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Kristen, block partay, and gristmill

so how do you like it?
I am in LOVE LUV {puffy} heart love with my new blog design by

it captures everything Farley
seriously... if you are looking to update your blog
Kristen is your girl
she was FAB times a million
and was able to do every little thing I wanted !!!
here is her blog design blog


School is done!!!
My kiddos took their artwork home
and while it was hanging in the office
Miss Shawna (one of my besties and our school secretary) got tons of compliments
It really did brighten the office up
I think we are going to do this project the first week of school
the kids are going to pick a one little word for the beginning of school
I will have to ask for canvas donations BUT
I think this would be a great activity for the 1st week of school... PLUS it will be like
a bajillion and one degrees outside so it will dry mega fast!!!
these are just thoughts of course

PUH-LEEESE ignore my duh look
I was so so so tired
and it showed
and I still had to go and wrap these up
thank you to Lyssa (my SIL) for helping do that!!!


the last day of school we had our end of the year partay
I was kinda in charge of it...
I was in charge of it
and it was a BLAST
we had the whole patio to ourselves
and at first we didn't but I took care of that
and we also had our own trivia DJ and had a trivia contest
with prizes and everything
here is a pic of me and hubs
no hair is not cut just pulled back it is hot in TEXAS!!!


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