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up late and sneak peek

So~ I have been working on a few things
for the first day back...
a little sneak peek...
will be posting the whole set later!!!

something else I wanted to share...
I got my Vistaprint stuff in...
look up top for the tab to look at ALL of it.
I say ALL of it and it was only 4 things!!! HA HA
but this was my favorite...
I covered the important stuff...
and not really sure why
BUT at the time is seemed like a good idea to hide some the info.
Just in case you want to know
it includes my school name
my school email
and my school phone #

Ok have to go to bed!!!
BB After Dark is dragging and D & K drive me CrAzY!!!
Tomorrow or should I say in about 6 hours I will be in my class
OMGosh!!! and it is a mess... I will try to remember to take pics
I am also talking to my new Principal...
because I am in charge of 2 training sessions when we get back!!! YAY (sarcastic snark)

OK really going to bed now!!!