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winners, Gertrude, and desk notes

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what was that... ...... SQUIRREL>>>>>>>>

I have a SUB for tomorrow...
not for a mental holiday
not for a get my Christmas shopping done day
not for anything fun day
it is for Gertrude
Gertrude is my ganglion cyst
just the word is YUCKY YUCK YUCK
and so we now refer to her as Gertrude... much cuter
well she is getting evicted
she has been with me for most of my life...
at least as long as I remember!!!
she has been acting up and is no longer wrapped in a nice cushion of FAT
so she is not only causing pain but some tingling falling asleep
my fingers won't wake up PROBLEMS...
out she comes...
not to mention because I have had her for so long....
she grew fingers... tentacles... branches....
whatever you call them they are now intertwined
and mingling with my wrist bones... FUN!!! *sarcasm*
so that party needs to be broken up!!!
and then we need to mention that Gertrude is bossy...
she has caused a major artery to
UM well how do I put this...
well she has shoved it over and it is not flowing like it should
and do I need to mention the nerve she is now resting on because there is no longer a layer of fat between them...
pressing on a nerve is NOT NICE
at all!!!
Gertrude is a pest now...
I don't like to be pestered...
she is a pain in my wrist!!!

 so she is now an unwelcomed guest and at 7 in the morning will be REMOVED for good
so long Gertrude....SO LONG!!!!

So with my minor wrist surgery and Gertrude removal comes a need for a sub...
don't you hate getting ready for a sub... I loathe it...
absolutely hate getting a sub!!!
but I can't give the  kids a day off
so a sub it is....

I wanted to share something I do before I leave for the day
knowing I have a sub coming the next day...
I leave them notes on their desks.... not all of them but some of them!!!

I make sure they know to show their mamas thank you cards....

I have a personal assistant... don't be jealous... well I wanted to remind this week's assistant to be extra helpful!!!

and even if they don't get a personal note...they do get some love!!!

the kids LOVE this
I try to change it up
it is important to leave these notes on the desks of the kiddos that need a friendly reminder
BUT it is equally important to leave them on the kids that don't need reminders too!!!
AND I know some of you are like
OH MY she wrote on their desks
it will wipe right off ...
dry erase markers and a baby wipe :)

alrighty that about does it!!!
wish me luck I am a little nervous about this procedure!!!
but I know I am in good hands with my bad hand...



  1. I'll say a little prayer for you! Love the sweet notes on the desks.

  2. I hope the procedure goes well. I once had one of those cysts on my wrist and it wasn't pleasant, at all. Your wrist will feel like a million bucks when it's all said and done! I'll be sure to say a little prayer for you!

    I usually leave a note to all of my students on the board when I'm out, but I love, love, love your idea of writing on their desks. Such a great idea!

    Primarily Speaking

  3. Good luck with your procedure! I hope you have a speedy recovery! I love your note idea! I have a few students who could use those reminders all the time! Haha. Thanks for the idea!

    Beach Lovin' Teach

  4. My thoughts are with you (prayers too) but I know you're going to be better than ever! I know your boys will take great care of you! {Hugs}


  5. Love your desk notes - planning for a sub isn't fun. Best wishes on your surgery tomorrow. I'll be praying!

  6. I need that texting hand all better!!!! Praying for you and hope that Gertrude goes without a fight!

  7. I hope you feel so much better soon! Can't wait to read about how well it all went :-)

  8. Praying for you and the doctors. HUGS!

  9. Adios Gertrude! Praying that the surgery goes smoothly and healing is fast and easy! Love your idea for notes on desks. I'll be doing that for sure!


  10. Love the notes. Must try that soon!

  11. I love the idea of notes being left on the desk and especially that I know they can come off. Makes the kids really feel how special they are to us!

  12. Love this idea! I have a challenging group this year and this may help when there is a sub. Thanks for sharing!

  13. AWESOME IDEA! I am a substitute teacher, earning my first classroom the hard way. :) I don't know if any of your sub's tell you this: THANK YOU! The little extras that you do to plan for a sub, can make our days a lot easier. I know that sometimes it doesn't seem like it helps, but for some of us- it means the WORLD! Gonna add this to my list of "What I have learned to do in case of Sub" list. :) Thank you!

  14. I did this for a few students today and They loved it... just a Lil extra attention can mean so much

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  16. That is a great tip. Even for just the students you are trying to keep on track, or get on track. I will definitely try that. Hope all went well.

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