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2 days in a row, RACK reminder, and another give away

I have two days in a row post posting going on over here...
yep yep
check my temp... am I ok???
yeppers I am ... I have to get all of my reviews in because
I am having a little procedure
next Friday and well
I won't be able to blog
(insert sad face)
for a few days...
will tell you more about that later
I have got some fun things to tell you about
before Bub wakes up... here ya go...
if you didn't see my post yesterday...
please go check it out.. you will NOT be disappointed and
you just might WIN something :)

 ok back to business before Bub gets up...
RACK is officially underway and going strong... If you want to get your hands on these tags... You can they are FREE in my TpT store... FREE I TELL YA...

look for this pic or go to this link.... http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/RACK-Random-Acts-of-Christmas-Kindness

 OK NOW I know if you read my blog you have seen this pic...
 and this one.....

 and then there was this one....
 and this one....
If you didn't see these pics before I will recap for you...
a wonderful company... BARKER CREEK PUBLISHING
contacted me and wanted me to review their DRAW*WRITE*NOW books
and of course I said YES thank you...
(if you want more details... go here and then here)

 WELL we are done with our poems...
they took forever and a day to get done ....BUT that is OK because they
turned our WONDERFULLY
and with the help of Barker Creek and their
DRAW*WRITE*NOW books they are even more FABULOUS...
check these out...
 remember she found this pic
by using the index that shows all of the choices...

I would say she did GREAT...
and her poem is cute too...

 the top poem is by one of my ESL students...
her drawing is adorbs and the poem is cute (ignore the wrong their)
anywho she did AWESOME!!!
and the polar bear one... adorable
remember they had to research their animals first
then make a poem then draw
check out some more...

 turkey and jerky nation and creation... LOL
my girls LOVED drawing different animals and it took them several drafts to be happy with their final art...
I loved how they would choose to draw and write during inside recess or in their free choice time...
it was nice to see they chose art and poetry :)

now my boys on the other hand... tried to out do one another....
and so they would practice drawing and then
would change the perspective and use their knowlede of the lesson to create
something new
or zoomed in

 my FAVE by far is this one...(below)
he is a little boy that LOVES drawing so these books were like precious jewels to him...
he decided to draw a picture that was just an accent in the book...
and since one of the other little boys copied his cardinal (above)... he decided to research a female cardinal because her coloring was different...
the outcome was bee-u-TEE-full

 yeppers my fourthie did this... isn't it magnificent???
I love it :)
his poem is wonky
but it fits his personality and it is just PERFECT in my eyes

 so not only did Barker Creek Publishing send me a copy BUT
they are going to send a set to one of my readers too
YAY for one of you!!!
and all you have to do is....
 Head on over to their website...
and look around.... they've created a wide-variety of wonderful products including books and manipulatives that help children learn essential skills. They also offer posters, punch-out letters,and bulletin board trimmers. 

and then enter here....

a Rafflecopter giveaway

and if you don't win....they have created a special blogger discount code!  With the code “BARKER12,” anyone can receive 20% off the total cost of an order.  This discount can be combined with any other discounts..  That means the Draw Write Now Boxed Set, already a great deal for all eight Draw Write Now books, can be purchased for only $80! Well worth it!!! discount only good through the 31st of Dec.

thanks so much to Barker Creek Publishing
for picking my blog to showcase their DRAW*WRITE* NOW boxed set
my kiddos loved it and still do
and thanks too
for also providing a boxed set for a give away!!!



  1. Those books look fantastic! Anything that encourages writing gets an A in my book so I would vote for those!
    Third Grade Tidbits

  2. I love the idea of using these books as motivators for my reluctant writers and my fast finishers!

  3. I would love to use these in my classroom, and think your idea of incorporating with poetry is fabulous!

  4. Hi! We just started following your blog and you are choc-full of great ideas!! We are new to blogging, so we are excited to see what everyone else is up to. We are having a giveaway this weekend if you want to stop by our blog and check it out. All you have to do is comment to get something free from our TPT store. Any advice is welcome!!

    Amanda and Stacia
    Collaboration Cuties

  5. I love their draw write now books, I can see my students becoming more engaged during our writers workshop time!

  6. I am so interested in DRAW, WRITE NOW! Thanks for a great post! Heading over to their site now!
    Ms. Marciniak's First Grade Critter Cafe

  7. These books are great and the way you incorporated them into your curriculum is fantastic.


  8. I think I would like more of the Draw Write Now books - I bought one after your earlier post and love it.



  9. The Draw Write Now books look awesome! My fourth graders would love them.

  10. Those came out great! I'd love to have a set of the books!

  11. I love those Draw, Write, Now books! Some of my kiddos are OBSESSED with drawing so anything that could also get them to write would be AH-MAZING!

  12. Love your blog! I wouldn't mind give the Ez Edit Tablets a try. I think they would be great to use in writers workshop.

  13. I used these books years ago when I was homeschooling my own kids. LOVED THEM!! Somehow along the way, I loaned them out & never got them back. At the time I was teaching 6th grade & wasn't too worried about it. Now I want them back. Would love to win a new set :0)

  14. I want the whole series of the Draw * Write * Now. LOVE LOVE LOVE

  15. The pictures and the students' creativity are awesome. This set is a great resource for any classroom!

  16. I love the poems that students produced with these books! Wonderful! My special Ed. Fourth graders would love these books. If I could have anything from their store- I would still pick a set of these! Thanks for sharing.

  17. Thx for the info about the books! What a great Present they'll make! :)

  18. I love these books! My first graders loved them too. My favorite one is book 5. Love the tie in to social studies!

  19. Love these books! I have several artists in my class that would be so excited about this. As well as several artists-in-training that would also be excited about having some step by step help. Would love the whole set for sure! I checked out their website and they are loaded with great things. Love their graphic organizers as well as their borders. I am a bit picky about those and they have a great selection!

  20. If I won I would love to have a Draw Write Now book - but I don't think I could choose between Book 2 or Book 3 (Explorers and Native Americans). Either would work wonderfully with both of those units in the classroom.


  21. Oh wow - Any of them would be amazing! Some of my littles are such great artists and I still draw stick figures! haha! Thanks for this giveaway!

  22. I love these draw write now books! My co-third grade teacher has one of them that we use it has holidays in it. More would be great! Your kids are such great artists!

  23. Besides the Draw Write Now books, I would like the Sticker USA Activity set.

  24. I absolutely LOVE these books - I used to borrow them from a fellow teacher ALL the time, but she has retired & I haven't bought them yet. But now, even if I don't win your amazing giveaway, I can use the coupon code. Thanks so much !!! These are great for early writing centers for my first graders :)

    First Grade Fairytales

  25. These books are amazing, I love,love them! Your student's drawings are amazing :)

  26. Even without the drawing (which, yes, are amazing), the POEMS! Awesome awesome awesome. Tell those kids they ARE poets. Thank you for sharing this.

  27. These books look awesome! I have some students this year that would totally eat this up! I have some fantastic artists! I think my favorite is book 5!

    Shannon Moyer

  28. Shucks!! I missed the drawing, but I still went over to the website and bought the first book to check it out. Thanks for the discount code!


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