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tara, GAK, and Whackity Whack

so I promised my bloggy friend Tara I would join her party LIKE YESTERDAY...
I am a really bad bloggy friend.....
I am just now getting to it (9:15 pm)
JUST NOW...but
I do  have a really big and pretty cool project in the works as we speak
but while I am waiting for the paint to dry and I still have to get other what nots for it
I'll let you know what I have been up to...
let the excuses fly
let's start with today...
 this is me before jury duty.... YUCK
 and this is me AFTER jury duty... done and happy to go home
even though I am home RIGHT NOW and my air is not working..
OH it is blowing but NOT cold air... we have a call
A FEW CALLS into air conditioner people and no responses YET...
hello I am hot...
hello I don't like sweating
and just in case you did not see the news... our temp got to 105 today...WHAT???
YES ONE HUNDRED FIVE!!! so I am one HOT MAMA fo sho

OK now let me show you what I did yesterday...
 we went to go and look at my new jeep...
BUT that is ALL we did...
 it is hard to tell in this pic but that BAD BOY is
SUPER HIGH off the ground
there is NO running board or any type of step thingy to help me get in
I went to go look at it in a dress and I couldn't get in without showing my valuables...
hey maybe that would have given me a discount.. who knows... BUT anywho...
we left without a new car... WHAAAA... this car just screams my name and I was SUPER SAD to leave it
IT is what IT is
after thinking about it..
my mom and gma and other family members probably would not be able to ride with me EVA...
even if I added a running board or step up
so THO SAD but I am over it...
ok one more thing about that car... the color is called MANGO TANGO!!!
ok now I am over it

NOW I have 2 things for Tara's
one is this activity I did with Bub...
let me set this up for you...
COVER the TABLE... it can get messy... well with a 3 year old at least
if you look in the background you can see my big project hiding behind my buffet
 Now gather your supplies...
liquid starch
measuring cups (my mixing cups ROCK they are russian nesting dolls LOVE THEM)
mixing spoon
food coloring
and one cute kid (sorry mine is taken)
 you will mix even proportions glue to liquid starch
we did one cup to one cup

 mix together well
 we divided ours out into 3 different bowls

 add a few drops of food coloring and mix well
 looking at his GAK... ours was a little RUNNY so....
 I grabbed more glue and added a blob (technical measuring term right?)
 and WHA LAAA... we have GAK
doesn't it look disgusting...
it looks like this because we used mostly clear glue and a blob of regular glue
 he started playing with it... and it was a little sticky
 bub made this and I said it looks like green eggs...
he said chickens don't have green eggs...
OBVIOUSLY I haven't read the book to him...
note to self... read bub Green Eggs and Ham
 Bub likes to mix better than playing with the GAK
 he decided he didn't really like the sticky feeling...
I made him hold the GAK like this to show how goopy it is
NOTE... because I figured there might be questions... the map in the background I took out of the dumpster at school OK REALLY I had our super awesome now retired will never be replaced custodian do it for me and I LOVE IT... the VP used it as a reading incentive... each grade level had a hot wheel car with velcro and every friday the grade level chair had to send the VP the total number of minutes the kids in that grade level read at home... the cars traveled around the map visiting all the major cities in Texas based on the number of minutes they read... pretty cool huh?  The first grade level back to San Antonio wins!!! of course we WON!!! when the VP left this got thrown out... and now it hangs in my dining room... yep that's how I roll... :)
******* squirrel *******
back to the GAK
can't you tell he is tortured by the stickiness???
and when it was all over...
i had a big mess... and one sticky boy who required a bath...

all in all he had a blast...
we put the GAK in a bowl with a lid and it got less sticky
I think this activity was a BUST
BUT with older kids it might work better... JMO


I am REALLY excited about these next things...

here is the new game I made....

 here is a little preview of what all is inside...
flashcards, game pieces, game boards...
the object of the game is to answer the subtraction problem correctly and then try to whack your opponents gopher by calling out a coordinate... like (a,1)
it is similar to the classic battleship... but cuter and with math facts...
 Whackity Whack
don't look back
because there is more than just SUBTRACT...

that was my lame attempt at rapping...
throw your duece up and it could be slightly rapper-ish... right!!!
ok NO
but never fear peeps... I made
this too
because I LOVE YOU
I bundled them...
for a reduced price you could get both...
it saves to BUNDLE :)

 and that is NOT all...
I have this for the older kids...

