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Colorful Word Choices

I had NO CLUE that my
little ole pencil would be so LOVED by sooooo many!!!
AND thanks to those of you that purchased it, too!!!
YAY (((smiling)))
I had a lot of questions about the SOAR Board...
SOAR is a problem solving technique that my District REQUIRES us to use...
SHHHH little secret...
I have been teaching problem solving using a 4 square method for YEARS!!!
SOAR is similar to what I have been using so I morphed the 2 together and
put the letters SOAR in the middle
and tell my kiddos to call it a SOAR Board
Farley's SOAR Board...
and if you want a VERY detailed description of my
4 Square Problem Solving it is on my TN
and that is all I have to say about that....
I promised myself when I started this blog I would not use it as
an advertisement for my products and just mentioning
I have a store sends me into a
GUILTY tail tucked position so
with that...

I am sure you have seen something like this on Pinterest
if one of you LUVERLIES can please tell me who was the genius behind this
I WILL send you a digital surprise
I have spent several minutes OK hours searching
OK maybe just one hour BUT
FACT IS I searched and NADA ...
for those of you unfamiliar with Spanish...
anywho... I made my own...
and here is what it looked like after I finished...
one thing that bugged me was the pink sample only has 3 choices and ALL
the others have 4...

 SOOOO I didn't glue that on yet...
I will go to Home Depot and see if I can find a 4 sample
manana (Spanish for tomorrow)
if there is NO 4 I will axe the pink and trim...
the poster will have a title too...just haven't thought of one yet

 and if you are thinking
does a 4th grade teacher need a color poster...
The last week or 2 I have pounded in my kiddos' heads
to choose JUICY words not dry boring words.
One thing
I noticed was their Schema for alternative color words was LOW
almost nonexistent....
so bring on the paint samples...
 and while I was taking 4 samples
my eye wandered over to the Disney colors
( I LOVE me some Disney)
so I snagged those too!!!
BECAUSE they do have SCHEMA for Disney and DISNEY has some really great
names for their colors!!!

LIKE Mickey's Pants Red

Alien Green

and if they don't find a color they want on the Mickey Head samples
I snagged....
ALL of the regular shaped ones too!!!
punch a hole in the corner and put a book ring in it and
my kids loved looking at all of the names and remembering what movie they came from...
I also had them RANDOMLY draw a Mickey Head sample and do a quick write using their color's name as their title!!!
They were cute and they had to be creative!!!
 ****NOTE**** making eye contact with the paint mixer people while snagging ALL the Disney samples and a few from Behr will induce huge amounts of guilt...at all costs avoid eye contact and if you can bring a friend or hubby to make the snagging faster :)

 Random Photo Alert...
here is a pic of my door!!!
I am in the green hall
OBVS and
YES that is a VERY UGLY brown door...
you know my school had a minor face lift a couple of years ago
and they color coded the hallways (and inside the rooms too)
we were the lucky winners of Kermit
and the rest of our school didn't miss out on the Rainbow Connection either
we have a red, blue, and yellow hall, too!!!

when they painted our halls green and WHITE...
YES white...shows ALL dirt... YAY
they decided to paint our doors too!!!
and they painted them BROWN!!!
and all halls got BROWN DOORS
because in the RAINBOW
their is BROWN right?
yeah NO!!!
I did my best to make it pretty...
and notice my kiddos hanging from the ceiling...
one side is a normal cute pic and on the other is a FuNnY face!!!
soooo cute (if I do say so myself) :)

 and just in case you wanted a close up of the UGLY brown door
with a make over...
cha ching...
mandatory door pocket and
see the piece of door missing to the left of the pocket
that would be where the painters didn't let the door dry before they closed it and
I was the lucky one that got to open it and ruin my brand new brown door
OK door was not brand new... that was not in the budget...
let me try that again...
I was the lucky one that got to open it and ruin my not so new BUT newly painted BROWN DOOR...
adds character don't cha think?