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Your Tickets to Genre Reading and a tad more

In the past I have had a
HARD time getting my kiddos to
try out ALL of the genres....
NOT this year!!!!

I made genre tickets.
sticking with my carnival theme..... I made tickets
Each kid got a book ring with color coded genre tickets.
When they have read that genre AND
got a 100 on the AR test
AND filled out their Ticket Sheet
they can hand in their ticket.

Once they have turned in all of their tickets I told them I will buy them lunch.
REALLY that means I call FAB HUBBY to deliver lunch b/c
FAB HUBBY has Fridays off....
AND he doesn't get the name
FAB HUBBY for nothing :)

anyways I thought I might share this with you because it has caused a GENRE WAR!!!

*note* my personal tickets have a cute pointer finger... the share below does not sorry!!!
below is just a sample... if you want it ALL head on over to my Teacher's Notebook store :)
Genre Tickets for Share

I also wanted to share a secret....
maybe it isn't a secret BUT to some it might be!!!
did you know that on most school desks you can use dry erase markers on the desk top?
just have the kids solve their problems right on top of their desks!!!
just make sure they use black or blue
the cooler colors like pink and orange will stain the desk
I only let them use blue and black!!!
and please please please do a little
test spot before you go head first into this
because I don't want to be the excuse when you get in trouble with your
**** well Farley @ Oh Boy 4th Grade told me to do it****
test it out first because what is worse than a mad Principal...
a MAD custodian
and we all KNOW
you don't want an upset custodian

how do we clean the desk....
Instead of using TONS of tissues/ paper towels/ baby wipes...
every year I buy a bundle of colorful wash cloths from TJ Maxx.
I cut each wash cloth into fourths and whaaaa laaa
they get their own pretty eraser cloth!!!!
Then when we are all done I give them baby wipes...
SHHHH sometimes I pass out bleach wipes because 
let's face it our classrooms are like PETRI DISHES!!!

just FYI the more they work the yuckier the desk looks BUT no fear it does come off
I always have them use their cloth first and then wipe with
a wet wipe and elbow grease...
if you see a hint of grunge... use the bleach wipes

well hope you like what I had for you tonight...
AND a big thank you to all of you guys who helped me find the Pumpkin Project I was looking for!!!
and YAY manana is FRIDAY!!! YAY!!!