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gIvInG TrEe

been busy busy busy this past week!!!
BUT I did manage to sneak into the office yesterday to decorate the
sorry the pics are not the best
my mom, sister in law and I were working in my room
from like 10 til 4
yes NO AIR
and with 100 degree days
we were HOT messes
when we started this...
and here is a SHOUT OUT OF {puffy} heart LOVE to Mom and Lyssa for helping me finish up my room!!!

the secretary at my school is one of my BESTIES
and I didn't want her to start the year with the same
looking tree from last year.....
I went to Hob Lob to get LOTS of
ribbon and more ribbon
it was half off
and then I got old rulers from my bins and
just shoved them in the tree
then I needed pencils...
none to be found in a 100 degree office
SHHHHHHH don't tell anyone...
I sent my SIL down to my room
to get some from one of my kiddos supplies
(I bought some to replace it already)
I tied the pencils on with tiny ribbon.
SO YOU ASK...what is a Giving Tree????
please refer to pic below

 The Giving Tree stays in our front office.
Every teacher gets ONE tag...
on the front they write their grade and name
on the back their wish.
When parents come into the office they can IF THEY WANT
look at the wishes and take a tag.
We use BIG tags because we have a tiny faculty....
BUT last year when we were sharing our campus with another campus
we used little tags!!!

I already hung my tag...
perk to being the TREE DECORATOR

Once your tag has been taken and you have a WISH under the tree....
you can get a new tag.  The RULE is one tag at a time!!!
I came up with this idea because our district went to a district wide
supply list and some of our LOVED supplies went BYE BYE!!!
This tree is not only a CuTe DeCoRaTiOn but also a handy tool!!!!

here is a blurry pic of the bow...
pretend it is over 100 degrees outside and you have been bustin your booty in your room
since 10 and now at 4 you are taking pics
(thanks SIL for reminding me to take pics)
and there is sweat dripping in your eyes....
and hey this pic isn't blurry it is the SwEaTy VISION I had!!!

SOOOOO I hope you like this IDEA and if you have any questions feel free to ask away

I  posted a YUMMY recipe at
Create Share Inspire....
it is PERFECT for those School Pot Lucks!!! and SUPER EASY!!!
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