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my bag CoNsUeLa

NOTE TO YOU... I wrote this post a few months ago (see original date above)
 for another linky party but
when I found clutter free classroom had a
show me your bag party (today Feb. 18, 2012)
I knew I had to link up to that too
and since I am still in LOVE LOVE {puffy} HEART LOVE
with my bag
this original post still works
sooooo here it goes....

Hi my name is
Meghan Farley and I am
Every year I get a new school bag...
and sometimes I even get another one for Christmas...
here is a pic of ALL some of my retired bags!!!

 for those of you old enough...
this blue bag is was a Monica Lewinsky bag
don't hate
her bags were BEAUTIFUL
her choice in men...
I'll keep that to myself
LOVE the bag
 Most of my teacher bags have been Vera...
LOVE Vera's big totes
even have one for Drew's diaper bag
you can also see a Thirtyone tote
my good friend sells 31 and I teach her child SOOOO
great Christmas gift last year!!!
and I looped and have her kiddo again!!!
((((DREAMING OF a 31 Christmas again))))
the giant green and blue bag
I got last year...
I use it to bring in stuff
like lots of shopping bags from Target or $ tree
and party supplies and what nots
 I think I used the Coach bag for 2 years
and the bag below it is a
handmade bag by a family friend ...
it is FAB...love animal print

 and this year I have the bag of all bags...
I introduce to you
she makes my days brighter
literally ((SMILE))
 she holds everything...
sorry I guess my toes and tat wanted a little blog time
 I have layers of things in there...
purse full of junk...save that for another linky party
and remove purse and this is what ya get
a grade book and a 5th grade science book on loan to me
 remove that layer and
you have my 31 lunch tote...
waiting for Monday's lunch and
my FAVE little Vera coin purse full of GOODNESS
toes are being camera hogs again
 remove that layer and
you have my
marker pouch...also Vera
and some other junk...
craft paper cardstock
A Texas Zikes Book
a marble (thanks Drew)
paper clips
and more

 lay it all out
(please tilt head b/c I am too lazy to delete and go back into my files to flip and then reload...WHY can't blogger get a tool to rotate...PLEASE)
here is all my JUNK
random rulers
more markers
WOW that is a lot of junk
 my favorite JUNK is
my 31 lunch bag with Farley in ORANGE (fave color)
and in Varsity print
and my marker pouch because of obvious reasons


and this little pouch
LOVE LOVE LOVE the new Vera ~ happy snail pattern
this yumminess holds all of my thumb drives
I know I need to go to an external hard-drive BUT happy snail doesn't have a pouch to hold it
(smirky face)

just in case you were oblivious to how much
CoNsUeLa will hold
which I am pretty sure translates to...
see exhibit a , b , and c below :)



 this bag is
& it is by far my FAVE bag
and it totally fits my
a little spunky with a dash of LOOK AT ME!!!
just kidding...kinda *wink*
and not to mention all my favorite colors...
in this order
orange, pink, and teal

 so if you want to be a snoop
 and see other peeps
teacher bags
I've been snooping all night!!! FOR REALS
head on over to.....

and my parting shot is my other dog Dori...
she demanded equal camera time considering
she has been in the family much longer than the other 2 bag testers
(Merriweather and Drew)
so I negotiated
and we settled on a close-up and parting shot with a few nibbles from tonight's dinner
and just in case you want to know if she would fit in the bag she would
BUT she has nails like a raptor and weighs like 60 pounds
need I say more