FB and BYH

did you know I have a Facebook page...
now ya do

head on over to Lesson Plan Diva
to see all the other bloggers who have a FB page too :)
she has a great linky set up
and she has put them into grade levels for easy snooping

and a lot of you were asking about my bag...
(see post below)
It is a Consueal Tote
I bought it from here
Bless Your Heart Giftique
they do phone orders and give teacher discounts
I absoLOOTLEY posiTOOTley LOVE LOVE LOVE this store
(i also went to HS with the girls, I also work for them, and I might have a prearranged marriage set up with my kid to one of theirs)

what i would do is go to the
Consuela Store here
and see which bag you like the most
and then contact BYH (Bless Your Heart) here or here
and see if they have it!!!
they do ship :)
hope every single one of you are having a
and I am off to celebrate my Grandma's 81st birthday


  1. OMGolly!
    You are one of the reasons I entered the Blog World.
    I was CHORTLING (or at least I think I was, since I am suddenly unsure of the definition of that word!) when I read the "arranged marriage" part of this post!

    You really should do stand up!

    Sixth graders can make for a tough day, but when I get to read stuff like this, I laugh... and then I have the energy to go back for another round!

    THANKS for the chuckle (I know THAT word!).

    PS Stop by some time and see what you, Jen Runde, and CFC have inspired. I'm a novice--but I'm trying hard!


  2. Farley,
    My blog wants to be bffs with your blog. ADORABLE!
    love the bag post.


~ I {PuFFy} HeArT comments!!!! THANK YOU!!!