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Hubs, Bubs, and Staches

Oh my this is fun!!!

if you haven't seen Ms Chrissy's Linky Party it is a must for sure!!!
so let me think... do i tell you the good
the bad (him)
and the ugly (old high school pics)

Hubs and I met in 6th grade
YES 6th grade
(close your mouth)
the pic above is not 6th grade but it is OLD
we met when I was the new kid and he was the popular skater kid
OH wait... SK8TR
that is how they wrote it back then...
he was also the BAD BOY
he had half his head shaved and the other half was long
and I am pretty sure my HUBS
invented the Bieber hair toss
as a matter of fact I I KNOW he did
and let me tell you I did NOT like him
he made fun of me
even though he denies it now
BUT he did
and let me tell you he was short
shorty short and
so I know his teasing was because
he had height envy
I was always the tallest
he was a teachers NIGHTMARE
we were in the same lang. arts class and when the teacher told him he
was NOT allowed to go to the bathroom
he peed out the window!!!
and I married this goon!!!
fast forward to 7th grade
we were always in the same advisory/homeroom
because my maiden name was also a F name
and we had math together
and our oh so AWESOMELY horrible teacher
sat us alphabetically
so hubs sat behind me
he would pick on me still
this he does remember
FF to 8th grade
math class again
this time we pick our own seats
but this year we started becoming friends
maybe because he was not a CRAY CRAY anymore
FF 9th grade
and advisory
this year we were good friends and
because of his bad jokes and bad timing
we got in trouble quite frequently in Mrs. Ts class
her name was very close to the word terrible
and it should have been terrible...
she would show you one problem on the board and then assign you like 2,003 problems
to do during class
man I learned a lot from her...
yeah right....
FF 10th and 11th
hubs dated every girl on my soccer team
maybe not but sure felt like it
we were really good friends
but not in the I LOVE YOU way
he was my best guy friend
FF 12th grade
being my best friend and all
we spent the entire summer together
I even went on his family vacation to visit his grandparents
neither one of us had curfews and my parents loved him
not sure his mom or sis loved me
BUT his dad did :)
he and I had feelings for each other but didn't tell each other
we had this silly little notebook thing we wrote notes to each other in
we would pass it back and forth in the halls
OH and this YEAR we were NOT in the same advisory
one day he wrote a note that said he had feelings for me
I responded with me too
that night we went on our first date
had our first kiss and the rest is HISTORY!!!
we went to college together (san marcos, tx)
moved in together
got married

I went to college again (Masters)
we moved home (san antonio)
his mom and sis like me :)
and that is how I married my best friend...
enjoy the pics...

life and hair

life and hair

life and hair

life and hair

Drew was born in 08
that was a HUGE BLESSING
(just think of 6 years of infertility and
shots, pills, bloodwork, surgeries, shots, pills, surgeries,
surgeries, bloodwork, give it to GOD, DREW)

first family pic

family pic at 1st bday

Ok I am sure
you are over all of these pics
hubs REALLY IS my best friend I tell him everything
and little Drew is our biggest BLESSING EVA....
some of you know the story
I am going to save it for a later date
(and it is a good one)

this was a fun linky and thanks MISS CHRISSY B

and before I go...
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and if you haven't there is still time...
HURRY because it ends soon!!!