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CURRENTLY (command + C)

If you have followed me for a long time...
or maybe even a little...
you know I do NOT hold my feelings back...
it is something I am constantly working on personally and socially!!!
I have made great strides in holding my tongue...
BUT sometimes there comes a time where the truth and I mean the HONEST truth needs to be told...
I told myself when I started this blog I was going to do it
just like me
I speak from the heart... ALWAYS
I tell the truth
I speak my mind...
however ghetto fabulous the lingo is or snarky my opinions might be... or lack of sentence structure...
it is me

I want you to read it like we were having a nice conversation at lunch...
the conversation we are about to have would probably be better suited with an adult beverage and some chips and queso and maybe some dessert... I am a stress eater
I have tried my darndest to keep to that...
I also have tried really really hard to keep it less LOOK AT MY PRODUCT
and more just sharing the knitty gritty with a splash of look at this and a monthly dose of a partay

I am not... a big seller...
and maybe that might surprise some of you...
I have been on TpT since 2009 and I just hit my first...
YES FIRST milestone... last week I think...
I am grateful for every single cent that comes our way and thank my lucky stars to be in the
TpT community
it has blessed us in many ways... including... helping me become a mamma to BUB!!!!

 I take great pride and joy in my products...
and I think that is why it upsets me so much when I see something that looks so similar to mine...

and so grab your beverage my friend...
it's a long one...

for several months now I have noticed an upswing in products similar to mine...
one in particular...
one I hold near and dear to my heart...
and let me be HONEST there have been several DIFFERENT people
I don't go trolling TpT looking for stray copy cats...
I just don't have time for that...
family comes first
about 99% of the time my loyal followers... aka blog buddies contact me and fill me in...
I really appreciate this... even though it leads me into a whirlwind of  sadness, madness, and confusion and let's face it betrayal
oh and I am a stress eater sooo... great....
it basically makes me a nervous wreck... seriously it does...
i have issues... i know

I usually contact the sellers and voice my concerns...
some graciously apologize and quickly remove their products... thank you
while others fight back and force me to take other avenues...

one of the ways they fight back
and this finger pointing has happened several times...
is to inform me that CURRENTLY was originated in the scrapbooking (slash) smashbooking world...
and it is NOT my original idea...
in an effort to make their copying ok... they throw this my way...
here is my answer to that...  and to squash this excuse...

here's proof!!!

after a little bit...
and after lots of reading up on the RIGHT WAY to give credit for PINS and what not...
I got a little nervous that I had done something wrong...
I was brand spanking new to the blogger world and
I thought maybe I had stolen something and was feeling very guilty...
I get like that...
if you really know me
you know I WORRY about everything... issues I tell ya
(might be why I am writing this)
so any who...
I wrote an email to my PINspiration, apologizing if I had done anything wrong, thanking her for her comment, and asking her about CURRENTLY

in a nutshell...
she wrote back stating that she was happy with what I had done
and thanked me for giving credit and a link and that she had no idea where the CURRENTLY trend had originated...
the basic format had been around for a long time, all over the scrapbooking world, and the questions change with different scrapbookers and there are many titles to it... and that was about it...

I also contacted other scrapbookers who had similar things to CURRENTLY
(because I am that kind of paranoid person and wanted to cover all of my bases)
and they too confirmed that they had no idea where it originated and based on the author or creator... it took on its own life and form... and to go for it...

so my nerves were settled and
that is how the CURRENTLY monthly link up was born...

in under a year I went from 63 partay goers to over 300...
I was floored...

it has been an absolute blessing to host this linky partay
I have met most if not all of my BESTEST blogging buddies through this linky...
I had NO IDEA it was going to take off like it did...
and after what 3 years... it is still going strong!!!!

if I ever got comments or questions about it...
I was COMPLETELY honest and told them exactly what I just explained to you guys...
not in so much detail BUT you get the point...

I have had mommy bloggers, fashion bloggers, foodie bloggers, and other blogging genres reach out to me asking if they could do a CURRENTLY link up partay for their niche...
just like my PINSPIRATION... I told them to make it their own... and GO FOR IT!!!

you can search all over the bloggy world and see all kinds of CURRENTLY LINKYS...
I think it is wonderful...
mine just happens to fit nicely into the teacher niche
even after its huge success I don't take FULL credit for the linky...