OK if you are interested in the games above... I have them in both stores!!!

 and because this heat is getting to my head...or I am just nice... or I am still distraught over my mango tango issue... or I LOVE YOU.... or all of the above!!!
anywho the whackity whack  games are on sale for tonight and tomorrow only :)

well I think that is about it...
we just got a call and the air guy will be here at midnight... ( it is 10 PM now)
I will wake up in a cool house... well it better be a COLD HOUSE!!!
alrighty... that is it
if you haven't seen Tara's
you need to head over there... RIGHT NOW
there are some REALLY FAB crafts... I am sure they are ALL over Pinterest by now...
really head on over and enter!!!


OOOPS one more thing...


go check this out... it is going to be so much fun!!!
click on the pic to go get more details :)



  1. Wow!!! You have such creative ideas :) Love your sunglasses- where did you get them?

    Every New Beginning

    1. thanks... I got them at Bless Your Heart in bracken tx.. MY FAVORITE STORE

  2. You are adorable! Going to check out whackity whack games....


  3. Let me reiterate... I LOVE your hair!
    That mango-tango jeep really does scream your name.
    I'm impressed with your GAK experience... that did look pretty messy.
    I LOVE your Whackity Whack Pack {rhymes better than bundle, so that's what I'm callin' it ;-P } - I'm off to your store!
    Hope things are cooling down for you.
    ❤Dragonflies in First ❤

  4. GIRLFRIEND!! My husband and I own and operate an HVAC company in AZ!! You give me a call and we will troubleshoot this issue and get your A/C fixed tonight!!! You are in Texas, right?

    One more thing, I think we should have a contest on who can come up with the best bloggy no-show excuse!! BWAHAHAHA!!! I am right there with you, but I have been crazy busy and when I am not busy...the pool looks too tempting and the office just seems like a dungeon...)-; I need to get my fanny in gear and get some new product out there like pronto...I am slipping far far away...hehehehe

    Seriously, call me about your A/C!! Our business line in (623) 451-4549 and you can call anytime. It is 9:50 pm right now, but I am always awake....We obviously can't get you a replacement part from where we are at, but we can troublshoot and walk you through a couple of steps because it could be something you can fix without a part. If not, we can direct you as to what to tell your A/C company out there. Plus Also (in my Junie B voice), tell them you know people who own an HVAC company and that you will be checking to make sure they don't over-charge you...hahaha!!

    The 3AM Teacher
    Visit My TPT Store
    Visit My FB Page

  5. That Wakity Wack game looks so cute! I think I'm going to have to go get it.
    Adventures in Room 5

  6. Yipee!!!!! You linked:))) The wait was well worth it for me! Your posts are such a riot!!! LOL about showing your valuables....it's a bummer, that little number does scream FARLEY but your are right, hardly anyone would be able to ride with you and might be a big ole pain trying to get your little in and buckled...Your Gak experience looked, well, yes messy but more than that, FUN!!!! Thanks for linking up my friend:) Now going to check out those adorable math packs:)

    4th Grade Frolics

  7. Oh I love the Mango Tango jeep (and the name!)

    Your little one's expression with the GAK cracks me up.

    And I love the map :)

    Journey of a Substitute Teacher
    Endless Pinabilitites!

  8. OH that jeep is almost as awesome as its name! Our kids love gak too...we use Borax and glue instead of liquid starch. What a fun way to beat the heat! :)

    Christy & Tammy

  9. I hope your A/C is fixed by the time you read this comment! Your little guy is the cutest thing ever! Looks like he had fun posing for your pictures! Love the GAK idea & your whackity whack packs! I'm headed to check it out now.
    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  10. Love your little guy! I'm going to look at the whackity whack treasures!! Yippee!

  11. We just had our upstairs AC unit fixed, too! No fun paying the repair bill, but living in Central Texas, we don't really have a choice, do we?! Love the GAK...
    Swersty’s Swap Shop

  12. I love reading your blog, so I'm awarding you the Versatile Blogger award. Check my blog to see the rules you need to follow!!
    Third Grade Love

  13. I just wanted to comment to say you are the CUTEST!!

    I've been following your for a while but I (re)found you at Will Blog for Coffee!!


  14. I'm your newest follower! Great blog! Thanks for the great ideas. I am a new blogger so I am excited to read more of yours.

    Fancy Free in Fourth

  15. How adorable is he!?!?!?!?!


    Jessica Stanford
    Mrs. Stanford's Class
    I hope that you'll join me for my giveaway ♥


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