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CuRrEnTLy FeBrUaRy

I couldn't wait
I am bored...
I could be doing laundry
really I could be doing laundry
I am sitting here listening to the Super Bowl
I am not really a football fan unless they have a SAINTS uniform on
****bonus points for legit kiss up to my MOM...aka Texas' BIGGEST SAINTS FAN!!!!****
you know the drill..
if you don't know how
Jen from Teachers' Cauldron
has a post on how to do it!!!
and thanks JEN!!!

all of the slots are the same except the last one...
I thought I would get away from the "STALKING" label
because a lot of you guys like to use these with your kiddos
and well
STALKING not so good
and to be honest...
it was just the same ole thing over and over...
I mean how many times can Teeny be stalked
there is only so much to go around and I called dibs on her first
REALLY ask her...
and well I wanted to keep you guys on your toes...
so from now on...
I think I am going to keep that last slot
as a

this month the random blank is
asking about RAK to be done at school
or Random Act of Kindness...
think of it right now
NOT something you ALWAYS DO...
that is not RANDOM
and would not qualify as a RAK
if I ALWAYS bake cookies for my school family
that would NOT be random

if I gave an anonymous gift on some one's desk
with a cute poem that says pass on the kindness
and I have NEVER done that before
that is random

the reason I am picking RAK is because
someone left a cute surprise on my desk last week
a monkey tissue holder
and it had a note BUT no signature
it made my day and so I
passed on the RAK by
giving out 2 anonymous gifts
and I asked them to pass on the kindness too

HEATHER did you pass it on...
I was trying so hard to be anonymous BUT I was caught
HEATHER caught me...
she needed some LOVE
sick baby with fever, new house (short sale...long wait...signed last week FINALLY), and plus let's face it she misses me even though I am right across the hall I MISS HER TOO... teaching in the same grade with her was AWESOME!!!!...sorry HEATHER TMI about you... LOVE YOU GIRL
and the other anonymous gift was a success
at being anonymous
BUT I can probably assume
it was not passed on because
well just trust me... BUT LORD KNOWS that person needed a little nicey nice
LORD KNOWS and so does BABY JESUS!!!
nuff about that

just please make it RANDOM

thank you in advance
and SNICKERS at you if you don't follow the rules
we all know some peeps
do NOT follow the rules
and we can snicker and roll our eyes
but it is OK we still LOVE them
and well they are doing something KIND
not so RANDOM but KIND

on with the show....

here is yours...
I MUSTACHE you a question....
are you jealous of my mustache stamp?

I am loving my mustache stamp so so so much
it is bad because I get a little smirk
when a kiddo gets below a 70
because then I can use it
and it is in my favorite color
I am going to order one that says
something positive
so I can stop felling guilty
about the little teensy bit of JOY
I get from stamping...
shame on me
and to be HONEST
I don't get to use it that much with this class...

and here's a little secret
I am talking to this stamp company about a give away
they said yes... just stamping out the details :) yay

pretty sure that is it
yep got nothing...
OH maybe
I am holding a big sale at my teacher stores
in honor of my blogging birthday...

TPT will only let me go up to 20%
TN is at 50% off
you decide
everything is on sale

and thanks so so so so much to those of you that bought already...
hugs and kisses to you!!!


ok link up and let me say TOODLES
up here....