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Excuses, Excuses, and Stealing from other blogs

Ok what excuse do I have this time...
I haven't even blogged about the meet-up
insert L on my forehead
I have been CRAY CRAY BUSY
I have a house I want to put on the market
a MIL moving in with me
a tot that wants to take over the world
and well a SUMMER that is flying BY...
so let me think of some excuses I can give YA..
hmmmmm please hold while I think of something....
start elevator music
(me thinking of an excuse for not blogging)
(you still waiting)
OK I don't have one... OK maybe I have 2....

ONE is I was a Camp Counselor at Camp Invention
yeppers I was back at school... with an invention camp...
it was really fun BUT long BUT really fun...
we had about 40 kiddos and they were divided into 4 groups...
it lasted all day
they got breakfast and lunch
each group would rotate to 4 different activities
I was in charge of Invertoreaka...
it was really neat!!!
here are some pics...
I wouldn't be Farley if I didn't give you pics RIGHT!!!

Let me tell you what my activity was before I break out the pics... that way you don't think they just made up junk with lots of duct tape and recycled stuff

DAY ONE - look at the hot air balloon and how it has evolved through the years...
start sketching and making an invention that will help out something...
can only use materials provided and tape... NO GLUE
materials were like recycled materials and foam and other junk :)

DAY TWO - look at the history of the photograph and play around with photo luminescent  phosphorus paper and black lights.... SOOOOPER COOL!!!
the kiddos had to make or add ONE improvement to their invention

DAY THREE - look at smash up inventions like the SPORK and clock radio... or even a pencil... talk about how combining these separate inventions helped create an even better invention!!! (to me the SPORK is debatable on being better)
I had to group them into 3 or 4s and they had to figure out how to SMASH UP their inventions in order to make a better invention... this was hard for some that were attached to their original invention... there were tears... INSERT sad face

DAY FOUR - talk about audience... we compared the different audiences that buy various video games... little girls around the age of 8 are not likely to buy a game geared towards a teenage boy... we talked about why and how game developers have to know their audience... THEN they had to draw an audience out of a hat and change their invention to suit their NEW audience... this caused more tears BUT was a great lesson... BUT it didn't end there... they also got a list of materials and they had to rank  from 1 to 10
ONE being the material they would MOST love to have for their invention and 10 being least like to have for their invention all while thinking about their audience... THEN I gave them their TOP TWO items and they had to somehow include them into their new and improved... audience geared invention

DAY FIVE - finish invention prototypes and create a blueprint with labels... the blueprints were rushed because let's face it... we spent a TON of time on our prototypes :)

SO here are the pics and I will try to tell you what got smashed up :)
This is the Secret Alarm Bird Feeder with a 3d mirror... It started out with an automatic bird feeder and a 3d mirror and then their audience had to be police and they had to use bells and a flashlight and so they ended up with a bird feeder that senses robberies and will sound an alarm with a 3d mirror because bird like to look at themselves

Rob Bot can help cops in persnickety situations... started out as a robot that helps with chores and a voice activated trashcan... their audience was police and they had to use a flash light and a hand grabber

custom fishing rod maker.... started out as a customized bowling ball hole driller and an automatic panting brush... they had sailors for their audience and so changed to fishing poles... it will create a customized pole just for you... had to use patterned duct tape and a hand grabber

 undercover cop spy glasses...started as a deep sea fishing glasses so you can spy fish deep under water and a toothbrush that automatically fills with toothpaste... they had police for their audience and had to use a flashlight and a hand grabber... the toothbrush is attached to the opposite side of the flashlight and now fills with soap for bad guys with bad language... you can wash out their mouths

Gardener Hat... was once an army hat complete with night vision googles, a radio and mic... and it was smashed with a rocket launching hovercraft... well just the rocket launcher... they were super sad when they grabbed... gardener... and now you have a seed launcher and root growth googles and a weed muncher... they had to use a flashlight and a hand grabber

one of my FAVES... a Sea World First Aid Kit for animal transportation... this use to be a voice activated robot, a sea turtle nesting protector, and a bird broken wing helper... they smashed together their 3 inventions to make a beach first aid kit for animal lovers... you see an injured beach animal and tell your kit what the problem is and it will supply you with the materials and directions to fix it... then they drew PILOT... TEARS AND TEARS AND TEARS... finally someone came up with a SEA WORLD PILOT would need this... AHHHHHH that is the singing of angels because the SMILES came... 

