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SUPER STOKED, chippy not dirty, & my Gpa rocks the stache

 Yes this is an advertisement for no other than
ME (but there is more...refer to title)
BUT I just can't help it...

I LOVE this... even if I did make it and I am selling it
(don't hate me)
at first I was gonna make a few for free
BUT then 8 o'clock (PM) turned into 3 o'clock (AM)
holy shnikeys (sh-nike-s)
and well 31 pages later and add a day for staging and picture taking and
WELL YES I am going to sell it and plug it...


if you know me... 
you know I LOVE giving little treats here and there to my kiddos and their parents
AND fellow teachers... 
and well that idea 
sparked THIS

( start the dramatic award music)
I wanted to thank all my friends that helped me make what this is today... I appreciated you taking the time to look over my rough draft  and giving me wonderful critiques... love ya
NOTE - I always send my rough drafts out for people to critique and look over... IMO it is a good way to get a few extra eyes on it 

*****squirrel has left the building*****
back to the TAGS
here is a pic of just a few of them....

 my absolutely adorable always willing to help or else hubs
went on a grocery run with bub to grab these things (below)


 and with some tape and some ribbon
you have SUPER ADORABLE WHO WOULDN'T WANT THESE appreciation gifts

 here are some more pics....
don't you just love the staging... burlap (not ironed...hubs drew the line) on a dinner tray up against my
chippy shabby chic holds all my crafts stuff cabinet
had a fear it looked dirty and wanted to change locations of the shoot...
hubs drew another line.. he usually doesn't draw lines so
I knew he was serious... NO really he just said to do this...
"IT IS CHIPPY NOT DIRTY... it is character NOT dirt"
thanks hubs... they get it
anywho here are more pics
be sure to admire the cuteness
 and here is another example...
all you have to do is get some popcorn and tape
print out and cut out and
UBER CUTENESS and all of a sudden you are the best teacher ever
no really it does help bridge the gap (Reagan's direct quote from her critique) between you and your parents
letting them know you appreciate them
NOTE- if you look on the bottom of the TAG page... I give you ideas of what you can attach the TAGS to...  (((SMILE)))
 I like this one...
now don't go and think you have to give a little treat to ALL of your parents
sometimes I gave one to ALL
BUT most of the time I gave them to parents that went that EXTRA mile (that TAG is in the pack)
it really does let them know you appreciate them...
I tried to hand them out at pick up time or pull the kiddo aside and stuff it in their bag
and tell them
anywho let's be FO REALZ...
you don't give a bone to a bad dog
well maybe sometimes you do...
to win them over... ok bad example BUT maybe a good one too
not everyone gets a gold star
my point is (do I really have a point)
is.... sometimes all get one...BUT most of the time it is just a few special ones

those that are refreshing get more :)

and if you just can't wait  to get your hands on this pack...
just click on the image below...
I showed you about 10 TAGS
there are 25 different TAGS in the pack
that is enough to get you through the whole year
you can use this pack over and over.. year after year


 I am linking up with....
the link tool is NOT working... DRATS
here is the link old school style

 I don't sew... so I can talk about ...make it....bake it... and grow it....
here we go...
here is something else I have been working on...
my FAB VOCAB needs a makeover and so I made this...

chippy not dirty



and she wants us to share a recipe... 
WELL look what's a cookin
if you had smell a blog... you could smell the greatness of this
it is in my crockpot right NOW..
(ok maybe not right now if you are reading this tomorrow or later BUT ya get it right??)

you can use less water... but hubs turns the liquid into gravy dip stuff... so we use 2 cups just FYI
 ***** squirrel*****
this squirrel is all over the place... CRAY CRAY
anyways another thing I can share is what I am growing or a growing trick...
well here is what is growing in my back yard
 don't let it fool ya... 
this is a container pond... made from a horse trough...
anyways it doesn't require much...
I have had it for over 5 years and now it is established... the lilies come back every year... the gold fish and koi eat all the mosquito larva and whatever else... so I don't have to feed them... it is its own little habitat... self efficient....
and the lily blooms usually only last a day 
so consider yourself lucky that I saw it
grabbed my camera
took a pic
and uploaded it for you to see too...
you are welcome
and now for my growing trick...

