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August Currently

Can you believe it...
some of you are already back at school... I am so sorry!!!
I am thinking where did JULY go???
Am I the only one???

thanks to this month's sponsor...

If You Mustache, I {heart} Teaching

such a cute blog and Miss Emerald is the SWEETEST!!!

so pretty much I think everything is pretty self explanatory...
NEEDING is about my classroom...
some of my tiles were messed up during the summer cleaning so they have to replace them...
my room is a mess
furniture is everywhere
it will get done... 
my mamma, dad, and hubs have been up there helping me get stuff done... 
I couldn't do it without them

I'll post pics next week...
if you follow me on Insta... 
I have already shown some of  the things I have been working on 
hurry grab your phone before you forget and follow me!!!
I think you can do it on your puter too but it isn't the same...
ok I will wait..... go follow me

you done yet...
ya following yet???

********* squirrel**********
now entering a shameless plug
beginning NOW....
 many of you know about my CURRENTLY for the Classroom...
if you don't now you do...
it is designed for you to use in your classrooms :)
from pretty colored pages to very ink friendly versions
anywho click on the pic and go check it out...

BUT... I have another one...
this one is filled with 25 of the past CURRENTLY templates... yeppers...
I picked the CURRENTLYS that had appropriate questions and put them in a product for you...
they print out beautifully because... they are the FULL color versions...
click on the pic to check it out

******** shameless plug over*****

so you ready for your template??
first let me lay down the law...
you know they put those warning labels on sctuff because somebody did it...dumby
well I'm laying the law... because somebody done gone and done it...dumby

when you link up...
please link up to the specific post that has your CURRENTLY
do not link to your store
do not link to your blog homepage
do not link to TEN random pages on your blog (and you never even did the CURRENTLY at all...
I caught your booty and deleted all of them... dumby)
and if it happens again... I will just leave you up a little for others to notice and then send you a nice note and then DELETE...
swoosh be gone...
ain't got time for that

with that being said...
do the rule of 3
look at the 2 links ahead of you and comment on them
and then look at the link after you and comment...
of course you can comment on any and all you want 
and please purty please 
make them meaningful comments...
like you actually read their posts *wink*
ya know what I mean *wink*

and before I  leave you with your template...
if you have no clue how to do this...
there is a TAB at the top of my blog that says CREATIONS
click on it...
and you will see links on how to join the party

ok phewwww... that is done
and now here ya go


  1. Not a shameless plug!!! I was hoping you'd have something like that anyway- because last month I was thinking "Heather, you really should have this in your classroom". And admittedly, I did say it out loud to myself. I'm in a house with my nutty mother and three children. I AM the only person to talk to around here... I thought of you when I posted on instagram this morning: What's the cheapest type of meat? Deer Balls. They're under a buck.

    I'm in rural VA. Deer jokes are a total thing here. #maybetheyshouldntbe. Anyway- love your hipster deer. I'm off to go do the currently!
    The Meek Moose

  2. You are so lucky to have all of that help in your classroom! I've been doing most by myself, but I'm pregnant now so I can do a few hours then I need to stop! LoL! I'm lucky enough that my mom is going to come help me a bit next week to hang the high stuff that requires ladders and such.

    What a cute idea to use "Currently" in a classroom! LOVE IT! Keep those shamless plugs going!!


  3. Your new Currently template looks adorable!! :) I can't wait to see your classroom finished!!

    A Sunny Day in First Grade

  4. I agree with you, I definitely need to make these last few days of summer count, especially since my birthday is one of them!
    I wanted to comment on your page because I saw you are going to the blogger meet up in ATX and I am so excited to meet you! :) We live so close and it's crazy that I read your blog quite often and have no idea who you are in person!!!

    Can't wait!!
    Mrs. Thomas's Class

    1. you are so sweet... I am excited for the meet up in Austin... it is going to be so FUN!!!

  5. I was sweating whether I'd get to link up! Game tonight and then early! morning. But I didn't want to bug you! Love you, girl!

    Krazy Town

    1. i love you too... and I will see you at the booty crack of dawn... because I am driving you crazies to the airport

  6. OK...I'm finally linking back up after many months! Thanks for the great link up...as always!

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. If you go to the top of my blog and click on the creation tabs... there are links to directions on how to do it in there and please only link up once.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. I am sorry it didn't work out for you... I have deleted your links and hope you try it again next month.

  8. Loved using the Currently's in the Classroom with my students! Great way to really get to know your kiddos!
    See you in Austin!
    The Techie Playground 

  9. Thank you so much for doing this - I have seen your currentlys on pinterest many times and wished I could use them for scrapbooks! Now that I have started blogging (almost 1 week in!) I was thrilled to realized I could link up for this - and now you have the forms on TPT! This is a dream come true!

