DONUT miss this blog post... Meet the Teacher Night just got sweeter

The Mailbox contacted me about their
#BeTheDifference campaign
I was excited to join because I feel being a teacher we are making a difference

if you haven't done so...
you need to check out their #BETHEDIFFERENCE  FACEBOOK contest
CLICK HERE to check it out
be sure to enter too...
the contest ends Sept. 5th
go enter
but come back... please!!!

one way to #BeThe Difference is to set the tone right away
and what better way to do it right away than at Meet the Teacher Night
I LOVE LOVE LOVE Meet the Teacher Night
and this year I decided to do it up BIG!!!
Meet the Teacher Night can be very intimidating for some kids
so I decided to make it fun...
you could see the nervousness melt away when they walked into this...
I ordered these giant inflatable donuts (on Amazon) thinking they were going to be a bit smaller...
a TON smaller...
my poor hubs had to run home and use an air compressor to blow them up!!!
They turned out amazing though!!!
Go Big or GO HOME... right
or everything is bigger in Texas!!!
whatev... they were awesome

I also had one at the sign in table outside my room...
my sign in sheet said... DONUT forget to sign in... ha ha ha get it...
sorry NO pics of that!!!

 You know every year...
there are some things you still need...
so I had a DONUTation section.
I made paper donuts that had the name of the items we might still need.
The parents took theses paper donuts with them... if they wanted to donate these special requests.
The paper trays and fabric were all purchased at Hob Lob.

This was my FAVORITE part...
I get all excited about it... just looking at it again!!!
Also on the table... were custom made DONUT cookies!!!
My girls from 2Tarts Bakery in New Braunfels, Texas hooked me up!!!
Attached to each cookie was a tag (read above)
The smiles these created made my day...
worth every penny!!!
I actually got this idea when we were visiting 2Tarts and saw there displays of custom sugar cookies...
one day they had a donut and BAM!!!
my brain was on donut overload...
even if you DONUT have a 2Tarts
 (unless you are in Central TX sadly you don't... they are a family owned business)
anyways... you could do this too...
you could attach it to powdered donuts or visit a donut shop and have yummy REAL donuts
or if you are a Martha Stewart Betty Crocker kinda gal... you could make them yourself!!!
don't think you missed out if you ALREADY had your Meet the Teacher night...
this would be a super CUTE Open house theme too!!!

 I wanted to show you...
that these tags are in my TpT store...
and I was thinking about having a totally separate product too...
a DONUT themed Meet the Teacher or Open House  Pack...
what do you think???
as of right now you can find the tags in my 2,4,6,8 Who Do We Appreciate Pack...
it has lots and lots of tags to choose from...
below is just a small sample :)

OK the COOL peeps
from The Mailbox
are being extra SWEET...
they want to give
of my readers a GOLD MEMBERSHIP to Mailbox!!!
Have you seen what the GOLD MEMBERSHIP gets ya...
it is awesome... CLICK HERE to check it out!!!

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  1. Love your Donut theme, so precious! Sorry to hear that you had no air....I would treat myself too!! :)
    -Lovely Nina

  2. Those are the BIGGEST donuts ever!! Ha ha!! Love em! Very cute--I'm sure your parents loved it all!

  3. OMG!! Best Meet the Teacher ever!!

  4. Your donut theme was outstanding, Your kiddos are luck to have you as their teacher! :)

  5. You are the awesomest teacher! I wish I worked with you! :)

  6. Love the donut theme! How fun is that! And the idea of the custom cookies. I bet everyone loved it!

    Creating & Teaching

  7. I donut know what I would do without your inspiring ideas! Totally AWESOME!!!

  8. Love the donut theme...and that 'ginormous' (as my kiddos love to say) donut is awesome! Putting it on my wish list!! Where did you find the cookie cutter or did you just use a donut maker?

    1. P.S. Ohhh and yes...yes...yes please!!! On a donut open house theme!!!

  9. Jelly donuts are my favorite! What is your favorite? I, myself, LOVE the watermelon tags best!

  10. I picked this up for free on Tpt! Thanks so much!

  11. Your theme was awesome!!! I always love to do back to school night fun but loose my fizzle due to the crazy week of getting the room prepped. I really should just go for it. Thanks for the push to do so and thanks for sharing all of your cute ideas! I always love reading your posts. :)
    Mrs. Bentin's Blackboard

  12. You're awesome. You're one of my favorite blogs.

  13. Thank you for bringing you Mamma a donut cookie. I donut remember if I shared with your dad, probably not, but donut tell him.....anywhooooo......wishing you and your followers of "Oh Boy 4th Grade" a great school year!

  14. I LOVE that the donuts are super ginormous! ♥

  15. I puffy heart love your creativity and style!!!

  16. I love the donut idea, so cute!!!

    Pencils, Books, and Dirty Looks

  17. I absolutely love the doughnut themed Open House! I agree - Go big or go home! Awesome.

    Fit to be Fourth

  18. Love love the donut theme! Thanks for posting about it so I can be inspired/steal it!

  19. You are so creative. Love this idea...and those inflatable donuts!!

  20. Thinking about getting those inflatable donuts!!!

  21. Our air was out on curriculum night too. It also happened to be the hottest day of the year with like 95% humidity... no joke. I was a sweaty mess, but I still rocked it!

  22. Your donut theme looked so amazing. You have the cutest ideas!

  23. Your meet the teacher theme is one of the reasons I miss teaching. You get to keep yourself fresh by creating new themes. Sounds like a blast.

  24. I absolutely adore the inflatable donuts! Thank you for all the great ideas!

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