straight from Gpa's mouth....
if you don't want the critters to mess with your tomato plants... hang RED Christmas Ball Ornaments on them
before the REAL ones grow... the critters will try to get the ball ornaments and  that way the critters think the real ones are FAKE too...
I love Gpa's advice... 
well maybe not all of his advice...
measure it once
and measure it again... because once you cut it there is no going back...
and might I add my Gpa cut his thumb off one time... using a SAW...OUCH
not really the whole thumb BUT ENOUGH of the thumb you can tell he CUT IT OFF... 
so he might want to add 
measure it once and measure it again and get your fingers out of the way... because once you cut it off there is no GROWING back....

 and not to mention Gpa and Gma are super cool too :)

OK that is about it... I am SUPER STOKED about my TAG pack...
I mean really excited... 
click on pic to head to TpT

??????question time??????
Do you give special treats out?
Did you understand it is CHIPPY not DIRTY?
Are my grandparents cool or what?
Have you linked up with 
YOU SHOULD the prize is FAB!!! (((Crossing my fingers to WIN that)))



  1. Yes, your gramps are way cool. Yes, I get that it's chippy, not dirty {duh}. And yes, for special treats...although, I usually do the same things over and over. {BLECK}. Your tag pack is in my cart as of now...well, 5 seconds from now ;)

    The Learning Tree

  2. My grandparents are the bomb!! My granny comes every year on the first day to help me with my babies and they both come help me throughout the year. They also constantly make whatever it is I think of that we need...they're the best!
    Mrs. Plant's Press

  3. Your grandparents are super cool! I love the gift card pack. I just out it in my cart too.

    1. thanks so much... I really appreciate it :)

  4. Your pack looks great :) I found a very similar recipe to yours on Pinterest, but I was a bit worried because it didn't use water. I am going to have to try your method with water :) Thanks for sharing. :)

    My (Not So) Elementary Life

    1. no water??? hmm... hubby would die if it didn't have his dippy juices/ gravy stuff LOL

  5. I love your gardening tip from your gpa. What fun grandparents you have. I can't wait to check out your new packets. They look wonderful.

  6. Love the pack! I can't wait to play around with it!

    ✪ Miss W

    Miss W Teaches

  7. I ADORE your chippy, shabby cabinet! That is my kind of decor!!! I'm all about shabby chic and chippy paint!!!!! Cute little gifts and tags too! Thanks for sharing!

    Waving from The Teacher's Chatterbox,

  8. You are SO funny! Your grandparents look like they are awesome and fun! I haven't seen my grandparents in a few years (they're in NJ) so I miss them lots. I love your tags- they are oodles of cute! I'm adding this to the wishlist for the near future. Thanks Farley!
    Learning Is Something to Treasure

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Love all the ideas! Thanks for sharing!! If it wasn't 95 degrees right now, I would definitely try the pot roast recipe!
    Special Teaching in the Middle

  10. First, love the that the grandparents got into the stache thing!

    I like your shabby chic cabinet :)

    Journey of a Substitute Teacher
    Endless Pinabilitites!

  11. Oh how I wish we could give out anything of minimal nutritional value (Yes that is what they call all the yummy stuff!)...but we can't...even to parents...otherwise I'd be all over your tags!

    1. boo to that... we can hand out junk food after the bell :)and as long as they take it home to eat :)

  12. This pack is too cute!!! Love the family pics!

    First Grade and Fabulous

  13. I already told you this, but I'll say it again---these tags are so so smart!!!!

  14. Coolest grandparents EVER! I wonder if I could get my grandparents to stache...

    I LOVE LOVE your necklace!!

  15. I love the tags!!! Totally PRESH!

  16. I have given you the One Lovely Blog award. Check out my blog to collect it!

    Fun 4th Resources

  17. Um, I am going to be the FAVORITE TEACHER IN THE WHOLE SCHOOL because I am going to buy those tags!! Sha-ZAM! You are brilliant. Toad-ally brillant.

    And P.S. I found the best birthday card EVER at Target. Farley, you need to RUN to Target and get this card. It is a vibrating singing pink mustache! I will post it on my blog so you can check out the awesomeness.

    Peacocks and Penguins - 4th Grade

  18. I have awarded you the LOVELY BLOG AWARD!! Stop by my blog to pick it up!! :)


  19. These gift tags are sooooooo cute!!! I'm now the proud new owner of them :)
    Your Gparents are too sweet! Love their staches!

  20. I love the gift tag pack! Super cute to use in so many ways!


  21. Love it!!! The mini-drink mixes are so easy to do. Plan on making some up for helpers next year. Thanks for sharing :)

    Every New Beginning

  22. I love your grandparents....that picture is one you will treasure forever! =)

    Heather's Heart


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