that are out...
here we go with my Randomness...
I am going to feature 3 blogs from the November Currently
I am just going to have Bub, Hub, and me me me  pick 3 numbers
first Bub's number
he said two five four so I am going with #254

Ms. Hutten's Buttons...
Krissy is from SO CAL and her blog is full of great links, lots of pics, and FUN IDEAS!!!
Her blog design is super cute and cheery!!! Check her out (click on the pic) and tell her Farley sent ya!!!

next number hub's pick...he said #9

Joy in the Journey

Jessica is a 5th grade teacher and you should see her blog...
I love her mix of school, family, and fun!!!
I am loving the little gifts she gave her students at Thanksgiving...THO THWEET!!!
Head over and say HI (but come back)

and my number... hmmm
it has to have a 3 so  #333

KinderKids Fun
Joni is a Kinder teacher (duh) from South Carolina...
Head on over if you want to see some uber cute freebies, Pinterest ideas, and some great TpT products!!!
Click on her pic for the link...tell her HI!!!

LOOK over there ------------------------------------------------------->
I have a block parTAY
find your grade and link up or look around at the other blogs

NOW for the Currently

I really need to thank my hubs for getting Bub and I a new stroller for walking... Bub and I walked so much in his other stroller the tires went bad... and then got holes and so...
Hubs looked and looked for one that could have a higher wt. and wasn't the cost of a small used car!!!
he also found a coupon online and wha laaa a new jogging stroller and we are walking again!!!

Bub is on the waiting list for Pre-School *tear*
he will start fingers crossed in January
my parents watch him right now and they need a break
AND I want him to get some socialization and interaction with kiddos his own age
I know it is for his own good BUT I am terrified... YES I am one of those MAMAs
it took us so long to become parents... I just have a small tiny itty bitty problem with CONTROLLING his environment and safety and well pretty much everything LOL
he will be fine I know... the kinder teachers at my school HIGHLY recommend it and well they are possibly the bestest Kinders I know so I trust them :)
plus it is just half day and 3 times a week...

I really want to learn to make clip art and font.  I love to doodle and I love writing!!! I think I could really make some cute schtuff... just need to know how... anyone anyone...

Dear Santa... I need a new laptop or Ipad... PURTY PLEASE

RAK--- already talked about this...
if you decide to give your mailman a gift great that is RANDOM
if you ALWAYS give your mailman a gift great BUT not RANDOM...
I want you to think of something you can do soon
it doesn't have to cost a lot of money...
think think think...

your turn...
remember the RULE OF 3
head on over to 2 before your link and comment and then come back and leave a comment at the 1 behind yours :)

when you link up... put your state's abbreviation before your name
a follower suggested this so we know where everyone is from
thought it was a good idea
let's see what state wins...
(had to say that... I am also cheering for Mississippi my home state)

link up my friends