Mustache you.... want to know a secret

 Did you like my stamp???
remember my mustache stamp???
how could you forget it???
but just in case you did....

and guess what...
i have teamed up with
the BEsTEsT stamp creating genius
to do a give away
and you can have a stamp just like me
with your name on it of course
BUT you are going to have to wait...
because the give away
starts on Valentine's DAY!!!
because I {PUFFY} heart you!!!!
but make sure you have linked up with the
February Currently because that is ONE entry :)

and just
in time for those RAINY DAY
inside recess days
I know we have had a ton
and I live in CENTRAL TEXAS
I made this...
check it out in
TN and TPT
and just to make the end of your SUNDAY
I will give it to the
first 3 people that leave me a comment
with their email address!!!
have a WONDERIFIC week and see ya FO SHO on
Valentine's DAY


Reagan (Tunstall Teaching Tidbits) & I are meeting up again
during our Spring Break...
when do you have Spring Break?
let me know if you are interested
in meeting up with us
we thought the new Cheddars by the Forum
or we could be super COOL and do something at the Pearl....
ooooh i was just there yesterday...
very HIP!!!
just give me an idea
we have SB when it is St Pattys
OK I think that is it!!!



  1. I love that stamp! and Thumb war = flash back!

  2. I can't wait!!!! I am soo excited!!!

  3. I want to meet up! I think your Spring Break might be the week after mine (or it is for my friend who teaches in SA). We have ours March9-18.

    I would love to meet you and Reagan!

    Heather's Heart

  4. I'd love to meet up too! My break is the 12th - 16th, and I'm in Austin - where are y'all, or where do y'all typically meet up? I have really loved getting in to teacher blogging, and it'd be super fun to actually meet some blogging friends in person!

    Keep me posted please! :)

    Happy Valentine's Week!
    Third Grade Teacher Files 

  5. I would so be there over Spring Break...but this girl is going to be in Ireland!!! We must do something again soon though!

  6. I mustache one of your stamps! Cute design. I'm coming to Houston this weekend. But that's too far away from you and too soon for your meet I'll have to skip it this time!!!

  7. Multiplication War AND a moustache stamp in the same post!?! Bananas. I want that stache stamp...

    It's Grow Time!

  8. Can't wait to enter on V-Day for your stamp giveaway!!! I LOVE it.
    Kerry (the twin) and I were talking about meeting you over the summer. She loves you just as much as me!!! :) I'm jealous you and Reagan are meeting up AGAIN. And I still haven't met up once. Waaa. Waaaa. Waaa. I'm tho thad.
    A Teeny Tiny Teacher

  9. I didn't even see this and I didn't know you were in giveaway land already!!! Thanks for being such a good sport. At least I have a shot at winning this! And i love the meet up plan!

  10. Since the first post, I've been in love love love with this AWESOME mustache stamp! I would love a shot at winning one!! :)
    And thumb war? Really?!! ROCKIN!! :)


~ I {PuFFy} HeArT comments!!!! THANK YOU!!!