10+14=farlWey and a THO SORRY

So if you have noticed...
I have NOT commented at all on
and I mean ANY
I canNOT
apologize more!!!
I will say that I have looked at every single
because I am a NUT
and every time some
cutie links up I get a DING
on my phone and then being the
CRAY CRAY that I am
I look to see if
someone linked up
and then if it might be a sale
or it might be a
or even a personal email!!!
every LITTLE ding
I look
CRAY CRAY I tell you!!!
so let me my excuses FLY on why I
have not commented yet!!!

Monday - I was sick... ask hubs
I went to bed sick...I think I had
FEVER...hubs says NO
BUT I know it was a FEVER
then Reagan (Tunstall's Teaching Tidbits)
asked me to send pics with my scarf
SO I hopped out of bed
I had to it is my REAGAN
I love me some REAGAN
so I got semi dressed
fixed makeup
hair and took pics

then I had to include Dori
because she gets jealous of all the time Drew gets on the blog
she is the oldest child ya know...

well Tuesday I had to tutor and
then stayed late doing lots of work
yeah right talking
and then came home to this email...

Hi Farlwey,

We just posted an article, "10 Ways a Teacher Could Harm Your Child" (http://www.iamstupidandcalledfarleyfarlwey.com/stupidandcalledFarleyFARLWEY.com)

 I thought I'd drop a quick line and let you know in case you thought it was something you're audience would be interested in reading.


where do I begin....
let me start with ONE...
my name is FARLEY
get that right
TWO really???
are you kidding me...
you don't get my name right and then you give me a link to a
site that well....
you can read
some of you might ask why are you
advertising this link FarlWey???
well because I want you to get heated too...
I like to share my anger....
like a big ol slab of butter on hot toast
this email made me so mad
I was unable to even think straight...
go there and read what they have to say
DO IT!!! or NOT? ***WINK***
My Tuesday was DONE!!!!

I got to model again for my
girlfriends' giftique!!!
model I am not
BUT it is fun to get all dressed up
here is my FAVE!!!!

and do you see what it says
Housewives of San Antonio
LOVE IT!!! and all
my yummy sparkles
be still my glittery heart!!!
and chubby girls and white jeans
are usually not friends
but these jeans are my best friend
like in the BESTIE top 10 for reals
look how they make my thighs TIGHT
I haven't had tight thighs in like
well since 94
due to the strain of modeling and smiling all day
I was exhausted
no commenting

and NOW tonight...
I had a school function... and I don't want to get too detailed
so here it is in code...
we ran out of pizza twice
I never got to play
we ran out of pizza twice
I served like one million and 3 slices
we ran out of pizza twice
paper plates were walking a fine line of actually being a plate at all
we ran out of pizza twice
I got one or 2 thank yous
we ran out of pizza twice
my cheeks turn red and HOT when I am MAD
we ran out of pizza twice
and there was a lesson learned...
if at the last function you ran out of pizza when you bought 25 pizzas.... maybe you should not buy 10 pizzas this time and then 14 more....
10 PLUS 14 EQUALS.... we ran out of PIZZA twice!!!!!

so I hope you are feeling my pain and I hope you understand why I have NOT
commented on any links...
I did not want to comment on some and not the others...
and to make it up to you
I want to do a give away!!!!
be on the lookout this weekend for a post about a MUSTACHE STAMP give away...
you have to be linked up and one more thing or 2
with one more
and a
really you called me FARLwEY
I leave you with a


  1. You make me smile--even late on a Thursday night when I want to be in bed but am grading papers instead...

    Enjoy your weekend!

    Lifelong Learning

  2. Ok for being sick, you look fantastic in that pic!

    I'm sorry it's been a crazy week for you. Me too. Here's a little extra loving (((((Farley))))) Hugs to you!


    Journey of a Substitute Teacher

  3. You are too funny! Hope you are feeling better.
    Finally in First

  4. ahhhh I can't stop laughing.... we ran out of pizza twice.

