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Mustaches, SOLD ONE, & mystery

You all know I LOVE
the stache...
not sure why...

it might have started when my bee-u-tee-full cousin was getting married and she
got me hooked on these quirky things...
at her rehearsal dinner

I think that is when it started
but then again... I did have props for bubs birthday before that... see my grandparents below
gotta love em
it has taken over my life!!!
I am going to decorate in mustaches next year!!! HA!!
I found a door hanger... actually a friend showed me a door hanger...
big HUGE mustache...

thanks a lot Nicole Shelby for showing me this... now I am obsessed with getting it

I have Crystal from

Kreative in Kinder

making me this.... BUT IN MUSTACHE
I mean come on ... if it is THIS CUTE in western... how cute is a mustache one going to be... REALLY???
check out Crystal's TpT Store by clicking on the pic above :)

I am so obsessed I spent last night into the wee hours of the morning making

I know I have gone too far LOL
but if it makes you happy 

here is the 411 
because I knew some of my peeps would like it too

if you think this is something you might like...
and $3 sounds like a good price...
head on over to my TpT store and check it out :)
click on any of the pics :)

as a matter of fact... I uploaded this to TpT last night
thinking who else loves staches like me BUT what the hay
and I sold one before I went to bed
and I just sold another right now...HOLLA

OK that is about it...
I am pretty sure...
 I am 
working on this fab freebie for when I swap blogs with ???
(insert mystery music)
you'll have to wait and see :)

first three people to email me... it is a pennant at the top with @ on it... and tell me a funny mustache quote will get the mustache pack fo free
Funny like....

OH and if I did a
 show me your stache page... 
would you share a pic? would you???
just another cray cray Farley thought

toodles fo reals