Looky Lou with The 3am Teacher

I can't wait to showcase one of my long time bloggy friends in this month's Looky Lou...
  ============> see it over there???

Michelle has been there with me from the beginning...
she contacted me when she found out my air conditioner went out...
she told me how to not get whamboozled by over priced parts
(her family owns an air conditioning company)
we have talked weee hours into the night about all sorts of things...
she is not called 3am fo nada
we have talked shopping
and she even helped me when I needed her most
for the Day of Silence image
needless to say I {puffy} heart her
so when she bought an ad spot...
I wanted to bonk her on the head... really I did
here is a virtual
just for you Michelle

If you don't know who Michelle is
she is the brains, brawn, and BEAUTY behind
The 3AM Teacher
and now let's get this post officially started :)
I asked Michelle to tell me what her TOP 3 items are
and here is what she said...

click on picture to take a look
I have this clip art set and I absolutley LOVE it...
super quirky, BRIGHT, and BOLD!!!
LOVE this one... no wonder it is her NUMBER ONE seller

the silly link tool isn't working so I left the link for you to click on
and hop on over...

this pack is MEGA...
and 5 sets bundled into one
OVER 400 images... HOLLA

and now for my fave
I love this next one....

once again the linky tool is not cooperating...
this pack is amazing
beyond that... is has 190 images...
are you kidding me???
I am not kidding
I cannot make this stuff up...
see why it is my fave???

thanks so much
MICHELLE for sponsoring the Looky Lou this month...
so now please head on over to Michelle's store, blog, or even FB page and tell her Farley sent you!!!
Face Book Page
and TpT Store

and if you would like to sponsor the CURRENTLY, Looky Lou, or have an ad space on my blog...head all the way to the top of my blog and look for the tab called...ADVERTISE



  1. Michelle is amazing! She is funny and super talented. Great sponsor choice :)
    My Second Sense

  2. The Looky Lou glasses are too cute! Thanks for showcasing such a great blogger. :-)

    Darling Little Learners

  3. I love Michelle's clipart! It's so whimsical and fun! Her blog is fun and informative too!
    Beach Sand and Lesson Plans

  4. silly world is also one of my favs!!

  5. Right before the break I got Michelle's Silly World Holiday version. . . I LOVE IT. She really has super cute stuff.

    ✰ Stacy

    Simpson Superstars

  6. I love your blog, Farley and Michelle is AH-MAZING! A pure heart of gold and creativity!

  7. OMGOSH!! I can't believe you!!!! I am seriously teary-eyed right now and I saved your "blog post" email as a PDF, then printed it to look at..hahahaha.. You are so sweet and I can't even tell you how warm and fuzzy you just made me feel!!! Thank you so much!!

    Plus also (in my best Junie B. voice ever), don't be bonking me on the head for buying your ad space - you should have charged me more..hahaha...I got a lot of traffic and new followers this month from being on your blog!! That was definitely worth every penny and I will do it again sometime..hahaha

    Your blogs is one of the very first ones I started to follow and you always make me smile!! I couldn't be more happy to have met such a {Puffy} hearted bloggy friend!! I {shiney} HEART you to death!! Okay, well I tried to be creative with my words, but I now realize that the word, shiney, is no match for puffy...plus also...it makes me think of the word hiney...which is not really the direction I was going for...haha

    You are the best! Thank you so much for the sugar!!

    The 3AM Teacher
    The 3AM Teacher
    Email The 3AM Teacher
    Visit My FB Page

  8. Hey Farley! You have to get to Target. They have MUSTACHE mugs with either red candy cane handles or teal. I just picked one up for myself and I know you'd love one as well! Just informing you! :)
    -Lovely Nina

  9. I love 3AM teacher...and been looking for clip art, but not sure what to buy. Thank-you both! Now to go check at TPT.

    Terri Izatt

  10. Love your sense of humor! Come over and check out our new blog. I'm putting your button up :)


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