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Dum Dums, RACK, Monday Made It, & a freebie

 So what do you say... when you get contacted by
SPANGLER CANDY to do a craft using their famous lollies...
well I am NO
Dum Dum...
of course I said YES!!!!

 so here is what I came up with...

 First gather all of your supplies...
 Styrofoam wreath, white spray paint, glue, scissors, glitter, ribbon, AND
 a BIG box of Dum Dums :)

 I had darling Hubs spray paint the wreath...
ta daaaaa
 Then I cut the sticks to short stubs  
because the wreath was not that thick and you need to have enough room to push all of them in 
PLUS you don't want sticks hanging out the back :)

 This was going to be a classroom craft but I wanted a trial run....
so I had Bub help out...
I figured if he could do it at the age of 4...
then older kiddos could too

 I let him just stick away...
I cut the stems and he pushed them in...
then I decided to make a border on the bottom to keep his random
StIcKiNg somewhat under control :)
see pic below...

 then I decided to also outline the inside edge too
this really controlled his randomness
so I would suggest doing this first then letting the little ones go at it
 Drew and I started making rows and he thought it was fun to find a different color every time
 we just went on and on and on
 and on and on... I would clip and he would stick
 clip, stick, clip, stick.... ouch... only I could pinch my thumb in between the scissor handles... OUCH!!!

OK so I was feeling really guilty about my kiddos at school 
NOT being apart of this ....
so I took it to school and we added glue in between the spaces...

 see the glue in the gaps???
and then we added...
 I finished the ribbon as my fourthies continued filling in the gaps...
they were confused WHY I was ruining the wreath with glue...
BUT after I explained the sticks were too short to be safe they were
OK with it!!!
 We started our RACK today and so we added our tag
and did a little sneaky sneaky hangy hangy on the Principal's door!!!

 Phone pic is not as pretty :( THO THAD about that!!!
and plus the lovely shade of brown on ALL of our doors...
yes ALL of our doors...  is so LUVERLY...
you really can't see how cute this was!!!
on the brown door... YUCK
this wreath is SUPER CUTE!!!
and it was the PERFECT gift for our first day of RACK!!!
 RACK is
Random Act of Christmas Kindness
we started it today...
I explained what it was and told them that we were going to do Random Acts everyday until the last day before we leave for vacay...
they were super excited...
I gave them this to brainstorm some ideas...
They had some really good ideas like....
 hide sparkle pencils in the kinder cubbies
and deliver healthy snacks to a 2nd grade class
and tape 2 quarters to the sticker machine...
cute ideas...
others were... help the librarian shelve books
 help clean up after the kinders in the cafeteria (we eat with them)
some super cute ideas....
and super cute ideas need SUPER CUTE TAGS...

I made some cute tags for my kiddos to use through our December RACK...

 there is one for the class... asking them to pay it forward and then one that just tells them to ENJOY....
I have these
in my TpT store...
go get it!!!


and to get more YUMMINESS
head over to here

 THANKS so much to Spangler Candy for asking me to create a craft!!! 
I am super excited about how this wreath turned out and to tell you the truth it was SUPER SUPER easy!!!
Definitely going to do this again!!! 

I am linking up with my good friend Tara...
for her SUPER Cute
always PINspiring



  1. Love the wreath! I also love all the RACK that is spreading around the blogging world. Your students really had some great ideas.

  2. Just a super cute wreath. I LoVe it. Lucky principal receiving this for her door. Lucky students for learning about RACK. Lucky me for having you as my creative daughter! xoxo

  3. Super cute wreath! Great idea!

  4. This is such a cute idea! Anything that gets them thinking about how they can be kind without expecting a reward is awesome in my book.
    Adventures in Room 5

  5. That wreath is so fun and cute! What a fun project for you and Bubs:) Sorry about your boo boo...I have done that a few times so you're not alone:) LOVE your RACK tags! I am going to have to get with the program! I have been bogged down with an essay contest all of our kids had to enter and everything has to be perfect and it's for MLK, which is awesome, but at Christmas...oh, and testing:/ Not fun! I'm ready for the RACK and fun to begin!! Thanks for linking and inspiring as always:))

    4th Grade Frolics

  6. Are you in a public school? I love the RACK idea, but our school can not celebrate Christmas.....

  7. I'm so excited about starting RACK with my kiddos! I mentioned to them yesterday morning that we were going to start talking about doing some random acts of kindness...crickets. Even when I tried to explain-looks of utter confusion. Sigh. This class needs some RACK in their lives!

    Will Grade For Coffee

  8. This has to be the cutest activity ever! Thanks for sharing! If you have time, stop by my blog and enter my giveaway! Thanks so much!

    Brigid's Daily Lesson Log

  9. Love the wreath. I may have to get my girls to make one for us.
    If My Calculations Are Correct

  10. I "borrowed" your RACK idea, took away the C for public school and started yesterday. I all ready made my ap cry. I wrote about it on my blog. With your permission I would like to post my signs without the C to TpT for free with a shout out to you and a link to your Christmas version. Let me know if this works for you!

    Mrs. T
    Teaching Mrs.T

    1. sorry I took this long to get back to you but of course you can post those as freebies.... RACK and RAK are not my ideas I just spread the kindness... so of course go spread your kindness too :)

  11. I love this RACK with the kids idea. How did I miss this before now?! I may have to do this next week with my kids!... off to plan some lessons to go with it now! Thanks for sharing!
    Third Grade Tidbits


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