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Christmas Eve, sales, and smells like feet

is it really Christmas Eve?
yep it is!!!
 I am still in my pjs and Bub is too
we are being super lazy
Hub is at work BOO
and bub and I miss him
we have only had junk to eat
not because I wanted Bub to eat junk but with my one hand perdicament 
well what I could open or make is what we ate...
there is  a very large ham blocking most of his lunch food items
and the other things he wants require two hands...peanut butter lid too tight
tried to peel a banana...banana moosh mush...no thank you... i could have bub peel the banana but thought of that too late...and only had one banana
the important thing is we ate...right? 
plus we have Christmas Eve dinner tonight
at my MIL's house
so who cares if we had morning/afternoon of junk

typing this is a slight chore too
see i will type my next few lines without correcting
here we go this is going to ee super sterangeif i type this with no mistakes
see a chore
big soft cast and fingers not touching the keys right... ahhhhhh

ok my whole reason for posting today was to tell you....

and I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate you guys!!!!
i love my bloggy world and followers so....
I am throwing a sale at my TpT store... i would do 50% but they only let me do 20% so 20% it is and it only lets me do it for 4 days... so it starts today and runs for 4 days

and since i wanted to do 50% off of something I did this...
I am running a 50% off sale for advertising on my blog for the 
SMALL and MEDIUM ad space... 
you could advertise your blog or your store on my blog... 
go to the advertise page 
look up by the orange mustache 
click on the SMALL or MEDIUM ad and
use promo code: farleyfarleyfarleysmall for the small ad discount and it can be used twice
use promo code: farleyfarleyfarleymedium for the medium ad space and it can be used once
and this one will
expire Jan 3rd 2013

ok so I think that about covers it...
i am going to the one finger typing mode now...
one more thing...
there is a central texas blogger meet-up
the 27th of december at chuy's in san antonio/universal city/live oak/selma
not really sure what city it is technically in but those should cover it...
i am thinking selma and it is
across from the forum shopping center
off of 35
i think it is at 6 i'll be there at 6...hopefully earlier
i get my cast off that day at 4 so
if you do come you might not want to sit on my left side
i have a huge fear of my arm smelling like feet after this cast comes off

ok that covers it!!!
happy everything
hope your christmas is  filled with joyous memories
and remember to get in those pics!!! don't just take them
who cares if you have a double chin
or dark circles
get in the pic....memories people memories!!!



  1. Who ares if we all have morning or afternoon junk, 'cause we are on break, too! Plus it's the holidays! Plus it's Christmas! Did I mention it's break??
    Merry Christmas sweet gal!

    Amy Howbert
    Little Miss Organized

  2. You are so sweet!! I am quite impressed by your one-handed typing skills!! I hope you, your bub, and your hub have a very merry Christmas!! I definitely took a lot of pics this year because I realized that as the kids get older, I tend to take less pictures!! This year, I may be sporting a double chin..hahaha ( actually, it is not even funny....tight pants are no fun). Have a blessed day!!

    The 3AM Teacher

  3. Wonderful Farley:

    I hope that you can tell that there is a big squeezy hug tucked in this comment. I don't know why reading this blog post made me feel so SAPPY, but it did. Must be because I think you are such a wonderful BloggyFriend and I'm just feeling honored to know you!

    Sending you Merry Christmas blessings and wishes for a very Happy New Year!

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade

    P.S. I SO wish I could join you all at the Texas meet-up. I hope you know I'll be with you in spirit!

  4. Hi Farley- Just wanted to pop in and tell you that I had a great time meeting and talking with you last night. Enjoy the rest of your break. I can't wait to hear how "How to Shove Writing" goes!

    My Life as a Third Grade Teacher

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