I was creating templates for my linky parties
and even had made a few for my kiddos...
eventually I was making one for the blog and one for my classroom
and so that is how
came about...
my own classroom kiddos loved it so much... you guys loved linking up
and so I felt like I could create it for the classroom!!!
was I stepping on anybody's toes...
with hard work, lots of hours, LOTS OF HOURS, and dedication , and LOVE...
I had successfully created a nice place for my blog in the top of  the Teacher Linky Parties
(if I do say so myself... I also don't like to brag... which makes this post even harder)
and I felt I had every right to recreate that into a product on TpT
I DID!!!
 it is one of my best sellers and I am very proud of it...
and many of you guys have bought it and have shared your feelings and pics
thank you for that

then came....
 I had several technology teachers contact me about using my blank templates right off my
and then I also had a few scrapbooking peeps ask if they could use it with their classes
(talk a bout full circle)
and then I had homeschoolers contact me too...
of course I said GO FOR IT!!!
and then a nice technology teacher asked if I could bundle all of the templates together...
and she would buy it from me...
I sat down one weekend and went through all of my blank CURRENTLY blog templates and compiled all the kid friendly ones into one product...
I sent it to her for free *wink*
and thanked her for the idea...
I realize most will just go and copy straight from the blog...
but there are those that like the convenience of it

and THEN this SUMMER...
I did this...

several of my bloggy peeps and store followers
asked if I could do a non holiday specific CURRENTLY for the CLASSROOM
and so I made a 2nd edition
it is not holiday specific for the months BUT does have additional pages with specific holidays
I have to admit... I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS ONE...
and so do my kiddos...

one of my kids has a love hate relationship with Tallulah the Tarantula's food... hilarious

and so this leads me back to where this post all started...

I have had my fair share of copy cats...
and you know what it hurts...
it really hurts...
I have shed many a tear over this...
I have issues

one of the RULES I try my hardest to live by... is to be honest and true.
and I carry that with me when I am creating a product for TpT...
and I guess I am dumb in thinking others should do the same

and if I am not mistaken...
one of the number one rules for TpT is to make sure your product is of your creation...
it shouldn't look similar to another product already posted...

and HONESTLY that is just nice!!!
it is just cordial!!!
we are all teachers struggling in a world and
teachers do not get the same respect as they did in the past

and when a TEACHER
a fellow comrade
creates a product that is so similar to your own
that your followers think that it is YOURS...
heck I even had to question if it was mine...
that is NOT RIGHT!!!

we shouldn't be tearing each other down
in order to make a buck...
and then pointing the finger with a backhanded excuse
in an effort to somehow tarnish another's character...

my character can stand on its own...
I have done nothing wrong to tarnish it...

I went through all the right avenues to get my Currently Linky up and going
and did the same when it came to the CURRENTLY products...
and I did it in good faith...
with honesty and integrity
which is something that cannot be said about blatant copiers
your excuses can be left at the door...
they are NOT welcomed here!!!!



  1. Good for you!!! I've been on TpT for three years now and I'm amazing at the number of people who blantantly copy other people's work.....right down to the cover! It's unfortunate that some people join with the idea of a "get rich quick" scheme and don't realize just how much work it takes to create and market our products! I'm not a big seller either and I haven't even hit that first milestone yet but I'm SO thrilled with what I have earned. I'm glad you said what many others already know! I always remind myself to just stay true to who I am, and continue to make quality products and I will come out on top in the long run! Best wishes for many more milestones for you!

  2. Nicely said my dear friend! Chin up buttercup:) You know you are the bomb dot com and are loved by many. People will see the copycats for who and what they are:) Love ya!!!!

    4th Grade Frolics

    1. thanks Tara... you are one of the blessing I have found through this crazy teaching blog world

  3. We all know that Farley=Currently! Keep your head up and your heart strong <3

    3rd Grade Thoughts

  4. You go girl! When I first saw it, I DMed Jenny on IG, as she just had commented on it, and was like I'm trying so hard to keep my mouth shut! We had a big discussion about it, and she told me she even received a not-so-nice email last night. DOUBLE YOU TEE AYCH! I was so livid myself that I finally commented. Then the post was deleted. Grrr.

    Keep on doin' you! I had a similar problem earlier this summer, and it still irks me to no end. It's hard to deal with. Just keep on keepin' on.

