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One handed, one finger, & joys

 so I am still in a soft cast
and working with one arm/hand has been wellllllllllllllllllllll
i am typing this with one finger... go me
well i wanted to share some pics with you about the past week...
a lot has happened in ONE week!!!!

before I share
let me thank you for joining me in a moment of silence for Sand Hook
it was overwhelming
continued prayers

 that bump was cray cray
it ended up being something else but
my mom wasn't listening b/c she heard the dr. say the incision was different
and then she kinda lost track...
we have all done that so no matter
go back on the 27th for cast removal
 my neighborhood school had Yellow Santa
we took Bub down to donate some cans of beans and jars of peanut butter
mi mi the lovey had to join us
 so i am pretty sure my hubby ranks in the top 10 of bestest hubs eva
he has been my extra personal assistant
hair, dressing,delivering,and much more
love him
 best party idea eva goes to covington
at covington's corner look her up with one hand linking is impossible
this was so much fun
we had to bring a food from pinterest, a gift from pinterest, and we made a craft off of pinterest
we ALL loved it so much we are doing it again for valentine's day
 went out of town quickly to visit hub's dad and stepmom
for Christmas
had a great time... i fell in love with her tree
it is flocked in GLITTER
they hate it
crossing my fingers I get it!!!!
 THIS WAS the best BEST BEST partay EVA
Kenoyer from Krazy Town...look it up
gave me the idea
the kids loved it... we did NO FOOD
except what i brought them...
icey hot chocolate and whoopie pies
at first they were like....ahhhhhhhhhh SAD FACE
at the idea of no junk food party
BUT at the party they were like YAY
this was the best
 you are the best
they all got lots and lots of things because a lot of kids brought in 2 or 3 things
i had extra bags of candy for those that didn't bring anything
it was a hit...
i know each kiddo got at least 5 pencils

yesterday I got to help with this (look up)
so much fun!!!!


here is the craft we made at the Pinterest Party
we made cookie sheet message boards...
I turned mine into a blurt board
EACH domino represents minutes they can earn for extra recess (one for the ones, 2 for the twos NOT 4)
every time someone blurts
they will go move a domino down to the bottom
they had one blurt  when i took this pic...
it was double zero kinda a warning no minutes lost
AND yes i realize this adds up to a possible 21 EXTRA minutes for Friday recess BUT
i have a few... a lot of chronic blurters so chances are slim
far from none
and i will win a bazillion dollars first
if they ever get all 21 minutes
PLUS it lasts ALL week so I am thinking...
well you know!!!

well that wraps it up

Happy Everything