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4 Rs...wRiting, Rounding, Robots, and Randomness

You would think since I looped with my kiddos
they would KNOW I do NOT like
HIPPO with ArThRiTiS handwriting!!!
I mention it at least once a bazillion  ten times a day!!!
So to get the point across I made a poster!!! 
I also like neat cutting no beaver gnawing!!!
But NO poster for that just yet *wink*

I also wanted to share a game my kiddos loved this week.
I am REQUIRED to do C-SCOPE lessons for ALL of my curriculum...
don't bother looking it up
it is not worth the energy you use to type in the letters
just typing that wasted seconds off my life
(use best robot voice here)
It Is A ScRiPtEd CuRRiCuLuM
that TeLLs Me EvErYThInG I SaY and Do
I WeNt To CoLLeGe tO TeAch aNd NoW I am A RoBot
BeeP BeeP
(stop robot voice now)
It is the new BUZZ thingy to do around these parts
BUT for teachers like me it is like
taking all of my glitter and glue away
better yet like taking my glitter and SHARPIES AWAY
I cringed...
without the glitter lessons there is
( shhhhhh don't tell but I still add my Sparkle
I have to...
if you have no sparkle how do you
expect your kids to SHINE?)

the math isn't too bad and my kiddos loved this game we played this week
they even asked to play it again...YAY
so I took their game and made it more appropriate to my kids
like bigger places to write and cuter font
it is a rounding practice played with partners...
hope you like it too

for your down loading pleasure....
Hippo and Math

and here are some random photos again...

first I put up my color words
right between my Fab Vocab Wall and Word Choice Board
the kids LOVE it and have used it a ton
my fave right now has to be
Tink Pink

I hung the big ring of paint chips right next to the poster and if you look below the pink and to the right you'll see a little kitty...

it is a reference ring for rhyming words... and during our poetry unit
this was used and loved by all!!! YAY!!!!

and I leave you with this...

clever and true!!!!
this project came for the girls aver at LessonPlanSOS
and for some WONKY reason I CANNOT link anything today on here!!!
so here is the long version....

and I guess I have a few more parting shots...because
some cutie patootie in my house turned 3 and
I have to share some of his pics from his photo shoot!!!

photos were taken by a great friend Nicole Hatter
Google Nicole Hatter Photography
if you live in Central Texas and are interested

I better go I hear thunder...
and that can't be right...
even my 3 year old is asking what is that
because he has NO CLUE what thunder is because
that is how often we have had storms in his life time!!!
talk to ya later and have a great weekend!!!