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Saturday Snapshots linked up

Run Miss Nelsons got the Camera

So I am joining up with my friend for her 
Saturday Snapshots...

sorry this is soooo blurry but this pic
sets up the stage for my Bub's life long love of
and Drew Brees #9
this was the night the Saints won the Super Bowl
he is waving a number one
and the shirt he is wearing...
was mine when I was little :)

ok now 
let's flashback 2 Santas ago...
2 years
when my Bub asked Santa 
yep on his knee at bass Pro Shop...
should have seen Santa's face
But he asked Santa for Drew Brees
for Christmas
you see we live in Texas 
and it is Cowboy Nation 
or Houston Texans Country

so I am pretty sure this Santa really had NO CLUE
what my kiddo was asking for
you see
Bub wanted Drew Brees to go to Disney with us...

at the time if you asked Bub what his name was...
he would tell you
Drew Brees #9 Freeman Farley
(that is his name plus Brees plus a number plus my parents last name)
anyways he said this for years
he even learned to write his name like that... 
well needless to say
Santa didn't kidnap Drew Brees 
but he did give Bub a mini Drew Brees doll
and boy did he love it
 and this Drew Brees went with us to Disney
here he is photobombing 
as we drove by the Super Dome
(aka the Saints football dome)
well let me tell you my Bub started boo who-ing because
we didn't stop there to pick up the real Drew Brees 
because he still thought the real Drew Brees was going to Disney with us...

so obviously my kiddo has a huge LOVE for 
Drew Brees #9
and so when we heard he was going to be in a small town very close to where we live
(thank you aunt Shelley for the heads up)
you bet your fluer de lis 
we woke up at 3 in the morning to get there...
and it was all a BIG SECRET to Bub

Hubs saw an opportunity for Bub to get up close to Drew Brees 
he took it...
my Drew yelled at Drew Brees...
and waved his mini Drew at him...
Drew Brees leaned over and said
Hey there little buddy and tapped him on the head
Bub said...
my name is Drew too
(he is not named after Drew Brees he is named after my Great Gpa Drew... but it worked)
and Drew Brees asked Bub if he wanted his picture taken with him...
before we knew it...
my DREW 
was up on stage with 
and look so is

it was magical
it was overwhelming
it was the best day
after Hubs got Bub off the stage they hugged so hard 
and all of us were boo who-ing

it is not everyday where you get to see your kiddo's dreams come true...
and even though he is still not going to Disney with us
that one little moment and this one little pic
are magical memories

thanks to Mrs. Nelson 
for this great linky where I can share this once in a lifetime snapshot