    Thriving in 3rd
    L. Paull Designs for All

  5. So sorry this has happened to you. I've been shocked at the copying that goes on through TPT. I thought teachers were known for their honesty but, unfortunately, I've found out that I was mistaken. You have every right to claim Currently as your own. Love this post and the honesty!

  6. GIRLFRIEND!! I am glad you had the courage to address the issue and set 'em straight!! Good for you!!

    There are SOOOOOO MANY new and "not-so-new" sellers on TPT who are looking at the top sellers, copying their products, and offering them at a lower price... just to make a little money!! It is beyond frustrating when I see copied products up for sale and I know they copied them from my close friends who do WORK their tooshies off coming up with great products!!! Not to mention when it happens to me.. I take it personally.

    I have even had a few people tell me that I should feel "honored" that so-and-so copied me.... BUT how could I feel honored when someone steals my hard work and cuts the price in half??!! That is insulting.... not an honor!!!

    It is becoming quite a huge problem in several genres of products, as well as clipart. Too many people use the ipad to trace images they find online and then create a clipart set to sell on TPT for a couple of bucks!! It drives me batty and it can also be discouraging at times, but I have to do what I do best and just keep at it....

    The true blessings come from the people who respect what you do, respect your time, your talent and your ideas & keep coming back for more!! They are also the ones who keep me informed when someone decides to be shady!

    You are amazing and such a blessing!!!

    The 3AM Teacher

    1. thanks Michelle... you have always been there for me and I truly appreciate it!!!

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Had to edit---clicked publish too soon.
      I just purchased one in solidarity! I love the "Currently" you do for bloggers (even if I am a slacker-blogger!!). I never thought about using them in the classroom until now! Keep fighting the good fight Farley!!

  8. I love linking up on Currently and love your tender heart. I agree, we should all be trying build each other up. I am only a TpT consumer, I admire you gals that create, but I am so busy without adding creating to my list! I am grateful.

    1. Carrie... thank you so much for taking the time to comment :)

  9. I LOVE your Currently's. Unfortunately, I stink at blogging so I don't link up as often as I should. I am making it a goal to link up every month because they are so fun! I love how you encourage the people who link up to go and comment on other people's posts. Great way to bring us all together!

    1. you are too sweet Deanna... thanks for your comment and I'll see you on the 1st *wink*

  10. Everyone knows that you are the queen of Currently in the blogging world! It is definitely synonymous with the name Farley! I'm sorry you've had to deal with this and hope it can be resolved. Much love to you!

  11. Copying (just blatant exact copying) has become a disease and is very disheartening when you see it thrown in your face. I am sorry that it is happening to you and a lot of other people. I firmly believe in karma. I also believe as teachers we have an ethical responsibility to treat each other with the professionalism and kindness. Teachers (at the core) really are good people so I'm keeping my fingers crossed (maybe naive of me) that we are all going to take this as a lesson and start acting like grown-ups!
    Hugs <3

  12. This is an amazing post on so many levels! My mama always told me "there are no shortcuts"and I live by this (and other biblical principles)! Love the honesty and putting it out there! TPT has been a blessing for me in so many ways, but has also reiterated the fact that everyone doesn't play by the rules that I thought were universal to the teaching community. I wish you blessings, blessings, and more blessings! #currentlyiseverything #andfarleys

    1. thanks so much for taking the time to comment... play fair should be a given... huh???

  13. My mouth was on the floor when I saw the copy cat on Instagram last night. Even as a newbie, I know that your blog is the place to go for all things CURRENTLY! I even wondered why I hadn't seen that template before because I thought I was fairly familiar with your stuff. It's sad that some spoke have to stoop to blatantly copying someone else's great idea. I love CURRENTLY and hope it doll continue despite this little hiccup. Boo for copy cats!!

    1. thanks for commenting... and YES... BOO!!!! to those copy cats

  14. Replies
    1. I LOVE you too... we need a game night!!!
      I need you to volunteer in my classroom!!!
      I miss you in our halls!!!

  15. My Dear Farley,
    I'm so sorry that this has happened to you (multiple times) and that you're feeling so sick about it! It breaks my heart when I hear of people breaking the code of ethics! I Keep on being the fabulous you that all of your fans adore!!! Like Stephanie said above...Farley=Currently!!!
    Short and Sassy Teacher

    1. ahhhhh thanks so much for this comment!!! (smile)

  16. The first time I saw a Currently was while scrapbooking like you said. Noting made me happier than the day I saw your Curently for teachers! No one can be Farley. They cannot take that from you.
    My Second Sense

    1. WOW... thanks so much... you made my heart smile!!!

  17. I'm not sure where I saw Currently first, but I'm sure it was here. Then I found the scrapbooking ones on Pinterest. Either way, there is no bigger Currently than here. You have done a fantastic job. Keep up the good work.