  10. Thank you for hosting my favorite blog party. It must be frustrating to have to check on the people who link up. I look forward to reading other posts and seeing what other teachers are doing and making new friends.
    Thank you,
    Artistry of Education

  11. Family helping in and out of my classroom is a TRADITION for me! Just yesterday, my 22-year-old daughter laminated my new calendar set and on Monday she is coming to school with me to purge the file drawers of worksheets left from prehistoric teaching times! I tend to SAVE when I should not, so she is going to do a clean sweep for me!

    The tooth fairy used to bring silver dollars back in my day.....and my Dad used to yank our teeth out with dental floss tied around them....but it hurt......so let Bubs just finally fall out while eating an apple or corn-on-the-cob! Last year the going rate for lost teeth was anywhere from $1 to $5!

    As always, thanks for the fun monthly link up! I just love reading as many as I can! Best wishes as you head into a fresh new year! May both your classroom and your home get put back in order in record time!

    Stories and Songs in Second

  12. Awww! The Tooth Fairy! The rate around here is anywhere between $1-5. But the Tooth Fairy ALWAYS wraps loose change in the dollar(s). Then my kids have to count how much. Once, my daughter lost her tooth on the eve of her birthday and the Tooth Fairy gave her $6.18! Her birthday is 6/18 ;)

  13. The Tooth Fairy pays $5 per tooth around here. Except 1 time she paid $10 (which we are guessing was because she didn't have change and we were in another country). Glad to hear (from IG) that the dentist appointment went well. Enjoy these last few days! Thanks for hosting as always!
    Funky First Grade Fun

  14. Our tooth fairy pays $20 for the first tooth, we think she was low on change that time, but precedent was set...lol. After the first one she leaves $5. That's so great that the whole family pitches in to help get your room arranged. Thanks so much for always hosting this fun linky.

    Luv My Kiinders

  15. I love how you added a 'squirrel' to your post... :) Made me smile big. I have followed you on Instagram, and am looking forward to the room reveal! Looks like you're making some good progress!
    Mrs. Bentin's Blackboard

  16. Make those last days count! That's my motto right now. It's hard to force myself away from the computer, where I want to create all sorts of goodies for the new year, but I know that I must treasure these final days! I'm glad you plugged your resources. I just added one to my cart!

    Thanks again for always hosting what has become my favorite monthly linky!

    Mrs O Knows

  17. For the first tooth, the tooth fairy leaves a gold dollar coin. After that, she leaves $1 per tooth. Once, my daughter had to have four teeth pulled at the same time and she left her $10. I think the tooth fairy felt sorry for all the pain she went through! I've got four kids, so I don't appreciate all the fairies that leave $5 or more per tooth and set the expectations so high! hahaha

    I've enjoyed seeing your room on Instagram! Looking good!

  18. Oh I just love your sassy lil butt! You make me laugh! The tooth fairy used to leave a dollar for me back in the day...I had some beautiful pearly whites! Best of luck as you get your classroom done...I've got this huge urge to paint part of my room. Yikes!
    Short and Sassy Teacher

  19. I think our tooth fairy was on strike when I was 5... I didn't get anything haha!!
    Have fun getting your new room sorted! Can't wait to see the updates.

    Learning to be awesome

  20. Wish I wasn't traveling today. Sorry I missed currently. I'm currently in Montana thinking about the beautiful mountains and loving the weather. It's so nice compared to the humidity in Florida. I go back August 12th and the kids come on the 19th. The tooth fairy use to bring me sparkly dollar bills.

  21. So excited to join the Currently party...I'm new to this. So sorry to hear about your flood...hope everything returns to normal soon. I adore your spunk and enjoy your blog. Thanks for sharing.

    your WORDS Diary of a First Grade Teacher

  22. Hey ya, Farley! Thank goodness you keep those tutorials up on your blog... I've got a new laptop, operating system and apps, and errr... nothing is easy. I look forward to your Currently every month. And Rule of THREE? HA, more like rule of twenty three for me. I love seeing what everyone is up to, even as I should be doing OTHER stuff. I live down in these blog rabbit holes :) See ya around. Kathleen

  23. Hurray for the Tooth Fairy! I always got a dollar for each tooth. Once I had 4 pulled by the dentist and it hurt bad since they didn't numb me up correctly. So she took pity on me and gave me an extra dollar for that. :) Thanks for this awesome link up!
    Mrs. Landry's Land of Learning

  24. So I'm new to blogging and I linked up, then it took me forever to do my currently. Hopefully next month I'll get it right :)

  25. I FINALLY linked up for August my friend!! It might make you smile to know that your monthly Currently link up is now one of my monthly Blogging goals!! HA!! I can tell that you are in full throttle school mode... I can't say that I miss those days, but I do miss having a classroom to decorate and meeting a new group of kids each year!! Thank you putting this together!!

    The 3AM Teacher

  26. When I was little the tooth fairy paid $1, but now she pays $5. Inflation I guess. She has even paid for a shark tooth from the beach.


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