this was inside the kit... they had to use a arm grabber and a flashlight

this was the arm grabber tuned into a penguin... so it could feed penguin babies in need and they wouldn't get use to humans

tweezers out of coffee stirrers and duct tape... inside were also band aids, a suture kit, and shots... can you tell this group has a HUGE HEART for animals... THO SWEET

this was NOT an invention BUT a team building activity for breakfast... they had to make a team mascot monster using only 2 rolls of tape... LOVED THIS

adding the finishing touches to this one legged mascot monster

this was NOT my orange team's BUT it is my FAVE... it has a THUMBS up and a MUSTACHE... OH YEAH

another activity was they had to create a person out of recycled materials... my orange team made ME!!!

back to my inventions... this Fish Catcher was formally 4 different inventions... it was a lamp that also warmed your house, a voice activated tape dispenser, a snack dispenser, and a heart shaped cookie maker... when they mashed it up they created an automatic voice activated heart shaped cookie dispenser... then they pulled sailor as their audience and came up with this fish catcher that also cooks your fish for you... they had to use an arm grabber and a flashlight... I liked this one because they smashed ALL FOUR group members' inventions into one!!! YEAH!!!

not my activity BUT cool nonetheless is this... magnetroplisis... they had to create a portion of Magnetropolis with roads and an assigned function... such as housing, stores, entertainment, hospital, boat ports... when put together it forms a city... MAGNETROPOLIS... and the cars and whatever else needs to move on this city has to be powered by magnets... so cool

 I also got my hair done...
my hair diva added some red and magenta streaks... LOVE IT.. and so did the campers... they think I am cool *wink*

I also did some of my second job...
Bless Your Heart...

 and now that the excuses are out of the way... I can give you my pics from the blogger meet up!!!


it was 5003 degrees outside and I took this pic of myself of course... before I completely melted.. 

someone brought these FAB mustache finger tats... oh that was me... here is Lorraine modeling her fantastic tat!!! LOVE IT!!!

more finger staches were modeled by Erica and Heather.... oh and check out the chips and queso... YUMMY!!!

and these fine ladies... are even finer with their tats... we have Jessica, Swersty, and Squirrels

this was like our SUPER POWERS UNITE... pose... I think I might actually get this tat... OK maybe not

me again... with my AH-SOME mustache TAT!!!

we had door prizes... look at the excitement... this heat might have been a prelude to Crystal's vacay dehydration episode... JUS SAYN

look what Heather won

and Swersty

after sweating buckets and laughing a bazillion times we headed across the street to do a little site seeing.. and of course we all ended up in the book section... and this is where a blogger went missing BUT all is well

this is Squirrels, me, and Reagan at the VERY END... saying good night after a very fun and eventful evening!!!

here are the thingy ma jigs from all the peeps that were present... I completely stole ALL of this from Crystal... thanks GURL!!!

We also had a few non bloggers join us.. Crystal and Megan... it was a blast thanks to everyone that came and helped plan this... especially Reagan!!! LOVE YA!!!
Erica from Sprinkles in Kindergarten

Reagan from Tunstall’s Teaching Tidbits
Squirrels form Going Nutty
Lorraine from Fabulous 4th grade Froggies
Fabulous 4th Grade Froggies
Sheri from Swersty’s Swap Shop


Laral from Little Miss Kindergarten
  Little Miss Kindergarten 
 Jessica from Glitzy in 1st Grade

Glitzy in 1st Grade

Heather from Heather’s Heart

Heather's heart

Crystal from Kreative in Kinder

Kreative in Kinder
OK I stole this pic too because I didn't get a good group pic... thanks Crystal... AGAIN!!!
and then I stole this one from Reagan because I didn't get this group pic either... I was fascinated by Lorraine's son's shoes... I am easily distracted and then the poor kid had to take like a thousand pics of us all with different phones and cameras and what nots and in my head I was like
should I ask him... OK no
and then by the time I thought I would ask him people were scattering and well then I just thought I would steal one off a blog and then
all of you guys added this cute border so then I had to go and give you LOTS of credit and admit I stole them :) and then their lies more excuses... OH WELL
... thanks girls!!!

and well that is about it... I am leaving you with no parting shot... no words of wisdom and well really nothing but...