  18. To me it is so sad that people would point fingers at you and copy your products. I think people should get off of TPT if they are going to copy. Haters gonna hate...you gotta shake it off. Yes, I just quoted T. Swift. Keep doing what you're doing! You are creative, thoughtful, funny, and wonderful. Have a lovely weekend! I'm looking forward to your September currently!

    Rambling About Reading

    1. i love random quotes... I was going to quote Cyndi Lauper in this post but decided not to... lol

  19. This is why I have so few products in my TPT store....because someone made something I thought about making. It was already done so I didn't need to do it! :)

    I have one word for you. KARMA. :)

  20. grrrr. Just grrrr. Insensitive, rude, obnoxious losers. I had a stronger word, but it means something a bit ruder in America than it does in New Zealand.
    You are the original teacher currently maker - NO ONE can take that away from you. It doesn't make it any easier though, and I'm really sorry you're having to go through this!!

    Just know that (just like everyone above said), you are the original, the best, the one we all come to on the 1st of the month.

    Big hugs all the way from the freezing cold temperatures of New Zealand!!

    Learning to be awesome

  21. I'm going to be honest with you- I loved the idea of doing a classroom currently, but wanted to try it out before I committed to a whole year. So I made my own. I like making that kind of stuff (hello, fonts!) so I kept making them each month for my kids to fill out. BUT I would NEVER post them on TpT! Even for free- no way. I haven't even given them to people at my school.
    Thank you for being an inspiration! I love your blog and am always excited to see your updates.

  22. So sorry you've had to go through this! I just put currently 2nd edition in my TpT basket. I think my kids will LOVE it! As said above - we all know Farley's currently and it's the best!!
    Are We There Yet?

  23. Oh my Farley! I am so sorry someone is profiting from your wonderful, monthly extravaganza that I love so dearly! I am one of those weirdoes that actually works on my Currently ahead of time and then stalks your blog to post ASAP. I mean like clicking refresh every minute or so to see if you have it up yet and wondering why you don't. (And I do now last month was a family emergency and I hope that all worked out!) I love you and Bubs and reading your blog. Your Currently cannot be upstaged by anyone!
    Teachers Are Terrific!

  24. I love your Currently for the classroom and bought them this summer, can't wait to use them this year ;)

    A Primary Owl

  25. I am sorry this happened to you. I guess it is simple to say that when I think of "currently" in the teacher world, my mind goes to you. I think the majority of the teacher bloggers would agree. That is my litmus test.

  26. I am super sorry this happened. :( I feel like this has happened with one of my products. I worked for an entire year to make a great monthly game - I can only work on my stuff for a few hours a week (like 10 or less) so it takes me a really long time to get one thing finished. One day, I thought hey, I've never checked on any of my products, I wonder how my games come up in the search? I logged out of the site and then searched the exact title of my games and mine were not the things that came up first - the exact title. I cried, my husband told me to quit...that it wasn't worth me crying about someone else being a jerk. Of course I didn't, but I feel your anguish. I cuts so deep. I guess we just know that we did the right thing and accounts will be given later.
    Have a blessed day! I'm new to currently, I've only done two, but I think they are great and I'm glad to be a part of something that belongs to someone who cares enough to have integrity.
    Sarah Burk

  27. My dear- I am so proud of you writing this post! I had just posted about your Currently for the Classroom on my FB page the other day bragging about it and how it was great to use with class buddies. I love you and your products and you have my loyalty. I hate that people point fingers when you've done everything right! GREAT POST! XOXOXOXOXO!

  28. I feel for you. A big seller purchased something I made and then turned around and made something very similar to it…And once that happened, it opened the flood gates to other people doing the same. It's hurtful and I'm so sad to see it in the teaching world. Sorry this happened to you! Like others, I agree that you are the originator of Currently in the teaching world :)

  29. I'm so sorry this is happening! Although I don't participate in Currently every month, I love it whenever I get the time! Everyone knows that Currently is all yours (in the teaching community, anyway)!! :)


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