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Miss May, Hotdogs, & SHINE

I hope you guys had a great Memorial Day Weekend...
we did but don't forget... it is not about sales and BBQs
it is about LOVE
love so deep for your country that you are willing to sacrifice your life for it
GOD BLESS our heroes lost and living!!!

here is what the Farley Clan did this weekend!!!

here are a few more pics I wanted to share...

just love this pic

this is MEmow and G-Pa after we ate hotdogs


PART 2 End of Year Art Project!!!
if you missed part one... go to the previous post to check it out
OH and here is the link where I found this IDEA on pinterest... NOT my idea
NOT claiming it as my own...
all credit given to THIS PIN

my surprise is in the making and I can't wait for you to see it!!!