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Spirit Monkey, LIKE & Tag, and Currently

Have you seen these things???
They are Ah-Mazing!!!
My school is about to go bananas over these!!!
What are they?

created by a teacher
of course
these are the newest and greatest things around
how do they work?
different ways
they are incentives to
bring things back like signed papers or library books
they can help with attendance, food drives, or PTO membership
they encourage good behavior and good grades
they can be awards for joining clubs and having good manners
SO MUCH these STICKS can do...

first your students need the spirit stick key ring
(which you can sell and use that profit to fund your sticks)
and then you order some sticks that you can give away

these honor roll sticks
each color represents a six week period


PTO can give these away when the parents join


perfect attendance sticks can be given out
every 6 weeks too
THEN you can pick some STICKS that you can sell
you want to make these limited edition so they are special and the kiddos want them
you sell them for $1 each
the sales of these helps offset the cost of the ones you give away
examples of some we are going to sell are:

this set has one stick per month...
so what we are going to do is sell the apple one only in August
and then the leaf in Sept. and the Pumpkin in Oct.

here are a few more we want to sell


Boo Spirit Sticks C

and then there are these..

 and these

I am telling you these are the newest incentives
and the kids are going to go CRAY CRAY over them

Spirit Monkey
is making me a deal

if I can get 200 people to head on over to their FB page
and LIKE their page AND tag themselves in the pic below
they will not only give one of the new followers 200 Spirit Key Rings
BUT I get 200 for my school too!!!
you tag yourself in the pic
*****UPDATE AS OF 3:58pm on 6-4-2012******
the pic is NOT allowing anymore TAGs
because too many tags are on it
 so LIKE the picture
and be sure to
thanks for your understanding!!! love ya

SO head on over to SPIRIT MONKEY's FB PAGE
by clicking on the pic below
and look around... leave a note that I sent YA

While you are there... tell them FARLEY sent ya!!!
remember 200 is the magic number
look around when you go over there
they post new pics regularly so make sure you look under wall pictures to find
the pic above 


it is that time again...

 the last question is ALL about trips
WISH you could go here
WENT here this hear
WANT to go here this summer

I would LOVE to go to the Galapagos Islands
trouble is I am scared to fly and I think I have to get to Ecuador and well that ain't gonna happen
and then you have to cruise to the islands and I read a really
upsetting article about how tourism is
ruining the islands and well I won't support that

I went to Rockport, TX this year
it was possibly the best weekend trip I have taken with my little fam of 3

I want to head to The Sip (Mississippi) this summer
a LOT of my fam lives there and they have NOT seen bub
so hubs and I are working out the details for this to happen
and if it does I am sure you will see pics!!!

OK here is yours....
BEFORE I let you link up
look over on my sidebar and do not forget to join the Teacher Block Partay
click on your grade level and LINK up!!!
don't forget to head on over to Spirit Monkey's FB page and LIKE and TAG
it is so worth it :)