    AND WTH is with that little email/link/horrible website/group of morons that contacted you???????!!!!!
    Dragonflies in First

  5. Love Dori. Love. I'm in love. I think she and Syd would be besties.
    I got that same stupid email but I didn't even look at the link. Now I'm scared!!! I have to see if they called me anything. Surely they didn't call me Teeny????
    You make me laugh and smile and I love your honestly. And your code. Really. I also love that I got a sneak peek at that picture!!!!!!!! :) I feel good! :)
    Can't wait for the weekend to see what your giveaway is!
    Did you watch the OC Housewives???????
    A Teeny Tiny Teacher

  6. I received that ridiculous email, but mine was addressed to "funky"...I'm with Kristin - I didn't go to the link. I was so annoyed by the topic that I deleted it. If I was not dealing with a sick little one and being homeless I would have crafted them a response to let them know what I think of their outrageous topic. On a more positive note...love the scarf, your dog is ADORABLE and I'm glad you feel better!
    Funky First Grade Fun

  7. Where to start?

    I can't believe I got you out of bed. THO THORRY. Second, your modeling works because I am going to be buying my real housewives of San Antonio and pairing it with pearls and white jeans STAT. (well if I had the money)

    And...I got a freaky email like that too! (but they didn't call me farlwey) It was awful though.

    school functions with no food and no thanks???...It's not the restoration station at our hubby's work now is it?

    YES I want to meet you at Chuys or Cheddars ...I love you dearly!

  8. I got that email, too...and all I could think was how ridiculous to think my readers would want to read about how we (as teachers) can be so bad...
    (you look great, btw =)
    First Grade Blue Skies

  9. I feel your pain and I'm sorry that your week went like that. . . tears tears tears for you. . . (not really, but you'll feel the sympathy right?)
    I hate running out of food for a group and I hate it even more when THEY run out of "Thank yous!"
    Let's hope this weekend gets better. For me it will be better, since I'm flying to Houston (from Michigan) on Thursday night to spend the weekend with my daughter. I hope ya'll have some warmer weather!



  10. I Love your blog, am a new follower. You made me laugh out loud!

  11. I received an email about top ten reasons that Valentine's Day sucks saying that it was an article my readers would enjoy. Thought it was really weird.
    Glad to know I'm not alone.

  12. I love the stars you put on your puppies pic- so GLAM! You look great in your modeling pic- love the white pants!

    Can't wait for the giveaway! :)

    Let's Teach Something

  13. umm, you look so freaking HOTTT (can i say that) in those white pants!!!!! I would look like I had short white tree trunk legs! work the white pants sister!

    Ms. Rachel’s Room

  14. AND that's the wrong 'your' in that stupid email. I hate that.

  15. I love you Farley...in not a creepy way! You make me smile because you say the things I have to filter! =)

    You and Dori are presh! I will come to SA to eat at Chuy's with you...and I will bring you pizza and say thank you!

    Thank you for blessing my day with smiles! =)

    Heather's Heart

  16. You seriously make me LOL! I have been gushing over your blog all morning.

    Love the scarf (on you and the pup...hilarious!)

    That e-mail was just EW, EW, EW!!! I would have been so upset.

    So glad I found your blog. You make me smile!

  17. Okay,
    A) You're rockin the white jeans:)
    B) Love the necklace....gotta have the necklace.....is that from your friends...is it less than a car payment???? It is awesome!!!!
    C) I don't know your fave bird but I have a cotton candy pink bird....that sounds Farley like....close??? I would so <3 if you would fly here and bring Teeny and Reagan with you and we could have a girls day/week/party:)))

    4th Grade Frolics

  18. I just LOVE reading your posts...Thank you for the laugh. I will def. check out the article that got you all puffed up in anger (seems intriguing).

    The 3AM Teacher

  19. I love your blog! Just had to tell ya! :)

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